Thank God December is over worst month of my life My dad had to change jobs, and so without any warning our whole family had to move from winnipeg to Vancouver I Didn’t even get to say goodbye to my friends at school. If that wasn’t bad enough Christmas was the worst ever But my mom has this amazing way of putting a positive spin on everything that drives me totally insane You are gonna make so many friends at your new school She thinks this is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a family As if starting a new school wasn’t hard enough? I had to do it in the middle of the year when everything’s already established what classes you have who your friends are? Even what desk you said that we have a new student walking Carolyn Cooper Caroline Okay, can you all please take out your textbooks you should have read chapter seven over the break on elements and compounds I Never had to try to make friends before I always just had them I never had to try to fit in I just did at my old school I was actually pretty popular, so all this new stuff that we and Of course my mom had a wonderfully positive suggestion for me join clubs It’s January they’ve started already I’ll be fine Let me talk to the principal for you know I was feeling so insecure about the school new school thing and I actually took her advice Which I never do I Tried the debate team first But that was kind of scary the only sports team. I was able to join this late in the year was dodgeball But that was even scary So my only option was the chess club which had lots of openings But that was scary in its own way, too So I decided joining clubs wasn’t the right way to go to capture my popularity. I just have to let it happen naturally Forcing it might make me seem desperate and we all know nobody likes desperate Yeah, right. Are you coming back tomorrow? I’m not sure chess with my thing Well, that’s cool. You can play Chinese stickers as well. This is one girl. Jasmine. She’s so good at Chinese sexy She’s not even chinese one time should have a tremor. I was in one move Wow, that’s a lot. I figured that you don’t have any friends yet, so I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Miele Caroline oh, we love that movie coraline is like my five-star favorite all-time She finds his door in her room leads this alternate universe where parents all these, but night zombies. I still related to them Actually, I never saw it. Oh up on my DVD tomorrow You can borrow it unless you want to go to my house and watch it That was close Halon reminds me of this girl from my old school Breanna fry she used to get humiliated so bad The humiliation seemed alive and well at this school too, especially for those who had to walk down a wing at lunch. Oh Sweet how long right now? This is garbage. Oh Nail them again nobody seemed brave enough to stand up to these jerks And they were said to suck up some when ever I keep your walk 5 oh hi, Mr.. Jacobs. How was your morning? Hey? Just great Simon. How are you tip-top as usual do use that Starbucks gift card I gave you this Christmas I sure did you know how I love those eggnog lattes anything for my favorite teacher Hey, say, hi to your mom for me well deal But as soon as the teacher was gone, oh little Yoga Ball What’s he gonna? Do now come on Leo you can’t miss me now? That’s what I thought. See you in gym. I Made an important discovery today. I figured out who I want to be friends with They reminded me of my old friends confident pretty popular Did you guys get my text yeah skirt some tights tomorrow and spread cute on Friday? I thought we did sporty cute Monday. That was pretty crack Shopping. Oh, there’s a new foundation coming to the mall. We should still go to the opening. Yeah, I bet they need models We should get free clothes Another thing I like about them is that they don’t put up with the morons in the hall Princess Protection program Why don’t you mass go buy yourself some deodorant? Yeah, and these guys were the worst at comebacks. Well we would but we Don’t know where the store is But despite their bully exterior. I could tell they weren’t quite as confident on the inside because the next day I’m Pretty sure they were both ranked deodorant. It was actually a big improvement Still I had to figure out a way to become friends with these girls Hey guys Hey You’re that new girl right? Yeah, Carolyn. What’s up Caroline? About that all report from Mrs.. Jones class You mean the most embarrassing moment of your life? Yeah, is she serious, but she doesn’t with every class she suppose it promotes class fun So we just like write out our most embarrassing moment. You didn’t read it in front of the whole class. Oh, don’t worry It doesn’t have to be true. Nobody tells the truth. I mean why would you just make something up? Especially you no one even knows you can make up anything, okay, cool This was going good. They seemed to like me I Could see myself fitting in hanging out being popular again. I was on the fast track – Haley right, yeah, duh look I got three exciting news for you. You’re gonna Jessica was moved Because on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but now it’s moved to Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays we got extra day That’s great and on Fridays. We’ll have eyes so TVs to watch movies are on anyhow I’m caroline nice meeting you No, it’s fine. You guys go ahead. Good luck with your most embarrassing moment report thanks Got a bunch of movies lined up with a chess theme. There’s this one old classic where this guy is playing chess with Death. It is so intense. great okay So that was a setback? But things could be worse at least I wasn’t in the rock-Paper-scissor club rock paper scissors Dynamite there is no such as dynamite.
what am I what is that dynamite is? Every you can’t do that in rock paper scissors competition every day these three come up with some new way to try to be cool Each attempt is more pathetic than the one before The hoodies are not working. You know what I got two words for these hoodies my epic fail Leah what do you suggest something that makes people notice us. We could do the hair gel thing again Oh no, no, I’m not going down that road again. That was sunglasses oh Look at these. Oh my gosh. Heidi, sweetie. These are yeah, I mean ago should help the girls Not with you oh Thanks for warning us there goes our middle school wait So three weeks in the school And I still didn’t quite know where I fit as it turned out there was still one more club. I could possibly join Do you want to run ABc? Abc Debbie your student Council rats I’m caroline nice to meet you as you know February’s anti-bullying month So we’re preparing our own anti-bullying committee, and we’re looking for members. What would a member have to do? Well it would operate much like a neighborhood watch program We all need members in each wing of the school that will monitor student activity and report on any bullying that they seek wait We just like bank on people well Thanks, not a word. We like to use you monitor and report and then anyone who does get bullied a bully? Seen them. We believe that if one person’s a victim of bullying, we’re all victims Meo, we’re really excited about baby peas it’s gonna make our awesome school even awesomer, and if we can eliminate blame the student Council is gonna receive a grant a $500 so we want everyone on board meeting is tomorrow at 3:00 Okay, thanks As Pathetic as they are I have to admire those losers for never giving up guys. What do you? I call a singer whoa you cannot just call lead singer like that Leo hi Can you ever seen me rock off my bedroom I sound like Bono You can’t be a lead singer in a rock band with hair like yours all right. You know what yeah, okay girls Don’t care about your hair care about your voice. It’s actually been part that you’re seeing girls don’t care How you sound it’s all about the looks leo even any of us know how to play an instrument. Oh wait guys You know trash is giving me a rash be a better job. Never love largest to pick up garbage okay, everyone baby meeting can begin Where is everybody? I guess this is it Wait a minute there should be it’s very like so cool Maybe we should postpone This room. We can’t do it aBcs like this There are not even popular More popular people would be better Um I’m afraid we’re gonna have to postpone the first ABC meeting due to low turnout. Oh I’m just gonna start for another 15 minutes. Oh bitches. No. Oh, okay. They love this they get poses like all the time Okay manager Haley is better than the sweater Yeah, it is Do you like it totally fresh? Why thank you oh Figuring out the friend thing was getting more and more complicated Caroline Right how’s it going pretty good? I guess he’s still doing much I actually was never really doing that so what are you doing? you know those Are they from germination? Yeah? Damnation I didn’t have the guts to tell them they actually used to be my grandma’s They’re from the store in winnipeg. Can’t believe Jason has different styles in different cities Why can’t them the same thing everywhere like normal school? Hey connected believe oh? Sure, oh Wait, these are my technicians, but I thought they were He didn’t even eat It’s this old store that doesn’t make this thing right, so you shop it all the stores that only exist anymore yeah, I actually didn’t buy these my Grandmother did your grandma buys your clothes? That’s really sweet It seemed like this notion of bullying was everywhere you turned Drop it at one day. Don’t forget to wear your pink but given this hypersensitivity to it all I have to say not many people really seem to get it and It wasn’t just the girls Hey Where’s your pink what? He said where’s your pink? it’s Anti-bullying day, they’re supposed to be wearing pink. I didn’t have anything pink What about your sisters? Yeah? She’s got pink I’ve seen her wear it Then did you even try it on yeah? It was too big it was not What about her socks? Yeah, you could’ve worn pink socks. She doesn’t have any pink socks you Probably didn’t even look come on guys just Need to get the glass. What’s the rush you got people you need to bully? Or something Just cause I’m not wearing pink doesn’t mean. Oh boy it means you support The Bali’s I don’t support the bullies. I just don’t happen you pink clothes. Well, it’s your lucky day I got an extra shirt right here put it on That’s all right if you don’t put it on Bali’s win Just say no to bullies Why did they do to you? I was nothing What’s this it’s a bully report Okay, nobody it wasn’t fake to you here to bullying you right to knuckle it that doesn’t matter but the City council Look into it. That’s what they’re here for actually. I don’t think we can accept this why not it should really be filled out by Victim oh Okay, then look we’re all victims. That’s what you said, well. Maybe you could just wait till next week why if our school has a clean record with no important bullying our student Council will get a $500 grant we were just picking out our student Council jackets a Student council looks good. We’ll be a source of high for all students and that will make everyone happy which will eliminate billion And that’s when we’re all here for so I think the best way to deal with this. It’s just Ignore it for now. It’s not the one sensitive to this because it’s a very important issue We just have to deal with it on a case by case basis Thanks for coming to us always here Believe it or not Jason getting wrestled into a pink shirt on anti-bullying day was not the most humiliating event I witnessed that week Thursday was oral presentation day and Mrs. Jones English class one day It was pretty obvious. He was lying about their most embarrassing moment Some were pretty lame like my fly was undone. I was in the girls bathroom well others seemed quite real I Wanted to make mine real, too I wanted to tell everyone how once I told alan perkins that I liked him And how he told me that he was flattered and how I was too embarrassed to talk to him again after that but I hate chickened out I Was at my friend’s birthday party, and we’re all Gonna. Go outside. I went first, but I Really? That actually was true. It just wasn’t the most embarrassing moment for me Thankfully nobody knew me well enough to call me on it. Haley on the other hand Wasn’t so lucky and so we were like totally wearing the same clothes. I was like oh my God Shut up Where someone dare go to kiss yours if you wouldn’t do it? Miss Jones class bonding assignment, definitely brought us closer together just Not in the way, she wanted I don’t think and Things look like they would go from bad to worse when the next day Simon the bully got paired with bonnie the bully on their planet art project, but Surprisingly they managed to get along just fine maybe it was because their project was about the planet venus and Venus was the Roman goddess of love You smell like soap Thanks Okay, maybe that was a stupid theory But there seemed to be something to it because after that art project not only were bonnie and simon nice to each other They also started being nice to other people, too Thanks All this made me come to a very powerful realization love conquers hate It looks good. Thanks But that doesn’t mean the forces of the dark side give up so Now you’re sharing make up of losers. I was just helping her out, and why are you not wearing jeans today? I guess I didn’t get the text Whatever, it’s all I be able to just like clones everyday hello I got Simon told her to dress like that That’s true Is this what simple Simon like Simon doesn’t tell me what to wear? Did they tell you what to think I’d be telling you what to say tell me anything Guys in this school Curtis Anderson 18 peters Cooper girl read some what’s the mouth? Who are you? I don’t know I Think I’ve been told a million times be it yourself But how do you do that if you don’t know who yourself is yet? I? Mean seriously does anybody know who they are in Middle school. Oh peach fuzz needs you Weird peach fuzz yo we are totally making a rap video It’s gonna be off the train insane yeah, and we need girls like you right, okay? Well, will you do it come on? You want me to be in your rap videos? Yeah? I was flattered enough but Girls and Rap videos don’t usually get a lot of hispanics ours won’t be that way no No, you don’t have to wear like we’re bikini or like shake your thing anything. It’ll be totally respectful oh, yeah, I wanted to say yes, but I Wish there was brave enough to say yes Being in a rap video would probably be fun But I don’t know I guess that’s not who I am at least I don’t think it is I Guess courage is what it takes to stand out and try something different like that Haley seem to have a lot of courage oh Hey, you guys need a new treasurer Yeah, what the treasurer have to do? mostly keep tracking the money oh I can do that Counting is always one of my strongest qualities, so you think he am running? Yeah? I’ve always got like straight a’s in math It’s more than just Haley we need to get votes – oh And not just to win to get nominated that form has to be signed by six students realistic We don’t want to lose paper Well there are five people in my chess club. You’d need one more Do money you guys want to sign up for me? Well you see that would be inappropriate for us as members Sure, you understand. Yeah, right of course Of course it’s easier to have courage when you have friends Except when friends get in your way And it seems courage is needed for more than just standing out it’s also needed for standing up ah But that’s hard too, especially when standing by is so much easier Do just leave him alone Who’s Gonna make me but maybe all it takes is one person I am Anyone else and others might show it to and me Hey, Simon check out these, wannabe gangsters this should be fine you know in class how sometimes everyone’s afraid to answer a question, but Once one person does it then the others do too well, that’s just what seemed to happen after Nathan stood up to Scott other people got favored – What did they say to you? Hi, can I help you? I do not need to wax my mustache Let me tell you what I heard You guys are loves you friends, and if you keep spreading rumors about me I’m going to tell everyone they used to wear little mermaid pajamas And I have the pictures to prove it Witnessing all this bravery gave me an idea You still want to be on student council? Yeah? I’ll be your last signature Yeah But I need you to do something for me first anything anything anything We’ll do it. What boys will be in your rap video. I Never agreed to be fun No, we have to do a shaker thing wait I thought you said this was gonna be respected it is by shakers things. I don’t mean shake your bang thing Just her thing Who’s going to see this? Every everybody have you guys ever done something like this before no? Do you have any idea what you’re doing? no by doing this are we We Gonna embarrass ourselves in front of the whole school? maybe Yeah, so the one big thing I discovered today courage is contagious and Sometimes you just got to take a chance, okay, I? Will do it And and once you go in about it better than you Oh, yeah, oh, oh Yeah, oh don’t record this no I smell amazing You smell like silver and if we can illuminate believe that Once again having a steam castle that looks good will be this a source up one more time I Look more like a rock star lids look ready bow, Chicka. Wow. Wow wow wow? That’s right Everyone you still wear little mermaid projects


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