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video we are going to see the palace of the king
Thirumalai Naicker located in the southern city of India -“Madurai”. this is a statue of the great king Thirumalai Naicker who ruled his kingdom with Madurai as its capital from 1623 AD to 1659 AD once you Once you enter into the palace we see the
enclosed court called “Svarga Vilasam”- Celestial Pavilion it is a huge central courtyard this is the audience chamber of the courtyard with the high arches King Thirumalai Naicker build this palace
in 1636 AD. This palace is a classic fusion of Dravidian and Rajput style. the building which we seen today was the main palace in which the King lived but
originally the palace complex was four times bigger than the present structure
for construction of the palace an Italian architect was hired This palace is famous for its giant pillars. Pillars are of 82 feet height and 19 feet width This is the ornamental throne of the
king from here the King views entire audience Each and every tomb surrounded by the
King has its own design This is where the Queen will be during
the Durbar this spacious hall was called as “Nadakasala” or “Dancing hall” it was here the king along with the spouse used to watch
dances perform with several musical instruments this shows tamil letter structure in
each century from 3rd BC to 19th AD Hope you enjoyed my video about King
Thirumalai Naicker’s palace which is one of the wonders of the South India for more
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