Tholi Prema Theatrical Trailer | Varun Tej | Raashi Khanna | Thaman S | Venky Atluri | #TholiPrema

Memories… whether bad or good stay with us always… We have to bear them Hi! I am Aditya Nothing gave me excitement in my life But when i saw Varsha in the train for the first time There was an unknown excitement Why are you so beautiful? I love you You came into my life like a dream You left when I was dreaming You sparkled here again after so many days I am unable to understand if it is true or a dream Hey.. nice you meet you brother Brother? You are calling him brother-in-law right? But you will not say I love you to me The hardship that I went through to
make her say ‘I love you’ to me Varsha… Not even the gardener would
have faced it for the princess If you hold my hand for one minute without leaving I will tell you what you want I did not start the tussle today Varsha But I will end it “First love…” He is my boyfriend “Dont say it is because of me” Memories… whether good or bad stay with us always… we have to bear them Tholi Prema Hey.. Not me.. not me I did not do anything
– It is ok I kissed you When? Just now Where? Tholi Prema

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