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Who doesn’t want happiness? But at what cost. Smoking is dangerous. Smoking is injurious to you.. ..also to your loved ones. Pay heavily for smoking. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking is dangerous. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills. Smoking is injurious to health. Drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. My name is Aaron. My life ran like
a stream without any destination. Like wind I would go to any places. And then I saw my Kavya. I felt she is everything to me. Now I am left alone
after losing her. You didn’t felt
like taking me, right? Why did you leave me and go? What are you doing
without getting ready? Nothing. I am marking the places
that are covered and not covered. Whatever it be, we should be
in Kanyakumari for Christmas. We will see Taj Mahal
on 17th and 18th.. ..and then we will reach
Nagercoil on 22nd. So Christmas and new year
can be spend in Kanyakumari. Okay.
– Buddy.. – Yes? After this trip,
we have covered all places in India. No doubt in it.
– What about next year? We will visit small countries
in neighbourhood. We need passport for it.
– Let us get it. We need ration card
for getting passport. So you should get married. Did you forget our deal? What is the deal?
– Your marriage first and then mine. What did we think before that?
– You said you have love marriage. But you don’t love any girl you see. When will you get that feeling? Is it bus to say it will come
at a particular time? I will tell when I get it, first
pack the luggage. – Okay, okay. Whenever I ask, you give some reason..
– Look, stop cribbing and.. ..don’t take the
rust knife of last time. We are now visiting
Meghalaya forests. So what? – Keep the knife given by
‘Gurkha’ in Assam. – Okay, I kept. Also the headlight, charger..
– Okay. Sir.. – What should I cook with
the fishes you sent yesterday? Cook some curry and also gravy. What about prawns?
– Make pickle. – Sir.. What?
– She is my sister. We are going to town for
medical treatment. Somebody stole my purse in line. Go and complain in the station.
– Sir, some help.. First make pickle and..
– Sir.. Cook mutton kheema too.
– Sir.. – What? If you could give 400.. ..and also your address then
I will return it after going back. Hey, go away.
– What is your age and his age? – Sister.. Old enough to die.
– Will you talk to elders like this? Come, sister. Let us go.
– Go away. – Don’t talk. – Hello.. Some nuisance here.. Take it. So much money. No need. Not so much, 400 is enough for me. It is okay, keep it.
– Okay, son. Give your address. I will send immediately.
– We don’t have permanent address. So how should I send you this money? If anybody approaches
you when in problem, give them. Son, live a happy life.
– That’s okay. Come, sister. Smart fish.. Give two tickets for Goa. Hello, stand in line.
– Sorry, sir. What’s this line for?
– They are checking, can’t you see. Are they giving something for free? Sir, what’s the time? – 9.40. – Sir,
move little ahead. – Should I sit on him? Water bottle! Cold drinks! Sister, are you going
for check-up regularly? Doctor is telling to come
for check-up regularly. They say like that to extract money. Plunderers rule! Did they give the date of delivery? They said it will happen
between December 20 and 28. But I think it might happen
in a day or two. Sister..
– Yes.. His belly is too big. Can you ask and
tell us which date his doctor gave. Why are you laughing? Nothing, sir. What is he asking?
– Laxmi asked me the date of delivery. This boy heard it and asked me
to find out your date of delivery. Hey, what did you tell her?
– Nothing. Me? Nothing? Wait, I am coming. Sir, it’s them.
– Shall we go? What sir? Where are you
telling us to come? – For delivery. Sir.. – He made fun. Do police look funny?
– Sir, it happened by mistake. Don’t you know to talk with respect?
Will you talk anything you want? – Sir. Weapon. Tighten the security
at all check points. Ravi, all of you be alert. Sir, he is repeating the same thing. If you tell then
we will give more treatment. Sir.
– Yes.. This weapon is used by Assam tribes. Sir, are they ULFA terrorists? It looks like some code. I think it is international crime. This is Braille letter. Mahindra.
– Sir.. Call some blind person, if any
from railways station. – Yes, sir. Sir, they kept in these places, they
are going to keep in these places. Sir, there seem to be some
big network behind them. Who is there behind you? Three policemen.
– Having fun? Sir, they are answering
like this only. Where did you get
so much money from? Sir, we earned this money after
working in estate for six months. Hey, should we believe it?
– Sir.. We earned it, sir. Your words and getup don’t match. Anne Mills, Ramkumar,
Managing Director. How did you get this card? He is our friend, sir.
– Is such a big man your friend? Yes, sir. – Sir, they are going
to kidnap him for money. Oh God! Yes, Ramkumar speaking. Sir, I am SI Prabhakar speaking
from Coimbatore. Sir, we met during CM function too.
– Oh.. Tell me, Mr. Prabhakar.
– Sir, we caught two suspects here. We found your visiting
card with them. I called up to clear the doubt. What are their names?
– What are their names? What are your names?
– Aaron and Socrates. Aaron and Socrates. The guys with strange
looks and hair, right? Very interesting fellows. They look like suspects.. ..but are very good people.
They are my friends. In St. Vivian’s orphanage.. ..I have sponsored them. You know one thing, Mr. Prabhakar?
– Tell me, sir. What is the best thing in the world? I learnt it from them. I asked them what they will
do in old age if they roam around.. this now. You know what they replied? It just got me bowled. Sir, everyone works hard in life. After working hard and growing old.. will get a
chair in one corner. If you sit in it and see, you
will see your hard-earned money.., car, bungalow
and everything. But there will be nobody to talk. They too will not talk.
In that situation.. ..did you gather
any memories so that.. can sit and recollect happily.
They asked it. I felt shocked. I decided that day itself. Stop saving money.. Start collecting memories. Go ahead, I will be coming. Mr. Prabhakar. – Tell me, sir.
– They are like foreigners. They work hard for six months.. ..and then visit different
places with money. They come back
and work hard like anything. I too feel jealous when I see them. But I can’t spend
six months you know. But in a year.. ..six days.. golden days.. At that time, Mr. Prabhakar.. I take good breathe. Free from carbon monoxide. No more concrete jungles. Hello.
– Only green pastures. Hello?
– Don’t feel bad for my words. Tell me, sir.
– Take break like me sometimes. If you run behind courts,
case, accused, criminals.. ..your damn brains will be burnt.
Exactly. Okay, should I give them bail? No, sir. No need. I will see to it.
– Should I talk to some higher official? No, sir. I will do the needful.
– Thank you, Mr. Prabhakar. Sorry for the inconvenience, sir. No, no. Give my
regards to those boys. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. What did he tell, sir?
– He said they are his friends. Shivamani, you wasted my time.. bringing two regular tourists
and saying they are terrorists. Sir, since they work under him
so he must have said they are good. Sir has come. We will find out their plan if
we make him read these code words. Sir, see what this plan is. Dear son Aaron, your father writes.. ..I am a blind person by birth.. ..when I cursed my life.. ..I met your mother.. One person came to write my exams. I used to write when she dictated.
She said I am handsome. Until then I didn’t know
about beauty and colours. Suddenly one days
she said she likes me. That day I had seen light
and happiness in my eyes. I have no words to
express my happiness. The power to show the colourful
world to a blind person.. ..only love has it,
I realized it then. After that we got married and
you were born, and your mother died. I was told you have two beautiful
eyes and you can watch with them. I felt very happy after hearing it. I can nurture you and in return you
will take good care of me. I am putting you in this orphanage
so that you don’t face trouble by me. Aaron, you have to see
this world which I couldn’t see. You have to achieve what I couldn’t. Don’t become a money minded person. Don’t become a machine
that earns money. Aaron, we are born only once. If possible then go around
the world and see it. If you don’t have money then at least
see the country that you are born in. Above all,
the light which I talked about.. have to see it at any cost,
you have to experience the light. Give this letter to your son as
a gift from his grandfather. Gift from grandfather? I hope you do
everything which I said. With love..
– I thought it is a plan of Taliban. Is Aaron there?
– Yes, he is here. – It is me. Aaron..
– Yes.. Look.. You have to fulfil your father’s
wish, give this to your son. Take your stick. Mahindra. – Sir.
– Go with sir. – Come, let us go. Shanti.
– Yes, tell me. I am too coming
for marriage with you. You said you can’t get leave.
– One minute. Take details from them and send.
– Sir. Enjoy your journey.
– Thanks, sir. – I am coming. You said it is
difficult to get leave. Tourists! Come here. Take the complaint note. Sir! – Police agent?
– Yes, sir. Wait, we will do it today.
– Okay, sir. What’s your name? Arun?
– Aaron, sir. Write it. Father’s name?
– Socrates. Your name?
– Socrates, sir. Is your father’s name Aaron?
– Yes, sir. Are you kidding?
– No, sir. We kept my first name
as his initial and.. ..his first name as my initial. Are you both orphans? Yes, sir. – Sir, they are burden
to the earth. – Ramaraju. – Sir.. He is calling us burden.
Ask what he is and tell us. Don’t shout.
– What is he saying? They are asking why our head sir is born?
– Who are they to ask? Tell them to ask directly.
– Okay, sir. You only ask. I have lot of commitments
regarding family and other things. Do you think I am a fool to roam
around without any goal? What is goal, sir?
– Goal means.. Thomas Alva Edison, Isaac Newton.. Become great like Kalam.
– Sir, why should we become like them? Let us be ourselves.
– Point. What point?
– Yes. God gives a question
paper to everyone. It is enough if
we write answer to it. If we try to answer
others question paper.. ..we will fail. Sir, we should realize what we are. Sir, many people
in country are trying to.. ..become successful like
others and are getting spoiled. It’s a fact, sir.
– What fact? Don’t you think a person
should have a goal? Goal? – Sir, don’t you know
that earth is heating up? Earth is heating up? What
rubbish are you talking? – Yes, sir. When will there be a bomb blast.. When will earth break into two..
when will the sky fall down.. Everyone is dying in fear, sir. Dying in fear?
– On other hand.. ..millions of people are suffering
for not getting one meal. Sir, who will worry about goal
in this situation? He is thinking more. – Sir, they will go
mad if you talk of goal in this situation. Go mad? Sir, as long as we live.. is okay if we die.. ..after doing as much good as we
can. We should live with such goal. Reality, sir.
– What reality? Did you think where you life
is heading towards? Why should we think, sir? We should happily go
wherever it takes. – Nature of law. Why are you supporting
them in the name of law? They will win nothing
till the end of their lives? What is the need to win, sir? Is life a race? Or are we horses? Did we take birth to become rich? What?
– Sir, it is luck to take birth as humans. You and I got it. So we should live
a honest life and cherish it. How can we earn money
if we live with honesty? Sir, money is needed.
We can earn to live. But we shouldn’t live to earn. He is talking of ethics. Sir, they are mad people. Their madness will take them
to hospital. – We are mad, sir. Because they don’t care of money,
position, women, property.. ..and without feeling jealous and
without destroying others’ lives.. ..they enjoy their life
with laughter all the time. We too are enjoying similarly. But you are very intelligent. You are thinking from now itself.. how to settle down
after 20 years.. undergoing mental
and physical strain.. getting BP,
Sugar and cholesterol.. ..without knowing for
whom you are earning.. ..finally you will kick the bucket
by living a worthless life. Right? Kick the bucket?
– Sir, that’s a slang. They have a point. Brothers..
– Sir.. If I listen to you for another ten
minutes, I will remove the uniform.. ..I will follow you.
What can I do? I have a family. Settlement for them..
– City.. Policy guy! – Sir.
– Bring the form. Yes, sir.
– Can we leave, sir? Take their signatures.
– Okay, sir. Sign here. What is this, sir?
– Brother, this is a life term policy. If we die suddenly then
our family will get money. Future safety. Sir, don’t sign. Sir, put 1000 signatures
if they give money to live. Giving money after dead..
– I think he came to spoil it.. Sir, they will make your wife run around
a lot in the name of formalities.. Run around.. bring home. My wife calls me in hurry
when she doesn’t have money. If I die then whom will she call.. Whom she will ask for money?
– Sir.. What?
– We will take care of the claim.. My wife doesn’t know
anything except.. and green
buttons on cell phone. Sir, please don’t believe his words. He is not listening.. – Sir, there
are huge benefits from our policy. Suppose you die today.. I said it casually, sir.
– Died? Why do you talk bad things
on friday? – No, sir.. It is not going well,
we will see some other day. – Sir.. Go. – Brother, join some company
which gives money for people to live. Shut up! We know. Brothers, you leave,
I too should leave. – Okay, sir. Go carefully.
– Okay, sir. Finally you saved me.
– You spoiled everything. Had I believed him
and signed the policy.. ..and if I died.. ..then policy company people.. ..I would have felt sad.. ..even after my death by thinking if
they gave money to my wife or not, right? Sir, you are wonderful.
Why do you feel sad? Our father told us in convent that.. ..sadness does nothing to us.
– Bible words. See them, sir. Are they getting up early morning.. ..and wearing ironed clothes
and going on rounds in jeep? Or stealing everything
from different shops.. ..and saving it for itself? See how happily they are flying. Because they are not worried
about tomorrow. – Great, sir. Sir, there is only one difference
between them and us. What? – They have wings, we don’t have.
– Wow! Bye, sir.
– Bye. “Hey!” “We fly like birds..
We fly in air..” “I smile like a flower on the way..” “I will make relationships
with the strangers.” “I don’t want a house or family,
I cross these rivers and forests..” “We rise like the sun.” “We throw our sorrows in the sea.” “We walk around the earth,
we play with the nature..” “We reach the moon,
we walk in the rain as raindrops..” “We tie earth with
a lightening wire..” “We fly like birds..
We fly in air..” “Aren’t cattle
and birds our companions?” “We don’t need money
to live like that.” “We don’t hide anything special.” “We can’t live by
cheating the world.” “By worry about tomorrow,
today goes waste..” “Like small children, we spend our lives.
We are not worried about the world.” “Our feet never stops anytime..” “We fly like birds..” “We fly in air..” Hey, have you seen that? The light which father talked about?
– Will you shut up? That is different. Many people must have died
without falling in love, right? Many died because of lovers too. That is truth. But Shahjahan is great. He loved his wife very much
and entered history. No, sir. He loved her
even after her death. May be this is infinite love. 20,000 labours and
1,000 elephants were used. It took 12 years to build it. Oh..
– After everything was done.. ..labours fingers were cut. The person who made the plan,
his eyes were removed. Oh, that’s why it became one of
the seven wonders of the world. It shouldn’t be one of the wonders.
– What? Love should become the first wonder. Okay, we will talk to the PM.
– I will thrash you. – Why? What is the link
between PM and love? Okay, you are not falling in love
with any girl. You will get thrashed for sure. Let me see if you could fall in love
after seeing this love memoir. Don’t make sound. – Why?
– Mumtaz is sleeping. Don’t know where
your Mumtaz is sleeping. I forgot that Taj Mahal is
one of the wonders. But the deep love Shahjahan
held for Mumtaz… still chasing me. Father, I will reach
Kanyakumari in two days. As you wished, I will
be covering the entire country. The light that you
wished me to see.. heart repeated says
I will see it today. Kaveri’s work begins
in this landlord’s house.. ..early morning. Her companions are.. ..these flowers, trees and birds. And then, this well.. Soap, froth, vegetables.. She works in this cage.. ..till everyone sleeps. In the celebrations of landlord.. was gutted
and her parents died in it. This grandmother
brought her up.. ..and stayed with her. Wait, don’t be in a hurry.
Come one by one. Take it. Come, let’s go. Soc.. While flying in air,
if our plane stops.. the middle then what should
we do. – You are wonderful. We will collect the change
by the time it comes down. Did you see there?
Sir is heavily drunk. Hey! Be careful! Be careful! Lift your hands, I will tie.
– Thank you. For the drunkards in our country.. ..when their dhoti comes down,
they should help each other.. A rule should be brought.
– Sir, don’t talk.. Will this road lead to Kanyakumari? No. We have to go there. Go, go. – Thank you. – See that
your dhoti doesn’t come off again. What a sense of timing!
– Timing? You are covering up very well.
– You shut up. Drunkard himself says your mouth
is stinking. Let’s go and wash. Isn’t your mouth stinking? Is sugarcane our
breakfast for today? Who are they? Hey! Hey!
– Stop! Money!
– Why are you opening others bag? Close it. We will go and give it. Hey! Stop!
– Hey! Stop! – Dogs have chased at 5 AM.
– Stop. I looked back to see.. Rishita is running away
with those dogs. – How many? Four. – Hope nobody saw you.
– One minute. Tell me. Hope nobody saw you?
– Yes, brother. Where are you now?
– Now.. I am crossing the sugarcane
field on village outskirts. Hurry up! Hey, stop! Hey!
– Brother, I saw them. Don’t spare them. Catch! They are running away.
– I am closer, I am coming. Hey! Take the bag and go.
Stop! Brother, they are not four.. Total six. Six. I am coming. I am coming. Come. Sit. Sit. Fast. Sit. Come. Fast! Stop! Take your bag! Hello, are you afraid of seeing my knife
and getup, and therefore running away? We are already in tension,
that’s we got frightened. So will you get
frightened like this? You are wonderful.
– Wonderful people. Do you feel frightened
upon seeing us? Okay, go carefully.
– Okay. – Bye, bye. Where are you, brother? I am coming.
– Brother, they left. Go fast. Hello.. Come fast, brother.
– I have come closer. Where they went?
– Brother, they went this side. Sit.
– Wait, brother. The two boys who sent them in car.. ..are here.
If we catch and thrash them.. ..we will know the people who took
away madam and where they went. Sampath, you search them. I will see these guys.
– Sampath. They went in silver colour Qualis.
– Go. – Fast. 8593.
– Okay, note down. 8593. Go. Rishita and the boys
escaped in one car. I have sent Sampath for them. What are you doing by sending Sampath?
– We saw two boys who helped them. We will know the
matter if we catch them. Entire village will know the matter
if you inquire everyone. Brother, I know very well as
how to make anybody confess. You don’t worry. I feel like dying. – Keep quiet, brother.
You spoiled her by pampering a lot. Who is going on that bike? Mutton shop Jagir’s son Gopal. Why is he going with them? Because of villagers
help they planned it. They went to such extent. Go, go. Go fast. Stop. They are entering the village.
– What if they enter the village? We should kill them
for what they did. Hey, should we make
everyone know about it? If this matter gets leaked then
everyone should live in disgrace. Think and do everything properly. Since we entered the village so we should
take them home and get the details easily. How can you threaten them like this? Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Greetings, brother.
– What Gopal? You said you will send
yesterday but you didn’t. Brother, I am going on our work. You asked for 100 sheep
and said they should be good. Will I get normal ones
for madam’s marriage? Brother, I could find only
40 in our village. I told Mastan about the rest.. I am going to decide the rate,
I will bring by evening. It is true. Who are they? I had not
seen them before. Your relatives? No, brother.
They asked for lift on the way. They said they will get down
on main road so I am taking them. We are going that way,
we will drop them. You may go. Why do you take risk?
I will drop them. – Gopal.. It is good if you finish
our household work first. Okay.
– Function is nearing. You go. – Bye, brothers.
– Boys, you get in. – You go. Greetings.
– What mister? Tell me.
– Sir, we distributed.. ..the wedding cards to everyone
in the village as you said. – Okay. We thought public will
come in two buses.. ..but entire village wants come.
Should I arrange for four buses? That’s okay, proceed. Village carnival
is followed by festival. We are planning to tell you
and arrange for mass feeding. Should you tell this and do? Let us offer the best dishes this year
and celebrate grandly this year. Okay, sir. Are the marriage
arrangements going well in your house? Call us if you need us. Arrangements are going well. There is no problem. Greetings.
– Greetings, sir. Who are you? Time is not enough to tell about us. We keep visiting different places. Where are you going now? Kanyakumari. Why are you eating sugarcane early
morning? Didn’t have breakfast? Not yet, brother.
If we can find a small hotel.. Small hotel?
Our house is on the way.. and go. – No, brother.
Drop on main road, we will manage. You said you are hungry. It is not good to drop you midway. Your wish, brother.
– Come and eat. – Okay. Sir seems to be very good. Why do you ask about it now? Very soon you will
learn how good sir is. Buddy, we will eat
stomach full and.. ..sleep and then leave. Greetings, sir. – Greetings.
– Greet sir. – Greetings, sir. Damodaram, your son?
– Yes, brother. – What’s the matter? Brother, Som and Krishna
are signing. As you said, we are dealing
without creating trouble. Quarry contract is very difficult if
we don’t get that small piece of land. Brother, we will face more trouble
if it gets delayed further. Should I tell our people
and plan to eliminate him? Do it after marriage. Okay, brother. – Study well.
– Okay, brother. – Go. We are at bypass road. Don’t know where they went. Did those boy say something?
– Sampath, we came home just now. I will call you if I find out something.
– Okay, brother. Search everywhere carefully.
– Okay, brother. Go to the left. Come. Who is getting married?
– Brother’s daughter. What does the groom do?
– Let us see what he does. A big landlord.
– Landlord means huge property.. He has 1,000 to
2,000 acres of fields. 200 cattle. 40 to 50 quarries. He has lot of fisheries. How many times I should tell you? You seem to be very hungry. Come. Let us talk while eating.
– Okay. Go. See the leaves don’t get torn. Come, Mani.
– Yes, grandfather. Are they decorators? – Yes.
– What about the musical program? I talked to them. I told them to do as
how it happens in businessmen’s houses. It should be more fun in
landlord’s house. We hope to do the same. I am getting my lone granddaughter married.
– Yes, grandfather. I know.
– Tell me how you want. Decoration should be superb.
– We will do it. – Special lights.. ..colourful lights.. – Okay. Elephants..
– Horses with wings, white swan.. Various lights, colourful setup..
– Okay.. – Big bulbs.. – And then.. Diamond studded garland..
– What else? – Garland for you later. What did you say? – We will do.
– We will arrange special lights. Brother, first we should
get rid of this guy. Don’t act in haste. Get the lightening work done by him.
– Okay. – Fast. Brother, old man doesn’t know
that girl has eloped.. he talking of different lights.
– If you are eliminated first.. work will be done. For your marriage too..
– Mister.. – Sir, who is he? He is senior Raja. Who is he?
– Junior Raja. Girl sitting on tiger. – She is our
aunt. Clicked when they went on hunting. Aunt is not present here. Come.
– Let’s eat food. Devanna! She brought me disgrace. Nobody is aware of it, right?
– Yes. Devanna, our guys went
in search of them. Sampath went. Brother,
they went to buy clothes and.. ..didn’t return yet.
– Yes. They will come, right? What should
I tell if they ask where Rishita is? Bride should be ready in two days.
What to do now? Let’s go and have breakfast. What happened? What’s the delay? Where you sent the girl?
– Which girl, sir? Which girl? Lone girl. There was no girl in our family
for three generations. Rishita is alone. We got marriage proposals for her.. ..who were ready to
give 10, 20 crores. They came searching for us
after learning about our family. Look, mister.
This marriage should take place. Otherwise we all will
have to commit suicide. What are you saying?
– Where you hid my daughter? Tell me.
– Brother.. Sir, is she your daughter
who left in car? There is nothing wrong
in saving your friend. I will see that
nothing happens to him. Sir, he is the only friend I have. Hey!
– Mani! Listen! They said bye to you! Don’t you know them? I had seen everything. Am I a fool? Mani.. – Sir, we will say bye to
everyone who says bye to us. What rubbish are you talking?
– Sir, what is this? Why do you fight with them by
leaving the people who took her away? Brother, don’t believe their words,
they are playing drama. What drama? Stop it. You will see my
dead body if this marriage gets cancelled. Don’t fight and see that
you bring the girl back. What are you watching
after doing everything? Brother, why are you fighting
without knowing the situation? Come here, brother. You will languish
in jail all your life.. ..if I put few more cases
alongside Section 365. Where is the girl? – Sir, going to
jail or not is not a problem to us. First go and catch that girl. Going by the speed she went,
I think she must be married by now. Grandmother,
we are not linked to them. Ouch! Sir, what is this? They
are beating when we are talking? Should they kiss you?
– Tell me, what happened? I said we don’t know anything.
Why are they beating? You cannot leave this place if you
don’t tell the truth. – What truth? What is there to tell? Villagers don’t know what happened. If you create trouble
then they will know it. Relatives are coming home.
Nobody should know it. Be careful. Take them away.
– Aunt, come and sit there. Brother, listen to me. Okay, okay. I will kill them and throw
them to eagles and vultures. You sit. Sit.
– Hello.. Okay, okay, we will sit.
Why are you pushing? Sister-in-law, are you sleeping
after eating stomach full? How can you sit in a corner
during marriage? Tomorrow? Nobody takes responsibility
in the house. Don’t know how marriage
will take place. Are you having fun
by gathering here? You can take the marriage
in our landlord’s house easily.. ..but he cannot take it easily. You know the problems that
started with this wedding card. You don’t care.
– What’s the problem? You have put Johnson’s
name from Dubai. You have put Rasool’s
name from Kuwait. But you didn’t print the names of.. ..40, 50 relatives from neighbouring
villages. – Uncle.. They asked about it. Now they have returned
the wedding cards as they are upset. What to do now?
– Do something, uncle. You look after it. – There is no
time to print wedding cards again. So should I write
the names of our relatives.. bottom and give them? You look after it. You are getting
irritated on everything. If some problem arises
during marriage.. ..then my granddaughter shouldn’t get
hurt. That’s why I am telling this. Forget your anger. Mani, they are sitting there without
lights and you are standing here. Make the arrangements for.. Don’t know when we will garland him. You go now.
– I will go but.. granddaughter’s marriage
should be held in grand manner. Okay, uncle.
– Coming generations.. ..should talk great of it.
– Okay, we will do. You are still young,
I have to tell everything. Sister-in-law, you too have a
role to play in these arrangements. For how long will you sit like that?
Do some work. She is always like this.
She teases me from childhood. She is very stubborn. You don’t worry,
we will find the girl for sure. What’s this sudden
twist in our life? What is this twist? First we should
get out of this place. I don’t know! No! No! I don’t know! Speak up!
– Stop! Untie. No.. Tell where they are. Sir, anybody will tell the truth if they
know it after getting thrashed so badly. So you will not tell, right?
Speak up! Speak up! – They went to Cherrapunji.
– How far it is from here? Mani, they are acting smart.
– Smart.. Acting smart..
– Getting angry.. feeling pain.. Beat again and I will
tell the name of some village. You go there and nobody
will be there. Your wish. Speak up! You said you will give us food
but you are thrashing us badly. I will die if you beat more.
– Die! – Don’t beat. Don’t beat him. I will tell. Give me food, I will tell. Give them food.
– Dhanraj, go and bring food. How many have come? Total 39.
– You want another 11 people? Yes. – Write our neighbour Pankajam’s name.
– He died two years back. Entire village will feel happy
if names of dead people are written. Uncle, marriage.. in three days and wedding
cards are still being distributed. Relatives from neighbourhood
villages are upset.. ..for not writing their
names on wedding card. That’s why we are
writing their names. Okay, do it fast.
– Have you purchased clothes for all? Yes, uncle.
– You bought landlord’s cap for me? We purchased yellow colour cap, uncle.
– Very nice. Priest.. Sir..
– What are you thinking? Write.
– Sir, 49 names are written. Tell one more name,
I will write and leave. Write your name and.. What sir?
– What, sir? What sir? Distribute
the cards before wedding? Okay, I will do it.
– Or else relatives will scold us. Don’t worry, I will take care of them.
– Go away. You talk a lot but you don’t work.
– Father.. Father, have you eaten? Why did you say you know? Instead of getting beaten
by saying we don’t know.. ..we will eat well by saying we know.
– After eating? We will get thrashed again?
– What for dinner? Get an idea for it. Where is Rishita? I searched
the entire house, she is not found. She went to the neighbouring
village to see her friend. To see her friend? Why? For giving wedding card. She is getting married in
three days. Why did you send her? How will she meet her friends
after she goes to France.. ..with son-in-law after marriage? She will come by the time
we eat food. Did you buy clothes? Yes, we bought..
– Okay. Okay, you go. I will come.
– Son-in-law’s dress is very nice. Come and see. Okay, go,
I will come and see. – Okay. Dear.
– What? Why are you standing here and talking?
– Nothing, sister-in-law. Children will be
playing all around.. I am planning
to put a table here. You go and look after the work.
– Okay. Six feet table and next. Have this. Eat fast. Subramaniam sir, bridegroom.. special dresses.
Where is the bride? I will thrash you. Are you asking me?
– I am telling seriously. Instead of beating us
and feeding is again.. ..go and find the girl who escaped. Or else she will come
with family and children. Speak up! You cannot leave this place
without telling the truth. Why are you tying cloth like this? We don’t like to cheat our stomach
due to your family problem. Now beat. We will bear for two days. What did you say?
– We will tolerate for a week. Brother, they are acting very smart. Are you acting? You are trying to save your friend
till the last minute, right? Don’t laugh. – Shut up.
We are talking to elders. Sir.. come, sir.. Who knows? Take it.
– Take it. Hey, talk to your friend. Tell him that you both are caught
by us and are being tortured. Will you not tell? Tell him. Hey, don’t behave like
an intelligent guy. Talk to your friend soon.
– Talk! What are you watching? Sir, I had never seen
a serious mental guy like you. You will see.. I am seeing.
– I will beat you. Don’t know what happened.
– Tell Sampath. – Gopi.. I inquired the car number. It is lorry’s number. What to do now?
– Sampath, go to Rishita’s college. Inquire her classmates. Okay.
– There is one Raghu there. Tell him my name
and take her friends’ addresses. Okay, I am going there.
Tell him. Go. Didn’t he talk to his friend?
– He is acting smart by thinking.. ..we will find his friend based
on the number. He says he doesn’t
know to talk on phone. Did Sampath call up?
– I talked just now. They went to RTO office
with Qualis number. It is some lorry’s number. They seem to be criminals. I have sent Sampath
to Rishita’s college. They will bring
the boy’s address for sure. You don’t worry,
they will be caught. Dear!
– Yes. Priya and I called up Rishita,
number is switched off. I called her friends,
they said they don’t know. Where did she do? I forgot to tell you. Vehicle
broke down while coming back. Cell charging is finished. Just now driver talked,
they are coming. Why do you take tension
unnecessarily? Go and.. the work.
– Why don’t you bother.. ..when I am telling she didn’t come? Is she a small girl? She will come.
You and your daughter do as you want. Is it, son-in-law? Very nice. Okay. I will tell her. Okay, bye. Bye. He bought a sari for marriage
by spending three and half lakhs. Son-in-law called up Rishita
but her number is switched off. Stupid girl!
Don’t know where she went. Lawyer, you talk. Brother, I will take care.
– What happened, brother? I will call later. A person names
Alphonso will call you. Follow him, I will call you later. Deva, there is something missing in this
landlord’s dress. Tell me what it is. Leave it, uncle.
– You tell. See how they are escaping.
– Hello. No use in asking them. You seem to be educated.
Can you tell? Are you too illiterate? Shankara,
how are you tolerating this fool? Go, uncle. Tell me.
What is missing in this house? Listen to me and go. You are born in landlord’s family.
Can’t you.. Go I say. Don’t you understand? Go. Look Shankara. This is the respect for this dress.. This is called royal shawl. Ask if you don’t know. I will teach you easily. Well.. You stood there and talked
at 5 o’clock in the morning. Now you are standing here
in group and talking. Are kitchen staff creating
some problem? Hey, go away. Go! I will see you later. Gopi, he is making us run around after
saying he will give Alphonso’s address. Did they tell anything? I am afraid. Look Kaveri. The guys who
took away Rishita are rogues. They will destroy her life.
If this marriage gets cancelled.. ..nobody from this family
will stay alive. From food to clothes.. ..I gave you everything from
childhood and nurtured you. Right? Yes.
– You are her friend, right? Tell me what to do. Talk to him nicely saying Rishita.. ..and you are friends
and inquire how she is there and.. ..find out the truth.
Hide this inside. Cover it. Be careful. Feels like watching Hitchcock movie. What is happening in this house? Lights are on,
she is going with lantern. They gathered in backyard
and talked in the morning. They are talking
on terrace from evening. This is strange. If it continuous
like this.. – Sir, milk.. Milk.. Sir, I think my evil eyes will fall
on you for seeing you in this dress. Sir, this churidhar
suits you very well. Is it?
– Yes, sir. I think you changed something.
– What is it? I think you are carrying towel instead
of stole. – I will break your teeth. Go away. – What does a dog
know about royal life? Calling this royal
shawl as bedsheet. Nobody knows anything. I am working in the house. Rishita is my good
friend from childhood. Fools! You think we will tell the truth
if you send a beautiful girl. We don’t know who they are.
So how can we tell? She is my life. Hope she is fine. We both grew up together. We both play, sing, dance, sleep.. Oh, seems they are planning
something for dinner. Let us co-operate.
– She always stays with me. Your friend will look after her well,
right? – I will tell, I will tell. He is a very good boy,
he will look after her very well. Hope she will not face any problem.
– Buddy, your dialogue now. New house is set. We bought all necessarily
belongings too. So when are they getting married?
– Her dialogue is over, now his dialogue. I will tell after the child is born. After the child is born? – Yes, we have
got the cradle for the to-be born child. What is your friend’s caste?
– What is there to do with caste? Two hearts are enough
to fall in love. After looking at these people, I came to
know that they are cast loving people. They are the last batch born
in 50’s and 60’s. It is enough of they die.
Cast feeling will be lost with them. Only few will be left after that. We will beat them with
footwear and drive them away. There will be no
need to elope and marry. We can love freely after that. I am going.
– Wait, wait. Where are you going? We are telling the truth from
morning by saying we don’t know. But they didn’t pay heed
and thrashed us. But we lied by saying we
know after she came and asked. Buddy, somehow I
got fully charged up. How will it be if I maintain this?
– Very difficult. – Why? She kept a tape recorder in navel
and recorded everything. Did you leave her
after knowing everything? Rishita is a good friend
since childhood. We both grew up together. We both play, sing, dance, sleep.. She stays with me all the time.
She is my life. She is fine, right? Your friend will look
after her well, right? I will tell, I will tell.
I mean he is a very good boy.. ..he will look after her very well. Hope she will not face any problem.
– Buddy, now your dialogue. New house is ready. We brought necessary articles too. So when are they getting married?
– My dialogue is over, now his dialogue. I will tell after the child is born.
– After the child is born? Yes, we have got the cradle
for the to-be born child. What is your friend’s caste? What is there to do with caste? Two hearts are enough
to fall in love. After looking at these people.. ..I came to know that
they are cast loving people. They are the last batch
born in 50’s and 60’s. It is enough of they die.
Cast feeling will be lost with them. Only few will be left after that. We will beat them with
footwear and drive them away. There will be no need
to elope and marry. We can love freely after that. I am going. – Wait, wait.
Where are you going? Mister, we may be
born in 50’s and 60’s. Also we will be the last people
to save the pride of caste. When is the marriage?
– Why are you laughing? After finding them a house.. ..buying their needs and
after doing everything.. Are you laughing?
– Not laughing. He is thinking as what he should tell to
make the story more interesting now? Stop. We said it for fun. What fun? Do you find
the problems of our house as fun. Did you see how
he changed the topic? Yes, brother.
What we said yesterday is true. Everything that is recorded
in tape-recorder is lie. What did you say? Do you think we are mad?
– Brother.. Brother,
they achieved what they wanted. Why do you feel sad now? What if this matter is known to the
village and marriage gets cancelled? I will kill him right here. Hey! Brother! Stop! Give the gun!
I won’t spare him! I will shoot him! Don’t leave him! Don’t leave him! Kill them! I said like that for her sake. She is standing there,
I said it for her. She said, Rishita
and she are friends.. ..they grew up together
and asked how she is. I said like that to console her. Brother, did you see how
he changed the scene? – Not scene.. This is truth. Looking into her eyes
and talking to her.. ..I felt there is a
big storm inside my heart. She talked to me
for only ten minutes. But I felt she squeezed
my heart when she left. Why is he getting excited?
– Hey, girl! I liked you a lot.
– Hey.. Bring petrol. Leave, brother. Please.
– Remove the hand. Go, take everyone inside.
– I said.. ..but you didn’t listen.
– Don’t complicate the problem. He said it by mistake. Leave him. Please. – Remove the hand.
– Why do you plead? Will you talk as you want? I didn’t talk from here,
I talked from here. You asked when it will come. It came now. Hmm.. That’s why I talked.
– Correct. – Come. You go.
– I won’t. We both will die together. Pour. We are not frightened. Kaveri.. Bring matchbox.
– No, sir. – Go. What are you watching? Though she is a servant,
she belongs to our caste. Rascal! Will you set your eyes on
the girl belonging to my caste? This dirty love has separated
my daughter from me. I will kill everyone
who talks of love hereafter. Set on fire.
– Sir. – Set him on fire. – Me? How can I do that?
– Do it I say. Set fire.
– No. Kaveri.. – No..
– I said set him on fire. Set him on fire. Will you do or not? Do it, Kaveri. Only body will be burnt. Life will be with you. Take good care. What happened? Rishita is back. – What? Shameless girl! Who is he? I will tell her. – Did he educate
you so that you bring us shame? Why did you do it? Go. Go inside. Where are the remaining boys?
– They are in hospital. The guy who eloped with
our daughter has escaped. What about them? – They are not
linked to them, I made inquiry. They gave only bag. Look, I am letting you off because there
is an auspicious function in the house. If you come back saying.. forgot something
and tell stories.. ..I will make Kaveri
set you on fire. She will set you on fire too, okay? Go to Kanyakumari for sightseeing
and go from there. Got it? Go! Go! Lawyer. – Sir.
– Keep an eye on them. – Okay. Look, Murthy, Manikyam,
you and Kumar guard this gate. If any new person comes,
send them to me. I will look after that, you go.
– Okay. Okay, brother.
– Go and stay alert. “Where you came from?” “Why have you come for?” “You said something..” “You opened up..” “I couldn’t forget it.” “I melt like a dream.” “You remained like a story.” “Where you came from?” “Why have you come for?” “You said something..
you opened up..” “I couldn’t forget it.” “I melt like a dream.” “You remained like a story.” One boy loved our
Rishita for five years. He left midway when
we threatened him. But see this boy. He looked at our Kaveri
just for ten minutes. He said in the meantime
there was lightening, rainfall.. ..and his heart is lost.. Leave all that.
In front of all of us.. He said with courage, ‘hey girl..’ ‘I like you.’ That is love. Not just that, it is still more. Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! I want to talk to Edwin.
Please bring phone from someone. Please Kaveri. What happened, Kaveri?
Not getting sleep? No grandmother. “Wherever I see..” “ are present there.” “When I walk..” “ are coming like a shadow.” “Whatever work I do..” “ are filled inside me.” “You entered deep inside my heart..” “..and created a flutter.
You melted like a dream.” “You remained like a story.” “Where you came from?” “What have you come for?” Kaveri! I felt there was a huge
storm inside my heart.. ..when I was talking to her
by looking into her eyes. Though she talked
to her for ten minutes.. ..I felt she squeezed
my heart while leaving. Hey girl, I liked you a lot. “In my walk..” “ became a companion..” “You have become..” “..a distraction to me.” “Inside my eyes..” “ are residing.” “You have become..” “ shadow.
You have melted like a dream.” “You remained like a story.” Life will be with you. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Grandmother! – Yes, dear.
Why are you crying? – Grandmother! What happened, dear? I am unable to forget. I feel like he is next to me. I want to see him once. I don’t know what to do,
grandmother. Kaveri.. Eyes talk until love is born. Both hearts start
talking after it is born. Not even lovers
understand that language. You are feeling sad
because you don’t know it. Everything will be
find if you meet him. What to do now, grandmother? How will
I know who he is and where he went? He said they are
going to Kanyakumari. There is no place beyond that,
you know. I feel he is waiting for you there. Really, grandmother?
– He gave his life to you, right? Now he is like a dead body. If you go now then his life.. ..will take you to him. I am not telling this. Your mother told me to tell you.
– Did mother tell? Yes, Kaveri. Go with courage.
– Yes, grandmother. Grandmother..
– Yes.. How is this? – Everything
you wear will be good. Take. Take it, for expenses. Everything will be fine. Tell everyone while going. Okay? What grandmother? You start, I will bring. Go. Why are you saying you will go?
Where will you go? Why is she still standing? What happened to her? Have
you changed your dress to leave? Did you buy new dress? – Yes, uncle.
I bought but she is not wearing. Okay, bring her soon.
– You go, I will bring. What happened? Why are you
acting stubborn? – What Kaveri? Didn’t you start?
– I’ll bring her, you go. – Okay, sister. Why are you repeating the
same thing? – Why didn’t you start? I told her many times
but she is not coming. Did you buy her new clothes? I bought them yesterday. I told her
to go and wear but she isn’t wearing. Where will you go without
coming for marriage? I will go. Where will you go?
– I will go. You believe his words to be true? Go. Come.
– Come and change the dress. – I will go. Where will you go?
Why are you doing like this? Come fast, let us go.
– I will go. What happened?
– She says she will go somewhere. Okay, you go with brother.
I will bring her. I will go. Where will you go? His memories are
disturbing you, right? So you will give your heart
in return for what he gave, right? Wages for the work
you did in this house. Go. Get destroyed. Listen. – Yes. – You are alone.
Where do you want to go? Kanyakumari.
– Will you go by walk? Hey.. How to reach Araivaimudi bus-stand? It is behind, you crossed it. So where should I go? This side? We are going to Kanyakumari, sit. We will drop you.
– Okay, brother. What are you watching? Open. “Bird has fallen..” “Poor soul..” “Poor..” We visited whole of India. We can go to Ceylon
by walk if this sea dries up. We have to take passport
if it doesn’t dry up. We need ration card
for getting passport. For taking ration card.. should marry someone. Don’t confuse me unnecessarily.
– Am I confusing? By telling that innocent girl
that you liked her.. only confused her. By now she must
have got some clarity. Let’s go and ask. I should have said it beautifully
and in a lonely place but.. ..I told her in front of everything.
Did you see how she looked away? Should I get insulted again? I have seen but she.. After she lit the matchstick,
you said.. ‘ is okay, burn my body but my heart
will be with you, take care of it.’ Did you see her eyes then? Love blossomed at that moment. Everyone ran to see the girl.. ..who came back after eloping
but did she move from there. She was staring at you by forgetting
that she should leave that place. After that too,
she left with great difficulty. Now I am telling.. She likes you a lot,
let us go and ask. I swear, she likes you a lot. Let us go and ask. Don’t think. Hey, what if she
says she doesn’t like. We will roam around the place
until she says she likes. Look buddy. If everyone thinks love
should succeed in the same train.. ..then love will not succeed
in this world. She is living in
a palatial house there.. ..and we are roaming like orphans.
How will it work out? – Okay. You should have found
an orphan and said this to her. I don’t need anybody else. So will you suffer in her memories?
Tell me. Think of this. Why did we go to that house
when we had not work? Why did she come there
by searching for you? She is the light which
your father talked about? Why are you watching like that? She
came to fill your life with light. Don’t say no. If you do.. ..your life will
become dark thereafter. Buddy.. It is very difficult
to get a girl like Kaveri. The moment you said
you liked that girl.. know how happy I felt. You and Kaveri getting married
and having children.. ..the group photo
we saw in that house.. You both are there in it.
Of course, I am too in it. You got me married to a girl of
my choice and we have four children. Buddy, I have made a beautiful
frame for it in my heart. Hey, don’t know if
you are sad or not.. ..I feel very sad
for calling us orphans. Buddy, if this were to change.. should definitely get married. Okay? Let’s go, come. As you said, we will ask for
the girl according to the tradition. What will they do?
They will behead us, right? Let them do. Instead of seeing
you like this as dead body.. ..we will go there and decide
in their after deciding something. Are you thinking as what right do we
have for going and asking for the girl? You have put my name
as initial, right? Tell me. Am I right or not? I have taken your
father’s place, right? What happened to this city? Pollution and smoke on either sides. Why doesn’t anybody say something? Why should you bear it silently? Put an end to this negligence. Don’t overlook any
burnt cigarette butt. Smoking is prohibited
in public places. Violation leads to penalty. Don’t smoke and don’t let others do. Smoking is dangerous. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking is dangerous. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills. Smoking is injurious to health. Drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. Is Kanyakumari your native place? No, brother.
I am going to see Aaron. Horn.. horn is here. Not this horn.. I am going to see Aaron.
– Is he your relative? Are you getting married to him? Say that he is your to-be husband. Why do you feel shy for it? “Today is a good day.” “First day when heart is smiling.” “Today is a good day.” “First day when heart is smiling.” “Day when I am going
to meet my beloved.” “Day when I am going
to see my life partner.” “He..” “He..” “He is my king.” Well, where did you see him? I didn’t see him. He only came to my house.
You know what he did? He winked like this. That’s okay.
Everybody were present.. ..aunt, uncle and others. Suddenly.. front of everyone.. ‘Hey, girl. I liked you a lot.’ He said like this.
– Look, he too is like us. I was stunned. Okay. How does he look? Curly hair.. Big eyes.. Thick beard.. He doesn’t possess
even half of my looks. Soft ear.. Eyes that went inside.. Cunning looks.. Ever did you see pomegranate seeds? My teeth are like them. I will show them now. See. “I tell many small tales..” “I play many games
as your companion.” “My life belongs to you.” “Should I show him love?
Should I see mother’s love in him?” “He is..” “ companion every day.” “Today is a good day.” “First day when heart is smiling.” “Eyes have not slept for few days.” “Not feeling hungry for few days,
mind is lost..” “My eyes have not rest..” “I will tie the
nuptial chain to her.” “I will spend some good time..” “When..” “When..” “When is that day?” “Today is a good day.” “First day when heart is smiling.” “The day when I going to
see my beloved, my husband..” “He.. he..” “He is my king.” Brother..
– Yes.. Why is he like that? It is..
– What happened to him? He too is a love bird like you. He loved a girl. Her parents learnt about it.. ..and vacated the house overnight. Don’t know where they
went and where they are. He searched every place for them for
two years. She is not found anywhere. He stays in my shed.
Wherever I carry load.. ..I take him there. Look, people who received
setbacks in life.. ..suffered losses in business
will bounce back again in life. But one who gets defeated in love
will have to suffer every moment and.. like a dead body. You don’t worry.
Everything good will happen to you. I will tell you something, listen. Everyone ran away after
seeing me in childhood. Nobody would meet me. Nobody gave me work
after I grew big. They said I look like a devil. They treated me very badly. How am I responsible for my looks? Only you called me
as brother with affection. I cannot express in words
as how happy I feel to hear it. Tell me before getting married. Don’t forget to take phone number.
– Okay, brother. What for traffic jam? Tell me where is he in Kanyakumari,
I will drop there. – Don’t know. Don’t know. – You have phone number? You have any address?
– Do you at least have photo? What do you have? – I have this. Looks like shirt piece. I found this shirt piece of his. You came so far by keeping this? Hey, you want to find
him with this shirt piece? No way. – You cannot meet him.
You cannot! I will find. – Are you
saying her love will not succeed? It will become successful. Your love
will definitely become successful. Mental fellow!
– You won’t find him! – Hey! You are cheated! You are cheated! Listen to me! – He cheated you. I will find him. – Don’t scare her.
– You have been cheated. He cheated you badly.
– Mad fellow! I will not let you go.
How will you meet him? – Leave her. I will not let you meet him.
– Why don’t you listen to me? Leave her. Listen to me!
– You cannot go! You cannot go! You cannot go! You cannot go! I will not let you meet him!
– Stop it! I will not let you meet him. You will not find him! I will not let you go. You cannot go! I will not let you go! Leave me! No! Stop! Leave me! No! Hey you! Stop! No! Socrates! Socrates! Hey! Stop! Where are you going?
– That girl is taken away! He died. Go! I had seen.
Where you went? – I was behind you. What to do? Wait for some time. It is paining.. What to do? He died as he couldn’t fight back. One should have
courage for everything. It’s paining.. Mother.. Stop the vehicle! Stop! This vehicle is going to Kanyakumari.
It will not stop anywhere. Trees are being cut and
vehicles are burnt on the way. We have to reach there
by crossing these small villages. If anybody wants
to sit then sit quickly. We cannot tell the time.
If anybody wants to sit.. sit quickly. Stop! Stop! We are also coming.
– Why are you dragging me? – Stop! Go little inside. Sit here. Okay. – Wait.. Talked to father? – I told brother,
he said he will come on main road. Move little. Don’t push, I am standing. “Feels like you are like a shadow.” “You..” “..what will you say..” ‘If you come back saying you forgot
something and tell some stories..’ ‘..I will set you
on fire with Kaveri.’ She will set you on fire. “Chaos inside the heart.” “Breathe is stopping..” “The nest has collapsed..” “ the heavy wind.” “Tears fell..” “Tears fell..” Whoever wants to go to
Aralmai may get down here. Vehicle is going to Kanyakumari.
Get down. I will talk, wait. Sir.. What? – A girl by name Rishita
has eloped from this house, right? Yes. – We both were
interrogated then. Okay. – My friend fell in love with
the maid girl of the house at that time. He also told her that he likes her. Okay. – Sir, we came to find
out whether she likes him or not. So? – Sir, they are telling
us to do it directly. What are you saying?
– Telling to open the gate. See the arrogance.
– Sir, please help. Hey, a boy has eloped
with the girl from this house.. ..they have died,
marriage got cancelled.. ..villagers are divided in
two due to caste and are fighting.. You want to start love story
part two now. – Please, sir. Help. Don’t we have any other work? We didn’t go home from yesterday
and are eating outside.. ..drinking stale tea and are tired. Don’t make us angry for no reason. Sir, we will talk for ten
minutes and leave. – Take the gun. Buddy, come. Come. Why have they come here again?
– Why are you coming here? Did they tell you to go and
see what is happening here? Did you come to play dramas? Forget Kaveri! Leave! Kaveri is not here. Leave! – Kaveri!
– Leave I say! – Kaveri! I didn’t come to quarrel.
– Leave! – Listen to me! Kaveri!
– Lawyer.. Leave! – Come out! – Leave! Come. – Leave!
Leave! – Brother, listen to me! Leave! Come out! Leave! Leave!
– Sir, I will talk once and leave. Brother, it is not that.. Please, brother.
I cannot live without her. Kaveri! Kaveri!
– Will you come again? We should kill them!
– I told you to leave, right? Why did you come here to quarrel? Sir, we didn’t come to quarrel.
– Don’t you have shame? Sir, I will talk just once.
Please, sir. – Kaveri! Sir.. please, sir. Kaveri! Sir.. – Go! Kaveri! – Why don’t you tell
that she went in search of you? Why are you watching silently?
– She is a maid girl and.. ..he is loafer. It doesn’t
matter if they live or die. How dare he come to the house! I should have killed
them then itself. Are these troubles not enough?
Want more troubles? Come! I will see them later. We should have kill them
that day itself. – Kaveri! Call him.. Kaveri! Tell them to leave.
– They don’t listen to me. Please, sir. – Kaveri! – Go! Sir.. sir.. no, sir.. Please, sir. – Leave from here. Kaveri went to Kanyakumari
in search for you. Is it? – Yes. She went with your shirt piece. She is in love with you. – Me? Didn’t I tell that she loves me? He told me, grandmother.
– Son, she is very innocent. Go and search.
– We will search her, grandmother. You will not find such a
good girl anywhere. Don’t lose her. I will not miss her.
You go without any fear. I will find her.
– Be careful. – I will find her. They love each other
whole heartedly. Don’t separate them. Yes, sir. There is no problem here. I will take care, sir. I will report regularly. Okay, sir. I will take care. You heard grandmother’s words? Yes. – My Kaveri went
to Kanyakumari in search of me. I am an orphan and she too. So what? – Sir,
you can unite us if you want. Is it enough if I unite you.. ..or you want flowers
and fruits too? – Sir, sir.. What mistake we committed?
– What? – Please. For what you did,
I should file every case on you.. ..and thrash you
in jail for six months. After that.. – Sir..- DSP again? What problem? – Inspector sir. What about him?
– SP is coming here from Tirunelvi route. Why is he coming in this route?
– How do I know, sir? They are a big pain..
– Sir, why do you take tension? Leave! Leave! – Are you mad? They jumped walls
and entered inside. Sir, love becomes
successful only by doing so. Talk like an officer. – Sir,
everyone is the same in the age. What are you talking? Sir, why do we need these tensions
when he is coming? Let them go. Sir..
– Look.. SP is coming in this route
so I am leaving you. Look, you shouldn’t
look at this house again. If you don’t pay heed
and come to this area again.. ..I will kill you. Be careful. Hey! Hey! “I will search you, O my love..” “I will live for you,
O my beloved..” “You are not with me..” “It turned into fire..” “Like a song,
I will search for you..” “My life..” “I will live for you, O beloved.” “Thoughts have turned
into the sky..” “..and flew in all directions.” “Dreams have turned into a sea..” “Like tears you were with me..” “What else will it do?” “What is it going to happen?” “I will live for you, O beloved..” “I will search only you, O my life.” “Body is here, life is there..” “Every moment is sorrowful.” “No trace of life anywhere..” “I can’t find you anywhere.” “I am living in dark.” “Come like a light..
I will keep you in my eyes..” “I will keep you forever.” Kaveri! Kaveri! “I will live for you, O beloved.” “You are not with me..” “It turned into fire..” “I am sailing against the
wind and coming towards you.” “I will live for you..” He said he is going to Kanyakumari. There is no place beyond it,
you know. Kaveri, who is he, what is he.. Without knowing anything
you left in search of him.. It was good that I saw you. Otherwise don’t know
what would have happened. One who brought
you up till this age.. ..don’t they know whom
to get you married to.. Kaveri, you acted in haste. Okay, your age is like that.
What to do? Bala, buy one ticket to
Aralvaimudi.. – Okay, madam. No, he is here only. Where? – In this place. He is in Kanyakumari. Who told you? – My grandmother..
my grandmother told me. Since you are a small girl, so
grandmother must have told you like that. Did you take her words
seriously and come in search? No, he said he likes me. That’s why I came. He said you liked you, right? – Yes.
– So what he should have done then? He should be waiting for you. Or else should face your
elders and take you with him. He didn’t do both
and went somewhere. So what kind of a person is he? Fraud! Lightening, raining.. ..talking such things
and impressing girls.. I have seen many such
cheaters in my service. Kaveri, hearing your words
I find him to be a cheater. No, he is a very good person. Are you telling me
who is good and who is bad? Why don’t you listen
to me when I am telling you? Why are you acting stubborn
by repeating the same? If I see you here tonight
then I will throw you in the sea. You will reach some
seashore as dead body. You know how many people
we have seen like that? Running behind courts,
cases, post-mortem.. If I see you in this area
again then I will kill you. Go away! Bala. – Madam..
– Send her away.. – Okay, madam. You start the vehicle.
– Okay, madam. You searched all places? Thiruvalluvar statue? Vivenkananda hall? Sunset point? Didn’t see there, right? Now it is 4 PM, search till 6 PM. It is okay if he comes,
or else catch a bus and leave. Got it? Or else what madam said will happen. She will cut you
into pieces and eat. Got it? You have money? Go carefully. Wow! See there.. – Hey, focus there.. That’s great. See there. Superb! – See till 6 PM. It is okay if he comes
or else catch a bus and leave. Or else what madam said will happen.
She will cut you into pieces and eat. Wow! You will reach some
seashore as dead body. Get destroyed. You are cheated! You are cheated! He cheated you badly.
I will not let you go. “You are not with me..” “Will I turn into dead body?” Madam, nobody is collecting samples. They are playing with ball. When I am asking then,
they are talking bad of you. Madam, she is Kaveri. I don’t like roadside snacks. Girls, you can have it
but only for five minutes. Madam, she is not a vendor. – What? She tried to commit suicide. She told her problem. I brought
her so that you will solve it. Listen carefully. Lot of problems.. ..come in life but we have to.. ..face them. Okay? Understood? Be bold. See me. Bold! Okay? Now go. Madam, one boy told her that he
likes her, she came in search of him. She doesn’t have a family, she
is an orphan. We have to help her. Okay, okay. So girls,
we will stop marine biology.. ..we will search that boy.. ..we will change everything.
– Madam, what is this? Madam, she has nobody.
– Shut up, Vidya! You are getting damn crazy. Am I crazy, madam? Madam.. What the hell is happening here? She went to commit suicide.
– Oh my God! What the hell.. – What if she
goes again.. – Just shut up! Okay? Look village girl! I am
very strict on this. Do one thing. You go to police
station and complain. They will put you in
orphanage or whatever.. But I shouldn’t see you
again with our girls. Okay? Go. Madam! Madam! She might do it again.
– Let her go to hell. That is not my business,
none of your business.. Just get in! Make her sit behind. Come, come. Come fast. Come. Girls! Stick on to your seats. Quick! Come on! Close the door. Who is left? – Meghana.. Meghana!
– I am loading the belongings. Get in fast! Be careful! Don’t go there. Don’t go! I am telling you! Attentions girls! Go to your rooms, fresh up. Have your dinner at 8 o’clock. Go. Hit your beds. Get up at 5 o’clock. At 5.30,
we are all meeting right here. Fix this in your brains,
girls. Okay? I don’t want to hear funny
giggling from any of your rooms. Got it? Move. And we are hitting
the grounds at 6 o’clock. Come here. I hate bloody emotions. Better be out of that. Sentimental
idiots. – 206 room please. Come. Why are you afraid? We are there. How risky it would have been.. ..if we paid heed to Vidya
and brought that village girl here? Correct, madam. – No, no. There are many problems in society. It will crush us but we
have to bend and live. – Sir.. Venu. Housekeeper. Oh.. – Football teach coach. I got it, right? – Super! That is Venu. Sir, everyone is bringing
boys and making them play cricket.. ..but you brought girls
and making them play with ball. Pickle.. Pickle? – Sir,
when I watched you closely.. ..I found your heat. So what? – Need to cool down. – How? With Barley water. Barley water? – Yes. Tourist spot, sir. Shutters will be closed after 6 PM. If you tell now then I will
bring it and keep it in fridge. No need to hurry. Call 123 and ask
for Venu housekeeper. I will come in no time in 304. Bye, sir. Sir, you.. You look like Argentine Maradona. Superb! – Rascal! Madam.. Accidents may happen.. But emotions.. ..shouldn’t happen.
– Madam, he is calling you as sir. I know he is doing it wantonly.. ..but did I shake. That is ‘bend and living’ law. Come, come. Come. Sit. Sit. Today is Christmas, he is Christian. I feel he will come
to Church to attend mass. Let us take her and search. There are lots of churches. We will search all.
– What’s his name? – Aaron. This doesn’t sound
like Christian name. She says he was wearing cross. Has your sir sent
coach at night? – Yes. Wait a minute. Ball is not see, where is it. Tell me. To buy beer.. Stop. – Brother, our treat for sir. Why? Will I not
bring if you tell me? Venu will have some work.
– Forget work. Go away. – Go away? You and your ugly faces! We will break you! Afraid of giving tips? Venu doesn’t mind if you give less.
– Go away. – Wait Not for buying beer.
Is there any church nearby? – Why? Committed some sin? We will kick you.
– Will Jesus forgive if we plead? Excuse me. We have to attend Christmas mass.
– Do it. Answer your guests. Go down, take left and then right. You will find church. Go, go. Are you going after fooling Venu? Go, go. You will not
get any drinks or have fun. Want to party without Venu? Do it. Hey.. what? Sir, they went to church. – Church? Side dish left.. Side dish? Go and check. Sir, you didn’t believe, right? Our friendship which is
mixed up like quarter and water.. ..they squeezed it like
use and throw glass and left. Squeezed? Nobody went to drink without
me in all these years of service.. Madam, there is nobody in room. You trust such water packets
but you not me. – Lock and come. Pickle, sir.. Life is a pickle, sir. Don’t tell that your belongings
are missing. Be careful with them. Be careful with your
money and jewellery. Look, a girl by name
Alphonso is crying here. Come soon and take your girl. Somebody from her family
may come and take her away soon. Take care of your children. I said not to keep the
cycle in front of the gate. Whoever is coming for prayers,
come from front gate. Don’t go from back gate. You will face trouble if
you go there. Please don’t come. Who is Aaron here? Kaveri is searching for you,
she is here. Don’t keep the cycles near the gate. Don’t cry, your parents will come.
Look here. Don’t cry. Your daughter is crying here. Come soon and pick her. Come soon. Your daughter is crying here. Don’t cry, your parents will come.
– Please don’t push. It is dangerous
if there is stampede. This girl is crying bitterly here. Her parents are
requested to come fast. Come here. Kaveri, he will be seen. Keep quiet. How many times I should tell not
to keep cycles in front of the gate? Please remove them. Remove them!
Try to understand. I am telling you! Don’t push. Make way for them. Go from that side. Go! Come.. come fast. Girl is crying. – Ashita, why don’t
you hold my hand while walking.. Keep her with you. Aaron, where are you? Hello! Hello! How is Aaron related to you?
– Husband. Aaron! Where are you? Your wife is waiting
for you since long time. Aaron! Where are you? Come fast! She is crying here for you. Request to the devotees! Don’t push!
Small children are there. It is dangerous. – You are taking
her around with you like a idiot. What if something happens to anybody?
Who will answer your parents? Keep her in your room for tonight.
– Take care of your children! In the morning.. ..advice her to
go to her place. Okay? “Though you have love for her,
you have turned into tears.” “You wished her well, you looked at
her, your heart is filled with her..” “This happened to a boy, his
heart is crushed under her feet.” “Love was born..” “You wanted it to succeed.” “You never expected
anything to go wrong.” “You never thought your
dreams will get shattered.” “You chased her like mad..” “You have given up,
there are no hopes anywhere.” “Everything got collapsed.” “She will come one day,
you will have good days thereafter.” “Your wounds inside the heart will
get healed, you should believe it.” “It will rain happiness
upon her arrival.” “There will be
celebrations all around.” “Heart is searching for it.” “Love is not bad.” “Though you have love for her,
you have turned into tears.” “You wished her well, you looked at
her, your heart is filled with her..” ‘She is just innocent,
go soon and search.’ ‘Grandmother,
we will search and find her. You will never find a girl like her,
don’t miss her.’ ‘Grandmother, I will not miss her.
You go without any fear.’ Kaveri is seen today.
– I missed her. She is not here. I am destined to die alone. Don’t talk like a mad. Hi girls! Quick! Quick!
Madam is waiting at the reception. Make it fast in ten minutes! – Come! Packed everything?
So when will you pack her? Tell me. Is it a problem?
Let us take her with us. How can we look after her?
– You don’t worry. We will get her some job in my father’s
shop. – What do you say, Kaveri? We don’t feel like leaving you Kaveri, she is right. It is not good.. ..for you to stay alone here. You can work there and search him. Don’t fear, Kaveri. We are all there.
– Talk practically. Look Kaveri,
don’t believe their words. Listen to me.
Go back to your village. Got it? That is good for you. Kaveri, we will leave in some time. If you go around lonely.. will not let you live. I am telling you! Listen I say! You devil! Look here! Sentimental idiot!
– What did you say? Don’t you have sympathy? You have no sense at all. She is roaming around with
a shirt piece. – Leave her. Kaveri, listen to me! – Stop! – She is
going! – You won’t understand. – Amruta. Where are the girls? – They kicked
when I told them that you called. Kicked How dare they are! That village girl.. Stop, Vidya! I don’t want to hear any
explanation from you. – Sorry, madam. I am fed up with you. What is this? – What happened? Move back.
– Why is water moving back? Water went back.. You know something? See it is still moving back. Hey.. Something is going to happen. Or
else why will the water move back? Something is going to happen
for sure. – It is surprising. Oh.. What is happening?
– Unable to understand anything. Go there.. This is against the nature.
Never happened before.. It never happened anytime.. What is all this? See how it is there. Kaveri! Kaveri! Stop! Kaveri! Kaveri! Listen to me! Stop! – Listen to me! Stop! How can you runaway like this? Such
a small piece in this big area.. How Kaveri? Listen to me, Kaveri.
– See what is happening. Unable to understand.. Listen! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Where you went, Kaveri? You know where all
I searched for you? Look.. Big waves are hitting.. Don’t move forward. See the waves.. Kaveri, I committed a
mistake by leaving you there. Sea has turned dangerous!
Run! Kaveri, come fast! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Hey! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! Socrates! Socrates! Friend! Kaveri! Kaveri! “Like a rare treasure
you are found..” “You left like an old story..” “You met me like a consolation..” “You remained like a memory today.” “Wishes are lost in
the memories of time..” “Fire has burnt like tears..
something has taken this away..” “Give life to it..” “Stitch the torn heart..” Have you seen my daughter? Have you seen my
daughter in this photo? Son.. son.. I observed rituals and offered
prayers for five years for having her. She is missing. Have you seen?
Did you see her anywhere? “You came without doing anything?” “I felt you like a blessing.” “I will die without reaching you.” “I will take birth
again only for you.” “I am falling apart like
a night without tomorrow..” “I am collapsing in
the depths of memories..” “This is some song..” “..of a hidden heart.” “Make it alive with a glance.” “Stitch the broken heart.” “Think and forget immediately..” “This is some song
of a hidden heart.” Devaiah! What have you done? Devaiah! Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Kaveri! “Aaron!” Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri! – Aaron! Kaveri! Kaveri! Aaron! Aaron! Kaveri! Aaron! Kaveri! – Aaron! Kaveri! Kaveri! – Aaron! Kaveri! – Aaron! Kaveri! – Aaron! Kaveri! You won’t leave me and go, right?
– I won’t go, Kaveri. I won’t go. I will not go anywhere
by leaving you. Soc.. Socrates! Socrates! Aaron! Aaron! Buddy! Buddy! Buddy! Look, who is she?
– Kaveri! Kaveri! Kaveri..


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