Thor Ragnarok – Norse Mythology & The End Times Explained

the ragnerok marked a series of events
that would lead to the end of the world in Norse mythology much like the story
of creation a new world would be born in the wake of its destruction
there were many signs that would signal the ragnaroks arrival the first sign was
the death of the beloved god baal deer who was slain by loki soon after there
would be a continuous winter that would last over a year and finally there were
three roosters the first of which would warn the Giants that the ragnerok had
begun the second would warn the dead and the third would warn the gods of their
imminent doom loki and Fenrir who had previously been banished managed to
break free from the imprisonment and they sided with the frost and fire
Giants led by cert they were also joined by hel and her army of dishonorable
Undead they set sail on the ship made from the nails of dead men as they
prepared for their battle against the gods when the God home doubloon the
Honorable in Valhalla and Falk venire were able to return from the dead and
aid the gods the giant serpent known as your Meg and rose from the sea and after
a fierce battle Thor would eventually slay the serpent Thor would later
succumb to death after suffering multiple poisonous wounds in his battle
against your meg and Odin rode into battle on his eight-legged steed but he
would eventually be slain and devoured by Fenrir Fenrir would later be defeated
by one of Odin’s of vengeance sons vida one of the few survivors of the Ragnarok
the children of Fenrir skal and hearty devoured the Sun and the moon plunging
the world into darkness the dragon nidhogg flew over the battle devouring
the dead as he tried to satisfy his never-ending hunger
Heimdall did not hesitate when given the chance to kill his bitter rival Loki and
the two took each other’s lives in battle the goddess Freyja would be
killed by the fire giants earth who set the bio frost than the nine worlds on
fire as he watched the world begin to sink into the boiling sea when the vast
majority of gods and Giants had slain each other the new world began to rise
from the water before the Ragnarok a man and woman took shelter in the world tree
Yggdrasil when the battle was over they would emerge and repopulate the earth
again there were several gods who survived the Ragnarok Odin’s sons veda
and volley were among them and Thor’s hammer was passed down to his sons Modi
and Magni the surviving gods took two-eyed of all as it remained largely
untouched and they made it their new home
the Giants saw Ragnarok as their opportunity for revenge as their brother
Emil was slain by the gods in order for the world to be formed the humans were
collateral damage in the war between gods and Giants and despite the chaotic
destruction a new world was born god of thunder strongest Avenger tonight let me try banner welcome
strongest Avenger oh what the goddess of death destroyed your hammer like a piece
of glass for your queen the entire universe is in
jail and putting together a team to stop us
made of rocks you don’t need to be afraid unless you’re made of scissors I
want to be on the team has a car named the hero revenge’s revenge us because
I’m getting revenge and you’re getting revenge you on revenge and I decided honestly what true power really looks
like you can’t defeat me joy after you thor ragnarok biggest muscle in the body
i’ve got lots of muscles so limo brains just the name ragnarok there is
something very interesting about that particular term which we will get into
later on but in my opinion I believe we are being shown the all-out Cataclysm
that is coming very soon it has been described in the Book of Daniel it has
been described in Isaiah 13 it has also been described in the book of Revelation
and we are being shown biblical prophetic events in these movies that I
believe is going to spill out onto this earth very very soon and sadly the
Illuminati the Jesuits the Kabbalists they´ll cultists the people behind
Hollywood they know what is coming because they worship Lucifer and they
believe that Lucifer and the fallen angels are going to win but sadly they
are deceived and they are mistaken and so I want to break down what I believe
we are being shown here again you can come to your own conclusions you are
under no obligation to believe anything that I say but as we look at to what
even IMDB says about this movie we’ll see added that it’s talking about Thor
being imprisoned on the other side of the universe it finds himself in a race
against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok the destruction of his
home world and the end of the Asgardian civilization at the hands of an
all-powerful new threat the ruthless HeLa so we’re gonna talk
about what this Ragnarok is obviously it has something to do with destruction but
really it is much more than what we are being told here at IMDb it is a much
deeper topic than what is being portrayed here on IMDB and before we get
into some of this stuff I just want to give some background as to some of the
mythology here are the characters you will recall that Thor’s father is Odin
and he is played by Anthony Hopkins now they do a great job in depicting these
particular characters and even though this is a Marvel comic you know we would
think that this is about superheroes but really Odin and Thor go back to Norse
mythology they are basically the same variation
of other pagan deities and so we’ve got Odin here with the one eyepatch go
figure I believe that even though they are very powerfully depicted in these
movies this is a direct representation at least in my opinion of Lucifer
himself of course you’ve got the one eye symbology and Thor in my opinion is a
depiction of the counterfeit Messiah you know they try to help people
they are seemingly benevolent and very powerful and they love to glamorize
their powers but I believe we are being shown something completely different and
when we look at olden even from Wikipedia will see that in Norse
mythology Odin was the king of a sir he is a God of War and death as well as a
sky god and the god of wisdom and poetry so think about that sky God we know that
the Bible says that Lucifer is the Prince of the power of the air so again
Odin in my opinion is a direct representation of Satan so along with
being a god he is the all-father of all the Nordic gods he is also heavily
associated with magic all right so again I believe this is Satan himself being
shown in this North Norse mythology Odin has only one eye because he sacrificed
one to drink from the fountain of wisdom so again that all-seeing eye symbolizing
wisdom the all you know the wisdom of Lucifer basically and so of course good
ol Odin is full of that so I believe again he is a representation of Lucifer
and so his wives are Frigg and Jordan and the earth so if he got Odin married
to the earth you got yet again mother goddess worship all this kind of thing
and of course his eldest son is Thor the God of Thunder now we mentioned before
in a previous video on that television series coming out American Gods that it
was also about Odin because of course in the older English Odin is named Odin the
name of the weekday Wednesday in English comes from Rodin’s day so the fact that
the character that Ian McShane is playing in that TV series American Gods
he calls himself Wednesday he is shown to be a supernatural figure I believe
again we are being shown this character of Odin who is none other than Lucifer
himself and again I believe that Odin who is Lucifer is
basically the Norse representation of Zeus who again is called a sky God so
same kind of thing that God or the Prince of the power of the air he is
also called the all-father he is the chief of all the gods so same kind of
thing going on here is Zeus the chief of all the gods I believe this is yet again
a representation of Lucifer again the whole lightning lightning both that
Lucifer uses are sorry that Zeus uses well basically wanted the same thing as
their chief weapon so again a reference to Lucifer falling like lightning from
heaven as Yeshua told us in the scriptures so this is again a direct
representation in my opinion of Lucifer that Odin in my opinion represents
Lucifer and Thor represents the false messiah that is coming very very soon
and another character that we were shown in some in a brief description of this
movie is HeLa now she is played by Cate Blanchett it is an excellent job even
just watching the trailer but we are gonna see just what this HeLa is all
about it’s quite fascinating and very very interesting and goes along with so
many of the same things that we have been talking about on this channel so as
we look at some screenshots from the trailer we see that it opens with Thor
basically falling down a pit he’s on this chain he’s all basically bound up
and sent down into this pit we can see that it basically looks like how this is
known as the underworld of Asgard which is Thor’s realm and it’s actually called
Haller hgl so you know does this look familiar you’ve got these you know
basically demonic figures all over the place and there’s basically fire in this
place so it looks like the pit I mean right away this is screaming to me
imagery of revelation 9 and the pit about to be opened and you know as we
keep going we’ll see that now first you got to remember that Thor is the son of
Odin who is the god of sorry the sky God Prince of the power of the air so I
believe again Thor represents the false messiah or the son of Lucifer so and you
know what’s also interesting is Thor is also depicted as this false image of
Yeshua you know with the long beard and the hair they love to think make a
believe that Yeshua was some you know white European looking person but really
I don’t believe he looked like this at all but they can’t sleep list it push
the same kind of imagery on to us this false messiah imagery but to me is this
possibly a mockery of what Yeshua did for us when he died you know going into
hell taking our sin for us and going into hell and defeating Satan and death
and Hades and you know getting the keys of death and Hades in fact so really I
think this is a possibly a mockery of what Yeshua has done for us but you know
this is like showing the false messiah that is going to save us but really
these false gods that are being depicted none of the fallen angels including
Lucifer himself they would never die for any of us because they are way too
selfish to save us they only want to be worshipped ok so that’s really what
these false gods are about but they love to depict themselves as heroes of course
in fact they call themselves heroes but as we keep going on in the trailer we
get introduced to the main villain of the story again played by Cate Blanchett
HeLa goddess of hell and death and basically as you see the scene now they
don’t show her face yet but you see what in in the background what looks to be a
portal that she is coming out of and you know what else or who else do you know
that a certain machine is being worked on even as we speak to open a door to
the other side I’m sure you know which machine I’m talking about and you know
what are the chief gods that are being shown at that very same facility the God
and goddess of death and destruction and we are going to get into that in a
little while later in this video so HeLa let’s talk a little bit about this
character HeLa very very interesting when you when you look at her more
closely and so I’ve got some articles here from this one is from
and talks about thor ragnarok this movie and what is HeLa sword so she has a
special power in her sword and they’ve got a same description here that was
said in on sorry on IMDB but she wields this particular sword here and it says
later on in this article that her sword her favored blade is often called the
knight’s sword the knight’s sword can become charged and reap in green flames
so again remember that Green kind of thing we’re going to talk
about that later on and there’s not much to be said about the knife sword
specific origin and capabilities other than it is powerful enough to allow Gila
to stand toe-to-toe with Thor and his Mjolnir which is his hammer so we know
that Thor is very powerful so this goddess can stand up to Thor himself and
what I found quite interesting is that the Twilight sword may be of importance
in Thor Ragnarok because a searcher is prophesied to light Twilight on the
eternal flame and use the swords to bring Ragnarok to the gods now this is
something that we’re going to talk about in more detail later on what exactly is
Ragnarok and what is that what is being brought to these supposed gods what is
coming alright so let’s look at that in a
little bit here because as we keep looking at HeLa what’s fascinating about
her is that she is according to the mythology the Asgardian goddess of death
okay bassy based on the Norse goddess hel a chi health the ruler of Hell which
is basically she all the grave and nephal hime now that’s quite interesting
Knapp oh hi we’ll talk about that in a bit
the character has been a frequent foe of or okay so what’s interesting is this a
nephal hime sounds a lot you know eerily similar to the word Nephilim that we see
in the Word of God right from Genesis 6 and them and the birthing of the
Nephilim the cohabitation of fallen angels with women and go figure that
nepheline according to the mythology is the abode of darkness a world of
darkness it is one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology it overlaps with with
with how so Nephilim was primarily a realm of primordial ice and cold with
the frozen river I’m not gonna bother pronouncing these things so basically
Nephilim was one of the two primordial realms submit’ of the between the realm
of one being the realm of fire okay so what’s interesting here is that
later it became the abode of Hell a goddess daughter of Loki so HeLa or hell
is a daughter of Loki and we all know who Loki is the troublemaker the adopted
brother of Thor who is basically the son of a
giant and again comes from the same place Jotunheim or Neff oh hi Matt these
this froze in place so what’s quite interesting is that we see this and this
is just a cartoon depiction of the frost giants but basically they’re in the ice
they have this realm in Nephilim or Jotunheim and this is a one that again
one of the chief enemies I would say of the as guardians of where Thor is from
and so you know we constantly see so many superhero movies showing the things
in the ice whether it’s Superman and his bases in the ice whether it’s even
transformers and they find these things in the ice and of course now you’ve got
this even with Thor and these reference to ice I believe that even the Book of
Enoch speaks of the Fallen Angels being imprisoned in Antarctica which is most
likely why we are not allowed to go there all right so that’s what I believe
is being shown here in this and fo hime okay but as we keep going we will see
that Cate Blanchett or this this character HeLa is very very interesting
because now Sheila is a goddess which is being played by a flash and she is a
daughter of Loki and the giantess Angra boorda according to the comic material
so Loki is also the son of a giant and her heelas mother is a giant Tess but
what I find interesting is that the woman is covered in all green we believe
it is goddess HeLa as the green color is rather iconic to the character so what I
find fascinating about this lady this lady HeLa or this goddess HeLa is that
she sounds eerily similar to sir noodles okay the goddess or the god or goddess
that is coming out of the pit the very same God that CERN the machine is named
after and when I find quite interesting about HeLa later on we’ll see her
depicted as this okay so this is another form that she takes you can see the
horns that are all over her head what does this remind you of this to me is a
major connection to CERN who knows the Beast that comes out of the pit the very
same thing that I believe CERN is trying to do the machine okay they’re trying to
bring on the destroyer even revelation 13 the second beast that comes out of
the earth has to Oren’s I believe this is possibly sir newness or Baphomet or
whatever you want to call it they’re probably all the same thing but again we
were talking about you know the chief gods that are there at CERN and it is
none other than Shiva and his wife Kali okay Shiva and Kali are one of the same
thing they’re husband and wife husband god wife God you know both gods of
destruction and death the goddess Kali and Shiva
they are the destroyers and the goddess of death so the same thing is being
shown here I believe that we are constantly being shown this theme of
death and destruction we were talking about you in a previous video about how
Kali is the consort of Lord Shiva so same kind of thing being shown here
just as we spoke about in previous videos but Kali is the goddess of death
and Shiva is the destroyer they are they basically work hand in hand and you know
I find it quite fascinating that they put up this image of Kali that we have
seen many many times in previous videos back and I believe it was in 2015
sometime actually can’t remember the date whether was 2015 or 2016 that they
projected these images of Kali on the Empire State Building the goddess of
death and destruction so why would they do that I honestly believe that they
know what is coming that they are working hard to bring on the destroyer
that is going to come out of the pit that is exactly what right from
revelation chapter 9 and where it talks about they’re gonna open the bottomless
pit and in Hebrew the name is Abaddon but in Greek the name is apollyon or in
the cjb it means a destroyer so really I believe that they are working hard at
bringing out the destroyer the goddess of death and destruction this is whom
they are waiting for and we see the same imagery all the time this goddess this
destruction of or the story this goddess of destruction we are constantly being
shown and yet again in thor ragnarok the same character is being shown and you
know we saw this just recently then a move
that we just broke down a little while ago the new version of the mummy this
princess all Minette who yet again happens to be the consort of almond rah
so again just as he lab is the goddess of death and destruction
just as Kali is the consort of Shiva again death and destruction so is all
Manette the consort of almond rah again bringing on destruction and death and
the same kind of thing so we are constantly being bombarded with this
mother goddess destroyer kind of character or deity or force that is
going to come upon the earth very very soon we are shown this constantly in so
many different ways I believe even Katy Perry’s video that came out recently for
the Olympics called rise this song rise again we see this female figure rising
up out of the waters could it be that this was yet again you know I think it’s
also representing the the Antichrist the beast that is coming out of the waters
but possibly again a mother goddess destructive force that is coming upon
the earth very very soon the same kind of thing that we are being shown in Thor
Ragnarok with this goddess HeLa the goddess of destruction goddess from the
underworld she is coming to bring such chaos upon the earth and you know this
is nothing new we have seen this many times even if you go back to the movie
ghostbusters who was the chief bad guy in the end it was this a gozer the
gozerian yet again it was a female deity I think the same thing we’re being shown
you’ve got the good old Egyptian pyramid in the background Illuminati pyramid
you’ve got the obelisks and of course again you’ve got this female destroyer
character that comes through the portal that is opened on top of that building
in New York City so yet again this female goddess of destruction that is
constantly being shown here so you know this has been telegraphed to us for
decades and we need to really really start understanding or showing people
what is going on here I do not believe any of this is coincidence I believe
that they are getting more blatantly obvious I mean especially with the
effect that they can do now they are making it
look more and more real and this is definitely coming upon the earth very
very soon and as you keep going we’ll see Gila enters the realm of Asgard in
order to bring on Ragnarok which is basically the Great War of the gods and
we will talk about that in a little bit but can you see what this is depicting
what we are blatantly being shown here but first don’t forget that the the
Illuminati fallen angels symbolism is all over the place we can see the
triangles basically on the back of the of the outfits of the so-called good
gods you know the the Fallen Angels they’ve even got horns on their helmets
so again showing basing that they’re really fallen angels they’re not the
angels of Yahweh at all each of them has such Luciferian symbolism on them so
really we’re just being shown you know the the whole duality of Satan fighting
Satan or as if he’s the hero and the good guy and the bad guy it’s the same
kind of duality but basically he loves coming in here to basically wreak havoc
on the gods and bring about Ragnarok which we will talk about in a bit but
really this is nothing new Under the Sun we are being shown the same thing over
and over again so really what is Ragnarok okay this is actually doomsday
or the final battle of the gods supposedly okay so it’s between Loki and
his children all right Hal or HeLa is one of these people goddess of the dead
versus the gods of Asgard or basically being touted as the good gods the
benevolent gods like Thor and Odin and all those people or sorry not people God
supposedly humans and goodwill fails so this is what Ragnarok is a total
cataclysmic apocalypse I guess you could say in the Norse version of their
endtime eschaton sorry eschatology this is what the Norse believed and they
believe that this Ragnarok or this Norse mythology is saying this Ragnarok is
coming which to me is a perversion of what the Bible talks about that is
coming because of course Lucifer has to have his counterfeits and according to
Wikipedia in Norse mythology Ragnarok is a series of future events including a
great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death
a number of major figures including the gods Odin Thor all these other ones
including Loki the occurrence of various natural disasters and the subsequent
submersion of the world in water afterward the world will resurface a new
and fertile the surviving and returning gods will meet and the world will be
populated by two human survivors Ragnarok is an important event in Norse
mythology and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory
throughout the history of Germanic studies so can you see you know some
similarities to Bible prophecy with the natural disasters and you know even
floods talking about the world submerged in water and then saying and now you’ve
got the whole rebirth you know the whole Luciferian rebirth that they love to
talk about the world will resurface a new and fertile so talking about their
golden age and the surviving returning God so this is the perversion right here
how they want to say that the the the returning gods are the ones that survive
the fallen angels that survive will meet and they will still rule the world and
the world will be repopulated but to human survivors so really just going
back to the Garden Satan wants so bad to go back to that Garden of Eden so that
he can have another shot at basically making this world fall at basically so
that he can reverse the work that Yeshua has done for us but this is a perversion
of the real true biblical prophecy that is going to happen because the fallen
angels are Lucifer they are not going to win they are not going to survive what
is coming and I’ve got some other articles here that you can check out for
yourself one is from ancient origins it also talks about Ragnarok the story of
the apocalypse that is coming again in Norse mythology and Ragnarok is a series
of apocalyptic events that will define the end of the world where Giants of
Frost and Fire will together fight the gods in a final battle that will
ultimately destroy the planet right to save the world submerging it underwater
okay so according to legend the world will resurface let’s same kind of thing
that we just spoke about and so but you know the big difference is that these
gods are going to some you know some of them are going to die like Thor and Odin
and the main ones but you know their offspring is going to live on and
they’re going to keep ruling the world and human being
they’re gonna be left to sew again when you think about that the fact that only
two human beings are going to be left that also talks about depopulation so
really everyone is going to die and of course we know that the elites love to
talk about their depopulation agenda got another article here also about Ragnarok
from Norse mythology for smart people you can check out that article as well
sorry about that there but really it’s all about the doom of the gods a major
Cataclysm that is coming upon this earth that is going to happen up in the
heavens and it is going to be very very cataclysmic but again according to Norse
mythology they like to push the fact that that Satan Lucifer and his fallen
angels are going to win in the end that they are going to survive that his
fallen angel deities are going to still rule this world and there will be humans
of course only two that will be left and they will repopulate the world but if
you know Bible prophecy and if you know that ABBA Yahweh and his word never
fails you know that this is a perversion of the true story of what is going to
happen and so let us look again at some more screenshots here again this battle
that is starting what’s quite interesting as we see Thor being thrown
out of heaven here in this scene so the son of Lucifer being cast down to the
earth along with his father possibly so to me this is totally revelation 12
imagery here the casting out of the dragon and his son is coming very very
soon and so all of this stuff Ragnarok the war of the gods and the fact that
there’s gonna be a lot of deaths and you know these fallen angels or gods are
going to die and all this kind of thing I believe this is what we are being
shown is right from the book of Revelation chapter 12 and where Satan
gets thrown out of heaven because right from verse 7 says there was battle in
heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his
angels fought but they did not prevail nor was there a place found for them in
heaven any longer so the Great Dragon was cast out that serpent of old called
the devil and Satan who deceives the whole world was cast to the earth and
his angels were cast out with them ok so really this is what I believe we are
being shown in these the Illuminati the loose appearance they
are waiting for their gods to come and they are going to get cast out Lucifer
is going to get cast out of heaven very very soon and this is being shown in
this movie he’s going to be cast out for good in every cast to the earth he will
not be able to go back into the heavens any longer and so I you know that I find
it quite fascinating they show this scene in the trailer of Thor
being cast down out of the skies he’s flung to this you know other other realm
here and he hits the ground and so again too could be imagery of the devil and
the Beast coming very soon and this scene I found extremely interesting I
think again totally in line with Revelation 12 and the Battle of the
Angels the angels of abba yahuwah and the fallen angels of lucifer look at
this they’re all being cast out literally you can see this war these
things being fall they’re falling to the ground or they’re falling out of heaven
I mean this is just crazy in-your-face revelation 12 imagery I wouldn’t even
say this is imagery they are clearly depicting what is coming very very soon
and that is again Lucifer Satan the dragon the devil and his fallen angels
are going to be cast out of heaven very soon and I honestly believe that Asgard
this realm that Thor and Odin where they live I believe Asgard represents the
second heaven you know when we look at this realm Asgard it’s very beautiful
it’s got beautiful days and scenery and he even got like this you know the main
Palace of old image basically looks like a pyramid in my opinion I believe we are
being shown that the second heaven in the abode of the dragon the abode of
Lucifer you know I honestly believe I never you know for the longest time you
know we’re taught to believe that Satan Lucifer lives in hell you know under the
earth and this kind of thing but that is just not true the Bible clearly says
that he is the Prince of the power of the air so I believe that this realm
Asgard no we can’t see show or being shown in the movies that you know the
camera rises above the earth and then all of a sudden they’re in Asgard so
basically Asgard is right above us I believe it’s
the same thing that we’ve shown many many times if you believe in the true
cosmology of our world we are enclosed under a dome a firmament that Abba yah
way has set up and above the first seven which is in our realm the second heaven
I believe is where Asgard is or the realm of Lucifer his kingdom and of
course his kingdom I believe is also beautiful because how would he be able
to deceive a third of the angels to join him if he didn’t have something that was
beautiful so I believe that Asgard is a total
depiction of Lucifer’s kingdom even as Yeshua said when his disciples asked him
in Matthew 24 what will be the signs of the end and he
said that nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and I
believe that is Lucifer’s kingdom rising up against Yahweh’s Kingdom and of
course the second heaven is the domain of the devil he’s the Prince of the
power of the air and his kingdom is truly rising up in these days he
believes he is going to win so again I believe the second heaven the waters
above that is exactly the domain or the kingdom of a Lucifer that is where he
resides he is a very very beautiful creature and people like to depict him
with horns and and red skin and a pitchfork but really I believe Lucifer
is a very beautiful being of course he’s gonna be shown for who he truly is he’s
also the dragon of course and a shape-shifter dese’s all the other
fallen angels are but of course his kingdom is going to fall his kingdom and
the second heaven is definitely going to fall very very soon and I just found it
incredibly fascinating that they showed this particular scene in the trailer
which of course we will see in the movie itself the Fallen Angels being cast out
of their heavenly kingdom up there in the second heaven and really you know
this is nothing new this is right from Revelation 12 that the rubble ain’t the
rebel angels are going to be hurled from heaven that the Great Dragon was cast
out that serpent of old the devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he
was cast to the earth so that is really exactly what we’re being shown here not
to remember Satan is not only the Prince of Devil’s according to Matthew he’s not
only the Prince of this world in John but he is the Prince of the power of the
air so you know we forget Loki we see the scene here
he’s also the son of a frost giant he’s also father to HeLa so he’s a major
trickster as well he can sometimes seem good but he’s basically out for himself
he’s also in my opinion depicted as the Beast coming out of the pit with the two
horns we always see him dressed in green you know it made your serpent imagery
behind him we always see him with these two horns this helmet that he wears and
we know that Loki wants to destroy Asgard he wants to literally destroy
everything and rule because that’s what he wants he wants to rule he wants to
reign so I believe again Loki is yet another depiction of the beast with two
horns that comes out of the pit and of course the reference to green certain
all same kind of thing that we’re constantly being shown and you know as
we keep going we see the announcer say it’s the main event time so you know a
store going to fight for us now of course you’ve got a different hairstyle
here but you know we can’t have a movie without the good old one I symbolism
we’ve got Thor now got Lee these two stripes over his one eye now of course
good old Thor matches his father Odin now with the old one I you know like
father like son right so God of the sky is you know Lucifer and the god of
thunder the Beast coming down to earth and so you know he got the same kind of
imagery yet again I found this quite fascinating as he’s waiting for his
challenger that major major red and blue symbolism here I believe we’re being
shown the two colours of the two pillars of Freemasonry the mixing of the red and
blue to symbolize the opening of the third eye alright that’s what I believe
is being shown here and then later on we see this basically this Grandmaster
played by Jeff Goldblum and Loki overseeing the fight between Thor and
Hawkeye it’s like they’re sitting in the special marks I get a stadium but can
you notice anything in the background you notice something quite interesting
what I what caught my eye right away was basically this unfinished pyramid or
this unfinished pyramidal hallway that is right behind them again in our faces
showing the Illuminati pyramid of course what’s going to go on top it eventually
will be in the capstone Antichrist the Beast Tama is Nimrod whatever you want
to call him he is coming very very soon so in our face of symbology and of
course the trailer ends with in my opinion major duality here Thor is
fighting Hulk and in my opinion you know the Thor is is a fallen angel
and Hulk is a modified hybrid human so Thor the God of Thunder fights a
Nephilim creature here and you know this is showing the duality the devil
fighting against his own kind you know the devil loves to show himself to be
the good guy and the bad guy yet again the same duality that we are constantly
being shown here so really nothing new Under the Sun this is what is being
shown to us consi and I believe Daniel 8 speaks about this which is confirmed by
Isaiah and the book of Revelation so when we look at Daniel chapter 8 it
talks about this goat that comes on the scene and it says out of one of them
came a little horn which grew exceedingly great I believe this little
horn is the Beast the false messiah he grew exceedingly great toward the south
the east and toward the glorious land and they grew up to the hosts of heaven
so when you think about it we know that the hosts of heaven are the stars up in
the firmament you know be we are being told that stars are billions or
trillions of light years away which is just not true I believe they’re possibly
only a lot maybe a thousand or a few thousand kilometers or miles up in the
air at the top of the firm and so it says that this little horn grew up to
the hosts of heaven basically a giant and cast some of the hosts and some of
the stars to the ground and trampled them
he even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host and by him the daily
sacrifices were taken away in the place of his sanctuary was cast down all right
so really I believe when it says that some of the holes were cast down that
this is again Lucifer and the Beast that they this war in heaven that is coming
that they get cast down some of them get trampled so this is again showing the
war of Michael and his angels and the fallen angels and they get cast to the
ground and you know this guy comes the Beast the devil the dragon and the false
messiah they come in in great rage and it says that even because of
transgression army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices and
he cast truth down to the ground he did all this and
so this false messiah is coming there will be no truth on his lips that he is
going to take away any kind of even any other religion because he wants to be
worshipped so daniel a clearly shows the same thing that is being shown in
revelation 12 I believe Revelation 12 is a confirmation of Daniel 8 and the beast
and the dragon being cast down to the earth along with their fallen angels the
Book of Isaiah in chapter 13 which we have mentioned many many times speaks of
the Giants that are coming to fulfill the wrath of ABBA
Yahweh because the sin of this world is piling up and he is going to allow this
these fallen angels and their Nephilim offspring to come back onto the world
scene yet again to fulfill the time of judgment the time of wrath that is going
to come upon the entire world so really I believe this movie is depicting Daniel
8 Isaiah 13 and revelation 12 all in this movie we are being shown this so
don’t fall for this nonsense so you know good old Thor and Odin they are to me in
my opinion a depiction of Lucifer himself and his false messiah that is
coming very very soon they are going to be cast to the earth Thor and Odin
Lucifer and the Beast whatever you want to call it it’s one of the same thing
they’re going to be cast to the earth there’s going to be a major Cataclysm
this war of the Gods which I believe is what is being shown in Revelation 12 and
Daniel 8 that Michael and his Archangels are going to go to war big time with
Lucifer the dragon and his fallen angels and they are going to be cast down to
the earth very very soon and that is exactly what I believe this movie is
talking about that Ragnarok in the true biblical version of that is that Satan
loses that the dragon loses okay because at the end of course not only are they
going to get cast down not only is Satan the dragon and his fallen angels going
to lose to Michael and his his band of angels the good angels but in the end
when Yeshua HaMashiach comes in power and glory he is going to slay these
false gods he is to slay the dragon the big wall the
dragon and and the beast and the false prophet they’re gonna be thrown into the
lake of fire but the rest of this army the army of the Beast the army of the
dragon that’s going to cover the entire earth at this Battle of Armageddon or at
least gonna cover this particular part of the earth and the Battle of
Armageddon they are going to be slain by Yeshua HaMashiach assault by the sword
that comes out of his mouth that is the true Ragnarok
that is the true death of these false gods these fallen angels they’re
Nephilim whatever you want to call them they are all going to be slain by Yeshua
HaMashiach he is coming the true Messiah the true
king of this world is coming very very soon and so do not be deceived by these
movies they love to depict all this kind of stuff in fact right after this right
after I’m done here I’m going to play you a clip of what Norse with the top 10
facts of Ragnarok and what the Norse mythology and even lines up with all the
pagan religions and what they believe is coming but I will show you some 10 facts
about Ragnarok and what they believe but it is really a counterfeit of the real
thing that Yeshua is going to come and defeat and slay all of these false gods
all of these fallen angels and and everything that the devil has worked so
hard for they are going to be brought down by Yeshua HaMashiach once and for
all and he is going to reign in power and great glory when he comes with his
army that will defeat this false this this Luciferian this final army this
last Armageddon battle this is going to be won by issue a so take heart because
Yeshua has overcome the world again nobody has to believe anything that I am
saying I expect you to do your own research I thank you very much for
checking out this video but as always please be aware of what is being shown
to us in plain sight o Yahweh bless you you if I were the devil if I were the devil if I were the Prince of Darkness I’d
want to engulf the whole world in darkness and I’d have 1/3 of its real
estate and four-fifths of its population but I wouldn’t be happy until I have
seized the ripe apple on the tree thee so I’ve said about however necessary to
take over the United States I’d subvert the churches first I’d begin
with a campaign of whispers with the wisdom of a serpent I would whisper to
you as I whispered to Eve there was you please to the young I would whisper that
the Bible is a myth I would convince them that man created God instead of the
other way around I would confide that what’s bad is good
and what’s good is square and the old I would teach to pray after me our Father
which aren’t in Washington and then I get organized I’d educate authors and
automated or and literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and
uninteresting I threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice-versa I peddle narcotics
to whom I could I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction I
tranquilize the rest with pill if I were the devil I’d soon have
themselves churches at war with themselves and nations at war with them was consumed and with promises of higher
ratings I’d have mesmerizing media if I were the devil I would encourage
schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions just like
those run wild until before you knew it you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs
and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door I’d have prisons overflowing I’d have
judges promoting pornography courthouse then from the schoolhouse and
then from the houses of Congress and in his own churches I would substitute
or religion and dfi science I would nor priests and pastors into misusing boys
and girls and Church money if I were the devil I’d make the symbol of Easter and
egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle if I
take from those who have and give to those who want it until I had killed the
incentive of the ambitious I couldn’t get all states to promote
gambling a way to get rich
I would caution against extremes at work in patriotism and
I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned that swinging is more
fun that what you see on TV is the way to be
and thus I could undress you in public and I could nor you into bed with
diseases for which there is no cure in other words if I were the devil I
just keep right on doing what he’s doing you

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