Thora Sa Haq Episode 11 | 1st January 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Zamin Waqar, son of Waqar Ahmed… your nikkah (paper marriage) is confirmed with Seher Ahmed, daughter of Aijaz Ahmed..with dower of Rs. 25000 as per trend, do you accept this nikkah (paper marriage)? say it child…. do you accept this nikkah (paper marriage)? Zamin, what happened? nothing! I want to talk to Hareem…. what do you want to talk about? is this the time to talk?
have you gone crazy? sit quietly… I have said, I wanted to talk to Hareem I want to tell her something what do you want to talk about?
tell me, I’m her father Sorry, uncle I only want to talk to Hareem only I’m waiting for you your son is insulting my daughter in front of everyone I won’t ever forgive you, Munazzah Zamin what’s the matter? don’t you love me? this is not the matter, Hareem then?
you don’t want to marry me? No, it’s nothing like that then why are you making spectacle of me & my parents in front of everyone? I’ve already said “yes” for you and you why have you come here, leaving the wedding ceremony in the middle? Hareem, I can lie to the whole world but not from you Hareem you were, and you are my better half what do you mean, better half? yes…. better half cannot be only husband & wife,
they can be friends as well they can be, right? Hareem, we both are childhood friends we know each other from childhood you are understanding my point, right? Zamin what are you talking about?
listen to what I’m saying Hareem, even after knowing each other from childhood I’m sorry, I’ve tell one lie to you look… before that, we get married before that, everything gets upside down,
please forgive me, before it’s too late I don’t know, what you are about to say whatever it is, I don’t want to listen Hareem, please don’t say this… I can’t tell a lie to you I don’t want to listen to any of your truth I’m getting scared Zamin you are scaring me instead of telling me the actual matter, you are apologizing to me again & again that… that truth which you are unable to say yourself how will I listen to it? Hareem please please try to understand… what have you done? why are you apologizing to me again & again, tell me answer me, Zamin what have you done? say it, man Seher is my wife! we are already married we got our nikkah (paper married) done 3 months ago, dad made us do that I didn’t wanted to but now, Seher is my wife Rania… is everything alright? Zamin, went in-between the wedding, is everything OK? Sofia, you already know nowadays, children are like this… it’s just they get worried about small matters and it is an ordinary thing, to get worried from a responsibility like marriage you just wait & see they will come here in a while whatever is happening here, all is because of you aunty… stop your rubbish and remember one thing very clearly if Zamin ruined this marriage because of you I also, won’t let you live easily I’m very guilty, Hareem but I couldn’t say more lies to you that’s why I told you everything truly so what shall I do? shall I thank you, being in the joy? say it in a low voice, everyone will listen let them listen exact on my wedding day, you put my dreams on fire Hareem Zamin, you were my pride you snatched my pride from me I know everything, Hareem I know everything maybe, I’m criminal of everyone by I’m your malefactor you didn’t do good with me, Zamin you have done so wrong to me I’m feeling so guilty I know how much you love me, Hareem and may be it was your love, by which I was so scared that I wasn’t able to tell you anything ever strangle my neck with your own hands kill me Hareem relax kill me & my love, kill both of it Hareem what is this craziness?
what are you doing? what shall I do then? Zamin, tell me… where shall I go? what shall I do? you told your wonderful truth, at which stage? on the verge of insult of me & my parents… the decision is in your hands now, Hareem if you want, you can refuse from this marriage, Hareem Sshh… quiet don’t you say anything whatever you had to say, you are done now, listen to me your this cowardliness and your so called, wonderful truth if it wants to signify itself after ruining me & my parent’s respect so, I won’t let this happen I won’t let you make mine or my parent’s spectacle, Zamin then tell me, what shall I do? I can’t give you more pain whatever you’ll say, and however… it will be done tell me, what shall I do? get married to me right now Zamin Waqar, son of Waqar Ahmed… your nikkah (paper marriage) with Hareem Iftikhar, daughter of Iftikhar Ahmed is confirmed with the dower of 1 crore rupees,
as per the trend do you accept this nikkah (paper marriage)? I accept… do you accept this nikkah (paper marriage)? I accept… do you accept this nikkah (paper marriage)? I accept… leave it… what is it Hareem, what’s there to get angry on? I don’t want to talk to anyone about anything you all go from here thank you so much, children you all go & leave my daughter alone Hareem, are you fine? whether I’m fine or not, what difference does it make, mamma? Hareem, what has happened?
what Zamin has said to you? Munazzah! you tell me you must be knowing it what’s the matter, that your son has started annoying my daughter on the first day? sister in law, I don’t know anything really! really, you don’t know anything? I’m telling the truth really, I don’t know nothing now, both of your are testing my patience tell me, what has happened, why is she worried? what Zamin has said to her? Hareem… aunty, Iftikhar uncle is calling you alright OK, tell him… I’m coming in ten minutes alright Hareem my life… you don’t need to be worried at all furthermore, you haven’t gone to your in laws house or any other house after marriage this is your own house everything in this house, belongs to you,
every single thing also, I & your dad are always present here with you and if you if you are disturbed from any act of Zamin,
then don’t worry we’ll ask from him in fact, we’ll talk to him in the strict manner if needed, we’ll make him hold his ears too he doesn’t have any right to annoy our daughter like this Hareem, stop crying like this, my child else, I will also keep worrying alright, get relax now I’ll just come back in a while, after listening to your dad mamma, please leave me alone for sometime I don’t want to talk to anyone about anything I don’t know, what you’ve said to her but she isn’t telling anything to anyone mom, please let some matters stay in between me & her, please I will leave them… but brother Iftikhar & sister in law will not leave this they’ll ask question, by the morning I’ve sent them to their room, after so much difficulty but don’t think, that the difficult time is over both of them will be there in the morning, along with their thousands of questions mom, stop scaring me from uncle & aunty, please..
I’m fed up of this I don’t want to be scare anymore a weak person always stays scared
from the strong person this is the trend of the world, and norms of the society but mom, you… what do you think? this promotion of yours which is done in the office 2 days ago, on whom’s recommendation it is done? I asked brother Iftikhar, so that you can keep his daughter happy and you made her cry on the first night of the marriage… this habit of yours of dictating, I’m fed up of this please, stop this dictation… mom by this, a person’s ability to take decision & to take any initiative, both of them get rusted I’m not giving you dictation,
I’m just talking about your benefit I don’t anything good for myself, please I don’t get this, why do you stay afraid from uncle & aunty so much? because of this habit of yours,
I’m getting effected indirectly that’s why please, stop worrying about me and don’t talk in between my matters,
I’ll be thankful to you you were right you are criminal of everyone, but you are my malefactor I always trusted you and where you killed me,
exactly on the day of my marriage wow… what friendship you have kept what a great reward you’ve given to me of my love Hareem, try to understand you know, this bridal dress was making me feel uncomfortable I was hating it I felt, as if I have worn a dress made up of fire why you did this to me, Zamin? why you gave me such a big deception? Hareem, I I had told you everything and now I can only say to you, that if you can please, forgive me I’m sorry who can forgive the killer of trust? at least I cannot yes, I’ll make everything alright,
at least give me one chance try to trust me for once No… this is impossible I can’t do this foolishness once again even if you die now, then even I won’t ever trust you then, why you got married to me? if I wouldn’t have got married,
then what would I have done? I had told you everything clearly & truly before the marriage, you could have refused then you has the option refuse? option! when? when I had already said “YES” in front of hundred of people, then! or else, at that time when my parents were standing in front of so many people… in order to wed me off at that time I would have refused?
at that time! what have you thought now? tell me, what needs to be done now? I feel like, I should put myself & you on fire and both of us die, after being burnt stop it, Hareem…
stop it! why are you talking about such foolish things? because, even after my all wise acts,
you have betrayed me my trust, my ego … my love in fact my parent’s respect…
you have ruined all after stepping on it I don’t want to be wise neither I want to talk about anything wise alright listen alright, look at me Hareem, listen to me I know you aren’t foolish and your anger is absolutely justified but whatever has happened, accept it please because, we haven’t got any option left please try to understand what does it mean, accept it? means that, I’ve told you everything what have you told me? this… that Seher Seher is my wife try to accept this reality yes, but you don’t love her that marriage, you did for the sake of your father & your about to die uncle, right? yes, yes, yes… yes this was the matter then take her out of your life, Zamin give her divorce or whatever,
but I can’t share you with her… I shall divorce Seher! this cannot happen what does it mean, it can not happen? why it cannot happen? when you don’t love her…
and this marriage is only done in compulsion only then what’s the need to keep her hanging in your neck? because, she is my responsibility do you understand! now listen to me very carefully I won’t divorce Seher, you hear that? then what are you doing in my room? why you got married to me? get out of my room what is this craziness? go & die with your that responsibility…
Go! wait! what are you doing?
OUT! I said… get out get out of my room what am I?
why am I here? Zamin becomes of somebody else in front of me and I couldn’t do anything what is my status in his life? two words of nikkah (paper marriage) if they are a power to Hareem then why these two words have become my weakness? if Hareem is his bride then who am I? why am I here? *door knocks* you? *door knocks* *door knocks* yeah… I knew if I’ll knock this door, then this door will get opened why have you come here? even tonight, he left you alone? you are alone, Hareem but, he is not he is with Seher, downstairs in her room what are you doing here? leave it… you are looking pretty you… why you came here, at this time? she doesn’t want to see my face even I know all this happened, because of me, right? don’t know may be you are here to punish me for this matter, right? what punish I’ll give to anybody I’m already fulfilling the punishment of a crime,
that I haven’t done, Seher why you told all this to Hareem? so what would I have done, then? I should have tell her lie for the whole life, then? at least, we could have saved her today from this pain she must be in so much pain I’m also in pain, Seher and you, also aren’t you? yes… but tonight, we could have saved Hareem from this pain tonight! why? the truth had got changed by morning? it wouldn’t have changed but I would have left this house where you would have gone? why you would have gone? Zamin, the burden on your shoulders has increased more then your power I know you & Hareem, loves each other so much time has made me come in between, the two of you but I want to get aside, from the middle of you both that’s why I want to go from here you are also not tolerating my presence you are also, talking about leaving me, Seher am I that bad, that none of you want to live with me? No, Zamin you are very nice please don’t blame yourself it’s all my fault I came in between the two of you you and Hareem are made for each other, Zamin all is my fault that’s why, I should go from here you are my wife… you are my responsibility wherever I’ll live, you’ll also live there Zamin! Hareem… Hareem…
control your self Hareem! will someone tell me, what’s all going on? yesterday my daughter got married,
and today she has become ill nothing much sister in law,
she is just suffering from a simple fever that’s what I’m asking form you, how did she got the fever within the night only? you tell me, Zamin…
what have you said to my daughter? mamma… Hareem Hareem, my life… my daughter… be careful tell me… tell me, what has happened to you? what Zamin has said to you? mamma… mamma…. Hareem, I’m here with you,
tell me what has happened to you, my child mamma… please take me away from here I don’t want to live with this man I don’t want to live in his room why you don’t want to live here? where shall I take you?
you tell me, what Zamin has said to you? tell me mamma, I’m just asking you to take me from here,
so please… it was raining along with the thunderstorm, last night I’ve heard, the water flooded the rooms as well some people died by drowning in it I don’t want to listen to any of your rubbish why? why you don’t want to listen? haven’t you seen Hareem?
that innocent girl has died and along with her, her love has also died why are you telling me this? wow! Seher, wow!… together, you & Zamin has killed that innocent girl also killed her love, and you are asking me why I’m telling you all this? you don’t know nothing you don’t know anything at all I know everything, Ms. Seher I know all but don’t be afraid I haven’t told anything to anyone although, I got to know that you are such a loose character girl furthermore, last night Zamin was with you in your room how stupid I was that I was offering you a respectable relation I wanted to get married to you
and you were rejecting me you should have told me before, that you aren’t interested in marriage, but in the relation that is without marriage control your tongue, while talking I told you, you don’t know anything you don’t know nothing her fever is not decreasing at all I think, you should call the doctor again doctor had already came to see her he has also given her an injection let’s wait for 2 to 3 hours, if still she doesn’t gain her conscious then we have to take her to the hospital Hareem…
Hareem… open your eyes, child…
daughter, open your eyes you made me quiet in the night as well I had asked you to go & ask Zamin,
that why is he torturing our daughter? it was the wedding occasion, what I would have asked him in front of everyone at that time? really!..
then see the result of your laziness how our daughter came in our hands,
within the night only and those mother & son, they were standing so quietly as if they don’t know anything at all I’m tell you Iftikhar, there is something that Zamin & Munazzah are hiding from us go & talk to them,
else I’ll ask from them in my way you aren’t going anywhere I will go myself, to talk mamma… Hareem…. Hareem, my life… open your eyes & tell me…
what’s the matter Hareem, my life.. tell me, what’s the matter? you were so happy with this marriage,
then what just happened? my life, tell me…
your mother can’t see this condition of yours tell me, what has happened? mamma… so now, I’ll ask you a question then you’ll give me the answer, that what is this all going on? after putting fire in our house,
you want to run away from here don’t go anywhere you’ll also die after being burnt in this fire,
that you have put mamma… Zamin betrayed me he is already married Seher…
Seher, is his wife at the time of Aijaz uncle’s death I & Seher got married dad & uncle Aijaz uncle was present there,
when I & she got married this matter, I told to Hareem yesterday, before marriage dad also… that’s it!


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