Thora Sa Haq Episode 12 | 8th January 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Zamin betrayed me he is already married Seher…
Seher, is his wife at the time of Aijaz uncle’s death I & Seher got married dad & uncle Aijaz uncle was present there,
when we got married this matter, I told to Hareem yesterday, before marriage dad also… enough! even a snake in the sleeve,
hisses & tells that it’s a snake but you, mother & son didn’t let us know the reality for years, I had kept you in my house you people keep on cutting my roots,
while staying in my own house? for God’s sake sister in law… don’t say this I’m telling the truth, I didn’t even know this matter I got to know this last week last week?
Last week, Munazzah! even after knowing all this, you got my daughter married to your fraud son what do you think about my daughter? is she like you, from some not so respected family? there isn’t anyone from her family, her guardian? No, sister in law I love Hareem, more than Zamin leave it, Munazzah however, your mouth doesn’t gets tired by saying sister in law at all times but after knowing such a big matter,
you pretended as if nothing has happened I know everything as per proper planning, both of you have betrayed me not both of you, but the three of you Waqar was also involved in this, all of you are swindlers sister in law…
sister in law for God’s sake, forgive me..
listen to me I don’t want to listen to anything, Munazzah you have done fraud with me,
as well as with my daughter I’ll handover Zamin to police… I’ll send him to jail in the case of fraud & betrayal for God’s sake, sister in law…
don’t say this all this happened, because of Seher trust me… everything is done by her what do you think?
I’ll spare her? every single person has to answer…
I won’t spare anyone you people have taken undue advantage of my leniency… now I’ll tell you, who am I & what I can do *phone ringing* how is my daughter feeling now? I’m fine, dad can I order something for my daughter? what my daughter wants to have? No, dad.. nothing child… if he had told you this, before marriage then why didn’t you tell us? why you got married to him? why didn’t you refuse? because I love him, dad I really love him so much *phone ringing* Hello! aunty… Seher speaking… Seher, how are you child? how is Zamin? aunty, Zamin’s family members has got to know everything about me & Zamin really… it’s good congratulations to you but Zamin’s family members aren’t ready to accept me who are they to accept you or not? the nikkah (paper marriage) of both of you was done, in the presence of the father’s of both of you aunty, can I come to you for some days? to me?
but for what, my child? till the time, the circumstances here, doesn’t gets normal… I don’t want to stay here but my child, it’s not wise to come, leaving behind your house & your husband just now, Zamin’s family members has got to know that you are his wife and you are talking about coming from there,
all of a sudden leaving your house & coming here, is such a foolish act my suggestion to you is this, right now….
don’t move from there you are getting, what I’m saying Seher? I’ll talk to you later, aunty you keep on betraying me, while staying in my house? I didn’t want to betray you… it was my compulsion what do you think? your stories of compulsion are more important for me, than my daughter? keep a hand on your heart,
& reply to my one question sincerely whatever Hareem did to you and whatever she did for you… after that, you should have done this to Hareem? you, please… don’t beat about the bush, answer to my question truly you should have done this to Hareem or not? No… it means, you are accepting this yourself that you did wrong to Hareem she was thinking you a friend,
and you keep on betraying her yes or no? yes… means, this is proved that you are also bad like your parents, non reputed … furthermore, you are four times more than them whatever you want to say, say it to me don’t drag my deceased parents in between,
please No… this betrayal, fraud
& bad actions is the part of your blood your mother had also trapped Aiaz in the same manner, the way you have trapped Zamin she also occupied Aijaz, in the same manner …
the way you are doing now on Zamin and my sister my sister was being restless in the same manner,
on the bed the same manner, as now my daughter is that time, your witch mother won and my sister lost her battle of life but this time… this time, I won’t let you win and won’t let my daughter die, because of you even if you struggle so much the history cannot repeat itself, this time I won’t let this happen not at any cost… alright Hareem… if you cannot accept Seher, & aren’t ready to live with her so, let me leave you Zamin… I divorce you… Zamin… today on wards, there isn’t any relationship of you
& mine, Hareem Ahmed I divorce you… I divorce you don’t give divorce to me, Zamin….
please don’t Hareem, gain your conscious,… Hareem Mamma… gain your conscious, my child let me give you water drink water…
drink the water, my love mamma… where am I, mamma? Hareem you… you are inside your house, my child which house, mamma? Hareem, your house… my child your house OK.. alright…
mamma have I got married? yes, my child you’ve got married then why am I here, mama?
why I’m not in my room, mamma? Hareem.. Hareem this is your room… my child you aren’t recognizing your own room? this is your room look… look carefully this is your room, my child yes, yes.. this is my room… but mamma I’ve got married now,
so I should be in Zamin’s room now why am I here? Hareem, you aren’t well my child, don’t think about anything you just sleep, come on… lye down.. sleep well my child… close our eyes close your eyes, my child from today on wards, there isn’t any relationship of
yours & mine, Hareem Ahmed I divorce you No, No… no… Mamma Zamin… Zamin has betrayed me he doesn’t loves me mamma… wow! man you astonished all of us me, aunty, uncle.. Hareem we all are shocked how can a person, betray you …
being in front of your eyes I don’t want to talk about this matter, Rafay…
please why? am I not related to Hareem? she is my cousin this is mine & Hareem’s personal matter, Rafay it’s better, if you don’t interfere in this you can’t be anybody’s friend, Zamin neither mine, nor of Hareem or anybody else when I was being serious for Seher even that time you didn’t tell me all this I was crying, dieing & being restless for her…
and you? you keep on lying to me alright now you’ve got to know, that she is my wife now, stay away from her aunty, I am unable to see this condition of Hareem I know… just pray, that she gets well soon till the time Seher is here, she won’t get well what does it mean? Seher has proved herself as a big distress
& betrayal in Hareem’s life together Zamin & Seher has done
such a big injustice to her and both of them shall be punished for their action I won’t ever forgive both of them neither any one of them it’s just… it’s just that, Hareem’s condition gets a bit stable then you just see, what I am going to do to them then, first of all… Seher shall be punished because she is my criminal aswell, along with yours what are you trying to say? Rafay! please don’t say any such thing, for which I feel ashamed while calling you my friend Hareem.. you mamma, I’m fine Zamin & Seher has done so bad to you and I’m very angry on this I’ll take revenge on your behalf thanks for your anger & worries… Rafay but this is my personal matter so please, stay out of it I’m Hareem Hareem Ahmed daughter of Iftikhar Ahmed & Rabia Ahmed I’m not weak neither ill I can take care of my enemies,myself you? I can’t talk a lot neither I want to do Hareem you aren’t well, please sit are you worried about my condition? are you concerned about me? I know you are upset with me but just listen to me for once the number of lies, told to me the number of betrayals given to me…
now all stand exposed and you know, on what I got upset the most? on my stupidity… I was so wrong I use to consider you my sister my friend.. I use to fight with my parents,
in order to save you from problems and what you did to me in return? I know, I did wrong but trust me, I never want to lie to you stop!
don’t come near to me you didn’t want to get married to Zamin, but you did you didn’t wanted to tell lie to me,
but you keep on saying it but I’m not a Hippocratic & diplomatic, like you are that’s why, I will say only once and you have to listen & understand me, in one time Zamin is my husband now furthermore, he isn’t only my husband but my childhood’s love as well I can’t share him with anyone not with anyone… therefore, you may get lost from here let me say for once, in my defense wherever you’ll go divorce papers will reach there and yes thank you for giving me the biggest lesson of my life from today on wards, I won’t do sympathy to anyone won’t be favoring anyone and trust… impossible! what is my name? what! name… don’t you even remember that? what happened Hareem,what are you talking? thanks God at least, you remember my name do you love me? this! wait don’t answer.. because if you said “yes” I won’t be able to trust sorry, I did mistake next time, I won’t ask this sort of question to you you were the most trustful person
for me in the world, Zamin and now you you have become the most distrustful person for me I’m sorry I know, I’m your malefactor I know, I didn’t do right to you, Hareem but don’t punish yourself like this whatever pain & punish you want to give, give me OK? No, Zamin I don’t want to give you any punishment just just give me an answer to one question who are we? why are you looking at me, in amazement? I’m asking you, what is our relationship Zamin? Hareem, we are friends you are my best friend mine & yours… that matter is very old, Zamin I’m asking about the new relationship of mine & yours the one with whom you did nikkah (paper marriage) secretly you don’t feel ashamed,
while pronouncing her your wife? but the one, who became your wife in front of all calling her your wife, to that person…
is so difficult for you Zamin Hareem, this is not the matter Zamin, the matter is this I was crazy.. I was mad that I stayed your friend, uselessly but from today on wards, our friendship is over, Zamin and it is not me, who ended this friendship you have ended it I’m just doing an announcement only from today on wards, friendship ends and marriage begins what happened? what are you talking about? I could have may be shared you
with anyone else as a friend but as a husband… No.. never… Seher has to go from this house, Zamin and you have to divorce her pretending to be upset,
what you’ve come for now, after betrayal? don’t say this, sister in law I’ve spent so many years with you such lack of trust I’ve become so disdained in your eyes? yes, you have become Rabia, let me talk No… nobody will talk to these fraud & ungrateful people this mother & son, together has destroyed
our daughter’s life why don’t you call the police?
call the police, and handover Zamin to them what will happen, by calling the police? the matter which is tangled now,
try to solve it this matter cannot get solved at any cost now brother Iftikhar, Zamin will divorce Seher furthermore, this marriage wasn’t a marriage Waqar did sympathy to the dieing person neither I have any sympathy for that girl, nor Zamin has therefore, I’ll make him give the divorce you are telling a lie I don’t trust any of your word now..
impossible! both of you have gone crazy… one is getting the divorce done & the other is calling the police… is this your intelligence? you people will sort the issues like this? this is limit… I want to talk to you uncle I know uncle that you love Hareem so much and you won’t ever forgive the person, who has hurt her also, I haven’t come to you to apologize you don’t want to apologize… then what do you want to say? I’ve come to tell you uncle, that whatever happened.. there wasn’t any fault of mine or Seher in this if you would have been there, and you had any son, then you would have done the same what my father did absolutely not! never I wouldn’t have destroyed the house of one daughter to make the house (family) of another daughter you did wrong… your dad, Waqar also did wrong and do you even realize that because of your this act,
my daughter is in so much pain I’m also in pain, uncle…
Seher is also in pain and may be, my father also left this world
due to this pain but I want to swear upon my dad,
that he was about to tell you the truth, but… but what? because, nobody in this house can speak the truth whoever speaks the truth, that person is understood as a sinner & a criminal always else, I & Seher would have told you all the truth earlier now, you’ll shift the burden of your mistake at our heads? uncle, I just want to tell you that.. I had told everything to Hareem before the marriage I didn’t do any fraud to her… do you call this informing?
at the exact time of the nikkah (paper marriage) you did the mistake… your father did the mistake and my daughter is bearing the punishment your mother wants Seher to get divorced divorce! how can this happen? uncle this shouldn’t happen you are giving me an order? I’m just repeating what you’ve just said just now you have said, you can’t destroy one daughter’s house in order to make the house of another daughter Seher is the daughter of your real brother,
your deceased brother’s daughter uncle, there isn’t anyone of her’s except
for us, in this world… I can’t do such a big oppression on her but, till the time.. she is in this house she stays or not in this house… she’ll always stay in my life if she didn’t stayed in my life, then uncle, how will I face dad & uncle Aijaz after my death? even you won’t be able to face them tell me… will you be able to face them? your widow mother, is being
insulted day & night by sister in law just stop it! how much more you’ll get me insulted?
go to your room go to your room… I’m asking you to go to your room you won’t appease like this…
come! my head is bursting from pain…
they have done such a big fraud to us everyone has become undependable…. everyone I’m worried a lot about Hareem I’m worried about my daughter a lot aunty, I had a doubt on Zamin from the first day what! you knew it… and you didn’t tell me? aunty, how would I had told you? these aren’t the matters to be discussed to you by me I feel like killing Zamin from my own hands because of him, my daughter’s life has got ruined you are right…
absolutely correct he should be punished & that punishment shall be given, which he shall remember lifetime in fact, Seher & Zamin… both shall get the punishment don’t know in what matters Iftikhar has been into he thinks… our reputation will get on stake by this neither he has taken any decision about Seher, till now sorry to say this aunty, but I think uncle is not much serious about giving the justice to Hareem & punishment to Zamin why do you think like this? because, if he had to do something…
he would have done that earlier at least he would have fired Zamin from his office or have asked Seher to leave the house but nothing happened as such anyways, leave it complete what you were saying… aunty I think, there are some sympathies of uncle with Seher in fact, there must be,
because she is his brother’s daughter and furthermore, she doesn’t have any guardian,
she’s also an orphan that’s why I don’t think so,
that uncle will take any harsh decision for her and you just see, Seher & Zamin will take the advantage of this weakness of uncle and you’ll bear the loss, along with our innocent Hareem uncle I’ll go from here, as soon as the sun rise I thought, if I tell this to anyone or not…
but it is important to tell you not at all wherever you want to go… you can go I know, I’ve hurt Hareem a lot that’s why, you are upset with me but trust me uncle, I had never wanted this so, why you & Zamin till today,
hide this matter from all of us? it was uncle Waqar’s wish, he wanted to tell about this matter to everyone by himself and now, we all are bearing the after effects of this matter, done by Waqar uncle please… however, you forgive me or not but forgive my father & Waqar uncle the more they use to be scared from you,
far more than that they use to love you please, forgive them wait!..
I want to talk to you hmm … I’ve heard the whole story of yours & Zamin there isn’t any possibility of improvement in anyone’s life, without taking any strict decision that’s why I want, that now…
there shall be divorce between you & Zamin after that, I’ll get you married I take the responsibility I’ll get you a more nicer guy than Zamin,
along with more respectable family sorry for interrupting you, uncle don’t do this this marriage is a horrible dream for me after getting out of one problem,
I won’t ever go into the other one I know you want to see Hareem happy, right?
I also want this that’s why I’ve decided to go away from here, for forever but he… I promise you uncle..
I won’t ask Zamin for any of my right from today on wards, I won’t be his responisblity also I’m leaving… and won’t ever come back so what have you decided? to handover Zamin to police or get Seher divorced? are you listening to what I’m saying?….
why aren’t you answering? what are you doing? nothing much, just shifting my clothes to Zamin’s room but why? what you mean, why?
I’ve got married now, Zamin’s room is my room will you forgive that fraud person so easily? when did I said this? why are you going to his room? because he is my husband… his room, his soul… his everything is mine… only mine alright, but…
you are hurting yourself, for him this is not right for you, my child so, what do you want? whatever is happening with me, I shall bear it quietly? No, never… I’ve waited for him for years, not for this…. that after marriage I keep on staying in my room
& die by suffocation but, till the time I & your papa doesn’t talks to Zamin & remover Seher from his life completely… till that time then do, whatever you people want to do get her divorced…
when did I stop you? but whatever I want to do… let me do *phone ringing* Hello! what are you doing, Seher? packing to leave you won’t go anywhere, did you hear me? I had told you, I’m leaving you won’t stop me Seher, all this is not right then you tell, what’s right? neither mine staying here,
nor your stopping me to stay here nothing is right, Zamin but Seher


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