Thora Sa Haq Episode 3 | 6th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

you must be in love with some one … of course .. it’s Zamin I only know him he is my only love … and you know what? I don’t want to know anyone else he is my best friend … my cousin … my fiancee and my to be husband … Excuse me … you must be in love with some one … of course, it’s Zamin … I only know him he is my only love … and you know what? I don’t want to know anyone else he is my best friend … my cousin … my fiancee and my to be husband … also Oh God … why did you select a man for me, who was already some one else’s I’ve never asked anything from you for myself whatever you have given me, I was always thankful I never did any complain … but all this … why all this with me? why you did this with me? *door knocks* what happened?
why have you locked the door from inside? *door knocks* where have you gone girl? *door knocks continues*
open the door … Seher … why is the door locked? open the door … wow man! you have been sitting in the room after locking it from inside … in what joy? were you crying? do you have nay work for me? yes … let’s go … but listen .. if you’ll cry on such small things, then how will it work? crying slows a person down … And in order to do work, a person has to be agile what did you understand?
now, let’s go … *door knocks* come in … did you call me? what magic you were doing, by closing the door? what ? have you become so old, that you have started hearing loudly? then answer me .. what were you doing? nothing at all … if nothing, then why did you lock the door from inside? I made a mistake … the house from where you have come
Did you have your own room there? you use to lock the door and sit? this will not happen again … Hmm …. this will not happen again .. because
I will not let this happen again anyways … this is not the answer to my question I am asking in you father’s house, do you have all these luxuries? Did you have your own room there? I have heard, that your father use to live in a very small cottage he lived in that house with poverty … and also died there, whining I’ve told you that, it was a mistake … forgive me
this will not happen again stop! when you will or will not come in front of me, and will go
I will decide for that, not YOU listen one more important thing … and till the time you are staying here
don’t forget that never impose your right in this house
by understanding that you are Waqar & Iftikhar’s niece this house!… is only MINE and only of those people, who live here never try to live in my house like the way we live because … you are not one of us … you are different than us got my word? now, you can leave … go! don’t keep grudge in your heart for me I have done what was ordered to me if you are angry at me, then resist it because in future also, I will only do the same
as per the order of elder madam only her command is fulfilled in this house and I’m also liable to her command if you want to stay in this house… then bow your head whatever she says, just do it quietly *phone ringing* yes … yes, yes … alright, madam elder madam has called me, I’ve to go to her you take this mug to younger sir’s room who younger sir? our sir Zamin … who else so this is Zamin’s room … I shouldn’t have come like this in his room what if he sees me here …
what will he think? I only know him he is my only love ,,, and you know, I don’t want to know someone else So, Zamin also loves Hareem? who is it? you … what are you doing here? Umm … I, … I …
I have brought your coffee why did you bring?
where is Farzana? elder aunty called her in her room for some work listen … yes … you, do not come into my room again like this stop … what happened? and where are you going? I was going to my room why are you crying? I was missing father … Waqar … Hmm .. I am very so worried because of that girl what happened? Seher told you something? no no … that poor girl has not said anything to me but she was still crying a lot, while missing her father you should have not brought her here you have done very wrong, by bringing her here what are you taking Munazzah? I couldn’t have left an orphan girl like that I’m not saying that, you should have leave her alone but .. you should have not brought her here you have done very wrong, Waqar
by bringing her here may be sister-in-law’s attitude softens
once brother Iftikhar comes I dont’t know in which world you live in, Waqar? brother Iftikhar’s blood never boiled for his own younger brother then how will it boil, for that brother’s daughter? Munazzah ..
brother Iftikhar is my elder brother talk about him with respect I always respect him and sister-in-law on their face by the way, you have surprised me a lot today on what? by talking about Seher I am surprised that … you
you have got sympathy for my niece some times I pity on her … but I cannot express my sympathies to her nor I can help her but sometimes you can comfort her No … not at all if sister-in-law gets to know
she will make my life hell as hers may God have mercy on that poor girl blessings upon you … daughter Seher …
women of our house wakes up late though and we always leave for office after eating breakfast
that Farzana gives it’s alright uncle …
I love to work by this excuse only
I can serve you all blessings upon you!!
sit, and have breakfast with us Umm … I will do it later let me bring tea for you guys bring coffee for me … black Seher, do one thing
bring coffee for me as well …. black uncle … early morning, black coffee should not be consumed I have heard that
it is dangerous to drink black coffee in an empty stomach but still, if you say so… I will bring it alright then .. bring tea and Zamin, you also drink tea today sorry father what I drink daily, I will drink that only I cannot change my habits due to hear and there talks furthermore, I drink coffee after breakfast
not in an empty stomach please bring coffee for me
thanks … alright … what are you doing? you …. here? why are you being so surprised? this is my house … whenever I want I can go, and come … do you want that I shall knock at your door before entering your room? I shall seek your permission… and then come inside? no no, I did not mean that
if you have any work for me, you could have called me is this mobile in your hand? yes… I was trying to switch it on
but its not getting switched on what you’ll do after switching it on? who do you have in this world? to whom you will talk …. or you do have? …. no .. just old neighbors … I thought …
I don’t understand why do you guys love your old neighbors… I am warning you!
no need to get it repaired, or to talk to them do listen to one more important thing …. if you called anyone of your acquaintance at my house or provided address of this place …. I will be very harsh on you alright, I will not invite anyone …
you don’t worry for what work you came here? yes …. where is that wooden box, that you brought along with you
where is it? that one … your clothes etc bag open it … what are you looking at?
I’m asking you to open it …. how many clothes do you have? I don’t know, I have never counted them count them, in front of me… one by one count them … one … two …. do you have Seher’s uncle or his husband’s number? how would I have?
I don’t even know them Seher’s phone is coming to be switched off, continuously may God keeps everything ok her phone was not working, mother
that’s why it was coming as switched off she should have got it repaired since she has left, she has not even called for once … huh … she has forgotten you you are giving us headache here, by missing her
and there she is enjoying her luxurious life with her husband father, I want to talk something important to you say it .. father, I’ve got admission in Karachi University and you have said already, that you will allow me
if I get an admission there are you out of your mind? I will never allow you to go there, in that unknown city
amongst unknown people mother, what has happened to you?
people go abroad to study it is just on the drive of 2 to 2.5 hours away …
I’m talking about going to Karachi but with whom you will live there? after Aijaz uncle’s death .. I had asked Seher if ever I come to Karachi, will you keep me in your house? see now … a person who is not in contact at all
her phone is also switched off and she is making plan to go there and to stay with her I do have … mother, I’ve got card of Zamin brother’s office and Zamin brother’s office address and number is also mentioned on it what is it Zamin?
I have been noticing since last 2-3 days that your mood is so off no, it’s not like that then why are you irritated at all times? maybe the workload is a lot
that’s why you feel like that you are telling the truth …
there is nothing else? of course, this is the reason
what else can be reason? alright then ..
if yo say so I will accept it ok tell me, what would you like?
coffee or tea no nothing … I will do lunch …
with you lunch? yes, it’s been so many days… that we haven’t done lunch together let’s go … somewhere outside ok one second… let me close this let’s go … *phone ringing* Hello! *Greetings*
I want to talk to brother Zamin yes, whose there? Umm … I’m Zubia speaking, from Hyderabad …
brother Zamin’s wife’s friend and neighbor from from did you get this number? I’ve got brother Zamin’s office visiting card
and I got this number from there visiting card? but where have you called? this is Zamin Hamdani office… right?
please make me talk to him, once no lady, no such name person is here….
it is a wrong number and please don’t call here again …
Bye! what happened Zamin?
whose call it was? no one … it was a wrong number then why did the receptionist transferred this call on your phone? she has not transferred it … it’s a direct line Zamin … Hmm … what is it?
why you seem worried at one? no, actually… I just have one work with father
I just remembered I’m coming in just 2 minutes Sure?
of course Yes … just be thankful that, this file has not gone on Mr. Iftikhar’s table else he would have fired you, and your whole team at one father … I want to talk to you son, I’m discussing on an important matter
please come after a while father, the discussion that I have to do, is also very important
Please … right now … alright… you may leave, but stay in your room
I will call you again alright sir … you know what just happened now? what happened? Hareem is sitting in my office…
and I got a call in front of her from Hyderabad what? call from Hyderabad? who can call you from Hyderabad? my wife’s friend … her neighbor Zubia how did they get your number? I don’t have any idea … she has my visiting card you would have given her your visiting card, that’s why she has called you how weird you are talking … father, why would I be distributing my visiting card to some unknown girl in Hyderabad? don’t get worried I will make everything alright thanks God, I was in the office if I would not be in office, and had gone at lunch… someone else would have attended that call
and got to know that … what have I done in Hyderabad, as per your order Son, I’m your father I understand your problem I’m also worried like you are… but give me some time
I will make everything alright what will you make alright?
what will you? you have got me in trouble, and you did that now you are doing nothing …. and you cannot do anything relax …. don’t get worried too much alright then, … where were you going with Hareem? I’m going on lunch ok do one thing … remove the wire of your office land line
OK? thank you so much, for your wise idea, father
thanks a lot to you I have already done that please don’t come in my room again, like this *door knocks* come in … your tea it’s great, that you brought tea I really wanted to have it badly are you doing some work? yes, I’m just setting my wardrobe shall I help you? no no … I will do it Umm … sister-in-law came to your room today
is everything alright? yes, everything is alright I was already telling Waqar he should have not brought you here …
but anyways … since you are already here, then what can we do? can I ask you one thing? if you don’t mind yes.. yes … do ask, whatever you want to ask why does elder aunty, hates my father so much? Aijaz never told you anything? that what he did with sister-in-law? No … he just use to miss all of you very much sometimes he use to tell me while being emotional, that due to his small mistake, his family got away from him my real brothers left me that’s it … he never told me anything else ever come … sit … long time ago, Aijaz nikah (marriage) was done with sister-in-law’s younger sister and then Aijaz fall in love with your mother and he … refused to get married with sister-in-law’s sister and then sister-in-law insulted you father a lot so much fight happened, that Aijaz left the house and then he got married to your mother and sent divorce papers to Nirma via post divorce? … sister-in-law’s sister was very dear to her and Nirma was badly in love with Aijaz. so … where is elder aunty’s sister right now? she is dead … she died …. how? Aijaz’s betrayal and pain of divorce, she could not take it she was already not well …
and in the same days, sister-in-law was also expecting she couldn’t resist the deteriorating condition of her sister … that she she slipped on the stairs and she lost her first child don’t ask … those days were very tough on this house at first sister-in-law’s child… and then her sister’s death the death of those two have made this house a graveyard no one use to smile and see each other no body use to talk at all why are you crying? what will happen now? if you cry …. I never knew … that my father has given so much to this house this is the reason … she thinks your father is the murderer of her child and her sister and she hates him so much because of your father, she lost her first child and then for many years she couldn’t conceive these pains from the past, has made sister-in-law very tyrant and insensitive … he has betrayed me sister Aijaz has done injustice to me I’ll never forgive her you also never forgive him promise me … promise me … you will never forgive him he has destroyed me … destroyed me …. why you did this to me? father, we were aware of it … that how much everyone hates you in this house but still you got me married here why didn’t you stopped it? why you did not say no to it? if you wish, you could have stopped it, you could have said to them …. you didn’t said anything you did so much wrong with your own Seher why you did this, father? your tea … Seher … what have you told Zubia, on call? me? I haven’t said anything, uncle then why did she called Zamin? I don;t know anything about it you had promised that, that till the time i won’t allow you, you will not say anything to anyone at all I haven’t said anything to anyone, uncle
I haven’t told anything then why did that girl called Zamin? if you want I can swear on anything …. since I have come from Hyderabad, my phone is not working it is switched off if you say so, I can get it so that you may see yourself aunty … aunty … what has happened to Zamin today? what happened daughter … I don’t know, he was fighting with me
and for the first time, I felt that he is serious about our fight no no … he must be giving you impression like that no aunty .. he is worried on something really? you didn’t ask him? he shares everything with you … he does, but this time.. there is something, that he is hiding from me are you telling the truth? yes, absolutely …. go … Stop … bring your phone to me … I will get it repaired when that phone will get repaired .. you will call that girl and you will tell her, that she will never call Zamin Zamin has got very much disturbed due to that phone call he usually stays angry with me I don’t understand, why I did all this with him? go, bring your phone *door knocks* come in … yes mother, come … your’s and Hareem’s fight, is not something new for us but she came to today to me, to complain about you she was saying, that you are hiding something from her she is crazy … why will i hide something from her? she was also saying, that there is something due to which you are worried mother, nothing is like that … son, something has happened ? how shall I tell you, that nothing has happened …
trust me please don’t get worried without any reason
everything is alright if there is any thing, any worry … do let me know, son mother, nothing is like that… I was teasing her intentionally … sometimes she does also, if I did this time
so she did complain to you
crazy girl thanks god! I was fearing … she is the favorite child of this house, and to look upon her needs its our responsibility.. and its is your duty yes … alright, sleep now … good night
good night uncle … hmm … I will get this repaired when it will get repaired, you will call your friend
and tell her, not to call Zamin ever she shall not try to contact you or Zamin ever …
OK? ok … go … what happened? Umm .. uncle yes… say it… what happened ? uncle, send me back to Hyderabad… what will you do after going there?
to whom you will go? but at least I will not be the basis of your and Zamin’s worry daughter, I know … that sister-in-law Rabia does not like you
and she makes you do excessive work uncle, you and Zamin are very much worried because of me
I know that I have come to this house, and in Zamin’s family forcefully that’s why I’ve talked about going from here daughter Seher, presently this cannot happen tomorrow, brother Iftikhar is coming
then I will see, what can be done uncle, you should not have done this with your son… daughter … that time was like that, I had to take decision without even thinking at that time, whatever my heart and mind said,
I did daughter, whatever is happening with you here, just tolerate it
soon I will take out some solution oh yes … please don’t say anything to Zamin, don’t tell him anything he is already very disturbed madam … yes, say it … sir is already here … but as soon as he came
he went to his niece for condolence alright, go ok … brother, she is daughter of Aijaz Ahmed her name is Seher, she is very obedient child I brought her here after Aijaz’s death trust me brother, he was just taking your name during his last moments he was missing you a lot hmm … come here … sit … you father was a nice man he did many mistakes in his life may god, does not punish him for those mistakes you did well, that you came here
this house is yours also there is no need to show so much sympathy to your niece else I will also start mourning on my dead sister and child you don’t have any control on your emotions, and you know this very well I don’t like such actions of woman but what you did? you left all the house
leaving me and your daughter you went to your niece first after someone’s death, to do condolence .. is basic humanity … and here, the person who died was not someone else..
but my brother he was your brother?
brother? very nice … then tell me Mr. Iftikhar, you are done with condolence? but let me tell you one thing Mr. Iftikhar
your that brother will not be granted whatever he did to me … he will get punish for that remember that I’m not denying that … whatever he did to us, for that he is answerable to god, for sure whenever I see his daughter, my blood get boiled
just imagine .. she is Aijaz Ahmed’s daughter Aijaz Ahmed’s
Aijaz Ahmed is dead … and … to talk behind a dead person is of no use whatever he did to us, and to you it is better to forget that he killed my sister because of him, we are childless… and you are saying I shall forget it I cannot forget it … and ask that girl to leave the house so that, after seeing her again & again.. my wounds doesn’t get fresh what do you mean? where… shall I send her? anywhere … some old age home, or orphanage
but throw her out of my house I can’t do this I’m also a father of a daughter … I know that for alone girl, this world is very tyrant and bad I don’t have any sympathy with her, but also I will not do what you are saying that girl will stay in this house and it’s better to accept this, as its better for you daughter, I’ve got your phone repaired alright .. now you call your friend
and tell her that not to call Zamin’s office ever do it .. ok …
Bye! bye … *phone ringing* Hello!.. Zubia Seher speaking
Seher how are you? you have got long life.. you know we miss you a lot and we call you too but your number is usually switched off my phone was not working.. its working now, you can call on it also tell me …how are you?
how is Shamsa Aunty? she is fine … you know
we are in Karachi I have got admission in Karachi University so me and mother wanted to meet you in this regard but your phone was switched off, so we came to brother Zamin;s office because we thought, that it’s the only way to meet you what? you guys are at Zamin’s office? yes …. look, brother Zamin is in front of us *greetings* brother Zamin


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