Thottappan | Official Trailer | Vinayakan | Shanavas K Bavakutty | Pattam Cinema Company

Will your wife agree for that? I don’t want anyone’s consent..
It’s my decision When we were holding
breath under the water.. At that time, I confirmed.. You are her THOTTAPPAN!! (Godfather) Proprietor MATHACHAN’S
Matha Talkies.. Premieres from today.. You filthy-pig!! 5 stunts 3 songs 1 gunshot ITHAKK is a thief..
But I must want it first.. If you try to make me
guilty for what I didn’t.. I’ll surely kill you bloody.., -Hey you thief..
-Thief, my foot.. I’m gonna marry-off my
daughter with him.. Will the wedding take
place at Church? He is a Muslim and
she is a Christian. Shut you scoundrel!! I’ll stab you to death.. Leave him Master
Let’s move.. She is my daughter..
You bloody.. O you my beauteous fish.. You swam the tear-lake.. For a shore in ripple’s hands,
Let’s go far-far away.. Let’s go far-far away.. SARAH… My child.. You both are here..
I think this is the right time.. What’s it? It’s true.. It was my word
to get you both married.. But I’m not convinced
about my decision now.. Don’t bother.. Stop all
your connections.. Master… I wanna know the actual reason
behind your flip-flop.. I’m not answerable to you.. I’ll not leave this place till
you tell me the reason.. And SARAH.. after-all,
you are not her father.. SARAH? Will finish you.. ITHAKK lives only for SARAH.. You’ll not dare to touch her..


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