Three Sisters: Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

(♪ NIGERIAN HIGHLIFE MUSIC PLAYING) So, today, we’ve been taking some photos. We’ve been shooting the poster
for Three Sisters. It’s been really great, just to get
a chance to bond with my other sisters! This photographer is amazing! Music in the background
to get us in the groove. I was very excited to know
they were adapting it to a Nigerian story. The idea that this story would be told
at the National Theatre, London, I was just, like,
“Of course I have to be a part of it!” Anything that helps you explore
the character’s always fun. It’s been a luxury, actually, to have a chance of just slowly
picking out certain ideas. It’s nice to do it through photography,
because you’ve only got that second to show whatever part of the character
you want to play with at that moment. It’s nice to figure out,
“OK, this is who we are. “This is how we relate to each other.
These are the sisters.” I just think it’s really, like, magical
how the sisters connect. It’s moving. There are moments of lightness in the play
but it is really dark, and these women kind of fall on each other
and support each other in different ways. And I think it really is reflected
in the picture.

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