Thuppakki Full Movie || Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, AR Murugadoss || Tupaki Movie

What did they say,
when is the train arriving? They said it is on time.
It will come any minute now. Ask them once again
about the correct time. If we want the correct time.. ..they will tell us
once the train arrives. Okay. Call him up and
ask him where the train is now. Hello? Who is this? I am Jagdish’s sister. Yes, tell me.
Due to some engine problem.. ..our train stopped here. Is he around? Jagdish? Yes, he is playing outside. Come on, Jagdish! Go! Come on, Jagdish! Go! Come on! Come on! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! Jagdish! “We are cubs. We dance around.” “We sing great songs.” “Like a raining cloud,
if granted leave..” “We create chaos in every street.” “Today I am a Mumbai person,
tomorrow I will become different..” “It is a sixer..” “You touch the feet, seek blessings..” “Grow French beard in style..” “Buddy, get up..” “Let few things be set..” “Come like a ruffian.” “Nothing wrong if you
act mischief and scolded.” “World frightens the one..” “..who fears the most.” “Because of the rising wave..” “..courage sets in.” “Have fun, do mischief..” IC 58464 Captain
Jagdish reporting, sir. Sorry, sir. I will not dance.
I will not dance. Let me go. Stop it. Stop it. Move aside. “We are cubs. We dance around.” “We sing great songs.” “Like a raining cloud,
if granted leave..” “We create chaos in every street.” “O heart..” “It will blossom like a flower..” “Entire world is love..” “There is nobody
who does not like girl.” “We can roam every street..” “..and find the most beautifl person.” “Youth undergoes great suffering..” “..but still find happiness.” “Rise high and reach the sky..” “We are cubs. We dance around.” “We sing great songs.” “Like a raining cloud,
if granted leave..” “We create chaos in every street.” “Today I am a Mumbai person,
tomorrow I will become different..” “It is a sixer..” “You touch the feet, seek blessings..” “Grow French beard in style..” Kindly pay attention. The special train carrying
soldiers from Jammu.. Mumbai Central, Train No. 12472.. Jammu Tawi Express is
arriving on Platform No. 5. I can not see him. There he is! Brother!
– Where? There! Hi. Hi!
– Son! Hi! Hi, brother! Hey! Hi! How are you? I am good. Why did you grow a beard? Nothing, mom. Just for
style since I am returning home. Hi, uncle! How are you? I am good. There is no
time to stand here and talk. We need to leave urgently.
– Why, uncle? Dad!
– Come home for dinner one day. Come on. Let us go.
– What is going on? There is no time. Let us go.
– Go where? Come on, son. Hey! Do not push me. Hey.. Are not you eating food?
– Hey! This way. Come on.
– Coming, dad. Push him inside. Get in. Sit down. Come on. Change to third gear. But where are we
going in such a hurry? Do not you know? Do not you know? We are going to see a bride for you. The month of ‘Bhadrapada’
will start from tomorrow. Nobody will show their girls. ‘Ashtami’ is going
to start in five hours. We just have 25 minutes in hand. We have to see the girl before that. Otherwise you will remain
a bachelor this year too. Mom, what is this nonsense
about auspicious days? I am in my uniform.
How can I go to see a girl like this? Let me take a bath,
change clothes, take a nap.. ..then I can go with a fresh mind. You are getting old, my boy. Mom! I will not become old in one day. Will you be quiet? Change to fourth gear. We have only twenty minutes. This apartment looks
like a star hotel. Stop here. Stop here. Hello! – Hello! Please come.
– Hello! – Hello! Did not the bridegroom come? He is the bridegroom. Oh, you? Looking at your uniform.. ..I thought you were a war veteran. Please come. Please come. Please come. Come on, son.
– Come. After you. Go ahead. Hey! Where are you going? Come on, son. Please come.
– Come inside. Come in, son. Come in.
– Do not try anything. Three wickets out
right at the beginning. Please come. Come in, son. We wanted to see the bride
before ‘Ashtami’ starts.. we directly brought
him here from the station. That is the right thing to do. Please bring the bride. Call her.
– Nisha! Nisha! Oh. Not for me, dear.
Serve it to them first. Sit down, dear. Do you want her to sing any song? Yes, any song. Looking at the bridegroom’s clothes.. ..the national anthem will be best. Are you happy? Will you give me
their phone number, dad? I will give it to you. 022.. ..261.. ..864476. Do not make noise.
– Yes, tell me. Slow down. You will get hurt. – Do not
make noise. Son in law is on the line. Yes, tell me. Sir, your daughter is very beautiful. Mmm.
– Hey. But.. My taste and her taste.. Is it?
– very different. I feel we will not be
compatible to each other. What is he doing, mom? But your daughter will surely
find someone better than me. Please do not mind. Hey! What is wrong with you? Looks like he is never
going to get married. Give me one reason
for not liking that girl. There are 3 reasons. What are they? Her hair is one and
a half meters long. That is the reason for not liking her? Even girls with short
hair take so many hours.. Oh God! – brush their
hair to make it look perfect. Hmm. She will take at least
3 hours to style her hair.. ..before stepping out of the house. Did I ask? Did I ask? Did I ask you to get me married? Moreover, she was too shy. She looked like a girl who will
get scared of lizards and cockroaches. Just look at her,
she raised her hand on her father. That is right.
You should have corrected in childhood. Come darling, hit me.
Come sweetheart, hit me. Now bear the consequences. I would have agreed if
she was a stylish girl. But she looked like a
village girl stuck in Mumbai. What? Why do you need so much money? I promised my friends
that I will give them a treat.. ..if the guy does not like me. The police entered
the apartment by force.. ..breaking the door.. ..and found the victim
dead in her apartment and.. ..the police seized it.
According to the post morte.. As soon as I found out
that you are coming home.. ..I thought of applying
a sick leave for Chikungunya.. ..and going to my hometown.. ..but unfortunately
I did not get leave. Are you telling me indirectly
that you do not want me here? Nobody else can say
it more directly than this. But you call this
as indirectly hinting. This is the problem with you. Stop it. What is the problem with me? What? You come home
for a holiday every year. You spend all your time with me. You interfere in all my cases. When I am just about
to get promoted from an SI.. an Inspector,
you drag me down to an SI’s post. Why do not you spend time
with your family this year? My parents strictly told
me that I should go out.. the morning and
return home only at night. Because they say I will
turn useless if I stay home. How can you lie like that to me? Okay, okay, forget it.
I will stay with you. I will not disturb you. Okay? What function is this? Some tournament.
We are here for the security. Is the security tight?
Do not send anybody inside.. ..if they do not have an ID. Buddy! – Yes? This is an out and out ladies college.
Mumbai girls. Enjoy it secretly.
Do not let it show on your face. Yes, sir! – That is too much. Did you like the girl
you went to see yesterday? The Under 55 Women’s Boxing Tournament..
– Do not ask. about to begin. First we have St.
Xavier’s College. Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! That girl was too shy for my liking. And she was too soft and.. Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! Nisha! I do not like this girl. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Out. This is the kind of girl
you wanted to marry, right? No. I went to see this girl. “Her beauty is similar
to the snow of Antarica..” “She is an idol that
I sculpted by becoming a pen. “Nisha! Nisha! Nisha!” “Will the radar find
where my heart is lost?” “Find the depth in love..” “..with sonar measurement.” “Will the radar find
where my heart is lost?” Find the depth of love in
sonar measurement.” – Are you mad? “Nisha! Nisha! Nisha!”
– Hey, please! No! ??Song “To find her stats,
to stand in front of her..” “Equipments stopped working.” “Her long tresses resemble
a flowing stream of water..” “They create a different illusion.” “Her presence will
change the climate..” “Entire season changes drastically.” “Her beauty is similar
to the snow of Antarica..” “She is an idol that
I sculpted by becoming a pen. “You came like a sudden windstor..” “ took me into a dream world.” “You took over me by
becoming a beautiful tune.” “You stole my heart..” “You stirred the feelings inside me..” “I will love you like
how I love my country.” “Her beauty is similar
to the snow of Antarica..” “Like a pen, like a dolphinn..” “ are the idol I sculpted.” “Nisha! Nisha! Nisha!” “Nisha! Nisha! Nisha!” “Will the radar find
where my heart is lost?” Find the depth of love
in sonar measurement.” No! No! No! I think he has lost his mind. First he did not like her,
now he says he likes her. He brought an injured
police dog as a gift for me.. order to melt my heart. Hmm. Does he think she
is a girl or a lifeless doll? Mom, we will look like
fools if we do as he says. Hey, please support me. We can not endure their taunts
time and again. Forget her. Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! What? Does he think
this is some kind of a joke? First he did not like me,
but now he likes me? After he gets married to me.. ..he will say he does not
like me anymore. Is that okay? Listen to me.
When a guy proposed to you.. ..first say ‘I love
you too’ and test him out. If you do not like him later,
just break-up with him. But you have to think it
through before rejecting him. Guys will follow us only
when we are young and beautiful. After a few years we
will grow fat like our mothers So before girls reject guys.. ..they should think about
their mothers for a second. I do not care. I will hit the gym and.. He looks like a Telugu guy.
Shall we say hi to him? That is the guy I rejected. Hi! Hey! What are you doing?
I will fall down. What is he trying to do? Get down. What is wrong?
– Get down. Why are you getting down? He is dead. Hey, Nisha.
– Hey! Why did you kiss me? Me? Me? I kissed my bike’s mirror. This is my mirror.
I can do whatever I want. The mirror is yours,
but the face inside is mine. It belongs to the government. Hey!
– Hello! This is my mirror. I will kiss it,
talk to it, or break it. I will do whatever I want. You do not have to break it.
I will break it myself. No. No violence.
This is a public road. How dare you kiss me? What kind of a policeman are you? You are sitting behind like a potato sack.
– It is okay. Thanks. Behave like a grownup. If I file an eve teasing case on you,
you will be behind bars. – Nisha, come on. I am telling you. If you ever
show up again, I will kill you. She is more dangerous
than my mother in law. Enquire about Boxer
Nisha in Shastri Nagar. My bike mirror would
have been safe if you had.. ..told her that you liked
her when you first saw her. Superb. She stole the
bike keys while talking to us. Not while talking to us,
while abusing us. Why did you two damage
my department bike? Thief! Thief! I had 5,000 rupees in my wallet. Where is my wallet?
I had 5,000 rupees.. Do not worry. Do not worry. The thief will be in the bus.
I am a policeman. We both are policemen.
We will check everybody. We will find the thief. Wait. Driver, stop the bus. Nobody will get down.
We will check everybody. Balaji, check everybody that gets out. I will go check the other end.
Come with me. Get down, everyone. Show your hands.
– One by one everybody get down. One by one everybody get down. Come on, get down one by one. Get down.
– What did I do, sir? Wait. One by one. That.. That is my wallet, sir. Listen! Is this yours? – No, sir. Sorry. Next. What is the matter, sir? Okay, you can go. What is going on here? This one? You check inside, under the seats. Check the bags as well. Do I.. Do I look like a thief to you? Okay? Can I go? Open your bag. Hey! Why did you steal this man’s wallet?
– That is my wallet. My wallet.
– We found the thief. Jagdish! Why are you running? Why? Why are you running? Come on! Walk! Let us go! ..a huge bomb blast.. ..which took the lives
of many innocent people. Breaking News of Mumbai for the day. The bomb blast which
has claimed 37 lives.. We will leave no stone
unturned to solve this case. I am very confident that
we will find convincing evidence. I want to say this to all
these terrorist organizations.. ..that they should not take
this bomb blast as a victory. Instead of interrogating him.. ..they are giving treatment
to him in the hospital. I will use every drop
of blood in my body.. protect the people of my country. This terrorist risked his life.. Just look at him babbling away. He is talking as if
he caught the culprit. I should have been standing there. But you dragged me here. If I appeared on TV like him.. mother in law
would have been scared of me. The situation at home
would have been very different. I would have been promoted
to be an Inspector. As long as courageous men like me.. Somewhere about 18
people were killed and.. ..about 26 people injured.. Maybe it was not the
terrorist’s intention.. blast the bomb in
the bus and scare people.. ..he might have been
taking it to another place.. ..but it unexpectedly
exploded causing.. There may be many other terrorists.. this man Ajmal Latif.. ..and it is very scary
not to know their future plans.. ..says the Home Minister
in response to this blast. Andhra Pradesh has
turned into a tourist spot. The number of tourists in the state.. ..has led to a confusion
in the statistics. I have been waiting for you. Why?
– Let us go inside before I tell you. This is Jagdish’s house. – Yes, sir. Keep my instructions in mind. Stay alert.
– Okay. It is unofficial duty.
So, stay in a separate channel.. ..on the walkie-talkie.
Okay? – Okay, sir. What brings you here at this hour? They are working with me. Off-duty. They will stay
here to guard you all night. Tomorrow morning you leave
for Andhra with your family. But why? Because that man escaped
from the hospital. What? He killed a doctor
and two police officers. Killed? Do not worry. Just go inside. You caught him.
So we are worried that.. ..he will come searching for you. That is why I brought them. You two go behind. Okay, see you later. Take care. Everything has changed, sir. Hmm. What happened? He is getting away. Come on, quick. Quick. This way! This way! Right! Right! Hey, listen! I think he went this way! What did those small school
children in the bus do to you? Do you know why I cut your finger.. ..without asking
you for any information? Now I am going to ask you a question. I wanted to show
you what will happen.. ..if you do not answer me. One question. One second. Answer me.
Or you will lose another finger. Someone helped you at the hospital.
Who was that? Security Chief.. Swami Shekhar. That is it. So simple. Who is it? It is me. Hey! Who are you? What are you doing at this hour? Who is it? Do not shout. I am coming. Answer me. What are you doing here? I need to talk to you.
Can you come to the terrace? Not in the middle of the night. Come back tomorrow morning.
Then we can talk. The criminal you helped
to escape is my guest now. Sorry. I did not tell
you who I am, right? My name is Jagdish. Indian Army. But I am not just a soldier. I am DIA. I am one of the specialists
in Defense Intelligence Agency. A secret agent in the military. The men who work with me, my friends.. ..not even my family knows about this. Are you wondering why
I am telling you all this? Because you will not be alive. When we were in camp,
the enemy camp firing at us.. ..and we firing at
them is not a rare sight. There was a soldier
named Ravi in our camp.. ..he is from our state.. ..but one day he suddenly disappeared. Seven days. We searched everywhere,
but could not find him. We found him on the eighth day. Poor man must have
been trapped in their camp. They tortured him for seven days. They removed his eyes out. A beer bottle.. A beer bottle.. They inserted a beer
bottle into his anus.. ..pushed it right inside
and shattered it into pieces. We were the ones that
took his body to his family. The mother was beating
her chest and wailing.. ..the father was weeping
and his sisters were in tears. On the fourteenth day.. ..his younger brother
joined the military. We are risking our
lives there every day.. that you all
can live here in peace. This is a local made gun. This is my gun. If I shoot you,
I will have to explain my actions. Even after your death,
your family will spit on your face. Your kids will beg for
food at the traffic signals. Your wife will sell herself
at the roadside at nights. But if you shoot yourself.. ..they will consider it
a suicide during the duty period.. ..and pass on your job
to one of your family members. They will get Provident Fund money. They will get pension every month. The decision is yours. If you point that gun at me,
I will shoot you immediately. You are stepping into deep trouble. Mm-hmm. Where did the noise come from? I know that you both do not
have the full information. Oh. Sorry. I know that you both do not
have the full information. ‘Juhu, Bandra, Matunga, Dharavi..’ ’12 attacks in Mumbai city.’ When? 27th. She is the first one getting
married in our friends. Yes. She came from Guntur and
seduced a guy from Gujarat. She is a clever girl. Thank you. Thank you very much. She looks gorgeous, does not she? Thank you. Just see how she is blushing. Thank you. Hi!
– Hi! Congratulations! – Hey! Wow, thank you. Hi! – Congrats! Thank you. I have a small doubt. A doubt? What is it? Please. Please.
Come aside for a few minutes. I can not.
How can I leave him alone here? Please. My head will
shatter into a million pieces. Okay. Excuse me. One minute.
– Hi! Congrats!
– Hurry up. What is it? After me, you were the
best looking girl in our college. Hmm?
– Alright. We both are equally beautiful. You hostel room was
filled with photos of.. ..Ranbir Kapoor,
Shahid Kapoor and John Abraham. Why did you choose this dumb looking.. Why are you marrying this man? Look! Be practical.
He earns 200,000 rupees per month. What else do we need? Silly girl. Beauty and
wealth are two different things. A wealthy man does not
have to be a handsome one. Hey.. Let me go. He is posing
alone for the reception photos. No, wait. What if a man
earns well and looks good too? Idiot! Join your hands
before him and marry him. What are you doing? Come on. Come on. What is wrong? Why do you look worried? I am thinking deeply about a matter.. ..but I am not able
to come to any conclusion. What is it? Maybe I can help you. Right. A policeman like
me is not able to figure it out.. ..and he thinks he can do it. Do you know the difference
between policemen.. ..and military men? Military men do not
have to use their brains. They join their feet
when you say Attention! They pull their feet apart
when you say Stand at ease! They kill everybody around
them when you say Shoot! But we policemen use our brains. To catch a pickpocket,
we think like a pickpocket. In order to catch a murderer,
we think like a murderer. In order to catch a terrorist,
we think like a terrorist. So I can use my brains as a policeman. You go play ball. Tell me what your problem is. I will tell you whether
there is a solution or no. Okay, solve this. That terrorist escaped.
And that same night.. ..a police officer committed
suicide in his home. He was the same officer
that was on duty.. ..when that terrorist escaped. Is there a connection
between these two incidents? That is my doubt. That is not a suicide, it is a murder. How can you say that? Because I did it. Hey, why did you kill him? Why did he help the
terrorist to escape? He helped that man escape?
Who told you that? The terrorist told me. But he had escaped from the hospital.. ..where did you see him? Actually,
when you were in the hospital.. I was in the hospital? Hey! I was in the hospital? I was in the hospital? Where did you see him? Answer me. Jaggu, my buddy!
I can not bear this suspense. Please answer my question.
– Just a minute. Tell me. I.. I.. You.. You.. I.. I.. Are you coming from
a Spoken English Class? No. Can I marry you? When did you get this idea? Today morning at 8:45 a.m. Why at 8:45 a.m.? My friend’s reception. One of the best looking
girls in my college. But she is marrying an ugly man. When I questioned her,
she explained a few things to me. After that,
my friends encouraged me to meet you. But, we have not been
compatible from the start. First I said no,
after that you said no. Now you are saying yes. I am saying yes, are not I? Yes, but..
Our tastes should match too. Do you smoke? Huh? Smoking cigarettes. No way. Why are you asking me that?
How can girls smoke? Such things are not allowed in boxing. Exactly. I like girls that can smoke. I can not say that I have
never smoked a cigarette. When I am partying with my girls,
on New Year’s Eve.. ..I smoked for fun. Okay. Alcohol? Huh? Drinks. Drinks. Red wine.
Good for heart. Good for skin. Once I tried to have vodka too. That is too bad.
I hate girls that drink. Hey.. Nisha.. Nisha.. No. You are changing
the questions on purpose. You are in love with me. You are doing this to tease me.
– Nisha. Nisha. Nisha. Cool. Cool. Cool. I came here directly
from the wedding for you. I did not eat the wedding feast.
– Cool. Cool. Cool. We can get married right
now if you want. Okay? Hey, I was just messing with you. There is a small problem. Another problem? What is it? My family was so upset
with you that they chose.. ..another bridegroom
for me and I said okay. You said okay? That is not a big problem. It is very common for
me to say okay first and.. ..then change my decision. Hey, your case is different
and his case is different. He is a military man too. Oh. So, all our problems will
be solved if we convince him. He asked me to come to
the coffee shop at 12 p.m. Okay, I will come with you.
I will handle him. Shall we go? – Hmm. This one. Wait. Wait a second. Since he is a military man,
he came on time. I will go in first. You come in later. Hey.. I will go in first and talk to him.
Then you come in. Excuse me. Yes? Sir! Sir! IC 58464 Captain
Jagdish reporting, sir! Battalion Comrade’s Army Salute.. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Jagga! What are you doing here?
How are you? I am fine, sir. When you start talking
in a loud voice.. ..I thought we were
back in the army grounds.. Okay, come on. Come on. Have a seat.. No, sir. Nothing. My future
wife is coming to meet me. Sir! That is why I am dressed up like this.
– Sir! I am meeting her for the first time.
So, I am a bit nervous. Can I get something for you, sir? No, no, no. Nothing. Nothing. I will just sit here. Hey.. Hello! Hey! Look at me! Hey!
– Hello! Hi! What will she think of me? Hello!
– Hi! Hi! Have a seat. Your mother told me on
the phone that you like me. Oh, sorry, Nisha. Meet Mr. Jagdish. We are in the same battalion. But he is my junior. – Oh. He keeps getting punished
for silly mistakes. That is why he is scared of me. Jagdish! Nisha! Hello, madam! Madam? What would you like to eat, Nisha? No, nothing.
– Nothing? Oh, great. Jagdish, you?
– No, sir. Wow. Nisha,
I arranged a small get-together.. my hotel this evening. A small party. You must come. Jagdish! You too. Yes, sir! Now it is 12:30 p.m.
I wanted to meet you at 12 o’ clock. I am very punctual.
Because I am a military man. Of course. So, let us meet in the evening. Yeah. Yeah.
– Shall I make a move? Bye.
– Bye. Okay, Jagdish! Yes, sir! IC 584.. What.. What are you doing? Let us meet in the evening.
– Sir. Okay, bye. Bye. See you. Thank God! Is this how you were
going to talk to him? No, madam.. You are his future wife after all.. Hey.. Why are you calling
me a madam even after he left? We are already in love. Oh no! We can break up our love. We have been in love only for an hour.. want to break
up with me already? Look, madam.
He is better than me in everything. I take 52 seconds to run 400 meters.. ..but he takes 48 seconds. In high jump,
I can jump till 6.1 inches. But he jumps till 6.4 inches. In long jump, I jump up to 7 meters. But he jumps up to 7.4.
And in weight lifting.. Hey! Are we selecting
military candidates? I do not like him. You did not like me at first,
but you like me now. You do not like him now,
but you might like him later. Huh? That was different
and this is different. Please do not say that.
I can easily find another girl. But which girl will
marry him at this age? So? Why should I sacrifice myself? Your phone is ringing. It is your phone.
– Oh. Sorry. Hey! Where did you see
the terrorist that escaped.. ..from the hospital? You can not bear suspense. I can not spoil the suspense. We have an important work tomorrow. Hey, wait.. Huh? “Alaika laika.. aaple make..” “A strawberry cake in two hands..” “Alaika laika.. aaple-in make-ah..” “A strawberry cake in two hands..” “Sara Sara O Sara,
you breathe life into me..” “It is you whom the eyes search for.” “Do not cause feelings
inside while showing film..” “Do not burn while emitting heat..” “Where is honeymoon planned?” “He is a don next to you.” “Hey, he is a leader..” “Hey, it is a military discipline..” That is right. “He is showing interest in me.” “He is mad for me.” “You are not minor
but major says my heart.” “If you are major then
I will become minor.” “Now he is the man to look for.” “He has set his eyes one me.” “Wind has nothing to lose,
heart wants you.” “There is nothing to lose,
come, come..” “Alaika laika.. aaple make..” “A strawberry cake in two hands..” “Sara Sara O Sara,
you breathe life into me..” “It is you whom the eyes search for.” “Do not cause feelings
inside while showing film..” “Do not burn while emitting heat..” “Body temperature falls to
minus degree if you lay your hand.” “Life around comes to a standstill.” “Stand next to me,
you can reach the sky.” “Not too long before
his name is added to mine.” Whatever your taste be,
you are my sweet dish.” “You hav to create
chaos inside of me.” “He stole my heart.” “I will cast a spell oon him.” “Alaika laika.. ” “Alaika laika.. ” “Alaika laika.. aaple make..” “A strawberry cake in two hands..” “Sara Sara O Sara,
you breathe life into me..” “It is you whom the eyes search for.” “Do not cause feelings
inside while showing film..” “Do not burn while emitting heat..” “Where is honeymoon planned?” “He is a don next to you.” “Hey, he is a leader..” “Hey, it is a military discipline..” What brings you here? Are you saying you
do not know why I am here? I did not say that.
Do not come into my room suddenly. Wait downstairs and call me. Okay? Where did you see that terrorist? Huh? How did you catch
the man who escaped.. ..from the hospital? After you left that day,
I was still at the hospital. Huh? You can not keep him in your house.
Hand him over to the police. Why?
So that he can escape again? In order to find out
how many people are with him. I know that. What do you know? What is that injection for? Does he have a fever? Hey, tell me what you are doing. What is going on here? Do not untie him. Where are you going? How many questions will you ask me? The injection that
I gave him will keep him.. ..unconscious for another two hours.
Let us go. Go where?
– Wedding. My buddy is getting married today.
Let us go. You are behaving like a fool. How can you leave him
here and go to a wedding? And you untied his hands too. We can see that later.
Come on, let us go. Hi, Jagdish! – Hey! How are you, bro? – How are you, man? There they are! Hey! Hi! – Hey! Hi, bro! Hi, mom! Hey! Look at you! That is right,
I got the wrong impression.. ..when I met her for the first time.
Actually.. He is a gone case. He is a gone case. It is time. Let us go. Who is he? Come, let me introduce you to my friends.
– Who is he? He is my friend Balaji.
Sub Inspector of Bandra East. Oh! Awesome! Joel, will you take Sarah
to be your wedded wife? Yes. With God’s help. Sarah, will you take
Joel as your wedded husband? Yes. With God’s help. Now you may kiss the bride. Jaga! Jaga! Let us go. We can go later. What is the hurry?
– It is time. Do not worry.
– Boys! The bridegroom is calling you all. Hey! Let us go.
– We are coming. You are being too careless. Hey, I am arrested. Congrats, buddy. Hey, congrats! Congrats! Congrats, buddy. Hey! You are eating cake? Time is up. Folks! What is up? It is been a long time.
Shall we all play a game? Game? Games in the camp,
games when the train stops.. ..and now in a wedding too? But it is a real game. Real game?
– Yeah. Okay. We six in one team.
You six in one team. What say? No, no, no.
We are all in the same team. Same team?
– Who is the opponent? What are the rules? I will tell you later. Okay. After winning,
you have to throw a party. Right? Definitely. Sure.
– Yeah! Guys, this is a serious game. Now you will find out
who the opponent team is. In a couple of minutes,
a man will come out of my house. We are going to follow him. When he meets another man.. ..our group will
get divided into two.. ..six will follow one man
and the other six the other man. As they two continue
to meet other men.. ..we will get dispersed,
each one following one. Keep all your cell phones on. Do not attend any calls except mine. We all will be connected
in a conference call. Okay?
– Okay. He is coming. Is this the one? This guy?
– Hmm. He is the guy. He did not see us. Jaga! We are taking
a big risk by doing this. We will be taking a bigger
risk if we do not do this. Start the vehicle. Follow him slowly. Crap!
– He is missing. We missed him.
– Watch out for him. Oh, we lost him. No, no, no. Wait for the signal. Hey, go, go, go. There he is! He is running. He is running. Come on! Fast. Fast. Fast. Did he see us? Hey, wait. He is getting into an auto.
– Siddharth! Note the number. Auto number is 8306. MH 02 RA 8306. Move. Move. Jaga! What will we
do if the 12 of them.. ..stay at the same place
instead of going separately? No. They have work
at 12 different places. They will go separate ways. Stop the vehicle. They are separating. Get up.
– Come on, quick. You six. Yeah, stay on the line. We are very close to him.
Shall I catch him? Keep following. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Good afternoon! He is meeting another guy. He is going to move. Follow the new one. Come on. Come on, quick. Okay, let us move. How many so far? We are following the second guy. We are following the first guy. We are following one. We are at Dharavi. He is walking through a market. Radio City. It is your.. Hi! Wait. Stand down. Stand down. First guy is meeting
a cell phone dealer. He is meeting someone. Listen.. You follow him. Okay, I am moving. Let us follow him. They are splitting now. Vishal here. On the second guy. You go that way, I will go this way. Okay.
– Stay on the line. Copy that. He is going to move. You follow him. We have a new one. Go, go, go. Another one. He is walking right in front of me. He is boarding a bus, and me too. I am at a shopping mall. I am at Santacruz Railway Station. I am at Dharavi. I am at Kurla. Boys, 12 of us are
following 12 of them. The game is going to end now. Open your bags. There is a gun.
– There is a gun. There is a gun inside.
– A gun. I am in a theater. Do not panic. I placed those guns in the bags. They men in front of
you are not ordinary people. They are Harkatal terrorists. We are going to do
what we do at the border. They place bombs at a
few places at the same time.. cause serial blasts.
Let us show them.. ..that we know the technique too. We have to kill them together
without a second’s difference. Get set, boys.
– We will do it. Yes. 3.. 2.. 1.. Shoot. You! I am out, Jagdish! Move, move, move! Game over. Let us meet in the train. When is the party? Later. Let us discuss it in the camp.
– What happened? And you are watching NDTV 24X7. It is being said that
the dead bodies found here.. ..and 12 places in
all are all sleeper cells. 12 men who have been
shot are all sleeper cells. Neither the police
nor the defense have.. ..announced their role in this.
For the first time.. Each of the victims however
have been identified.. terrorists, and there
are bombs in each of their bags. The cell phones that
these sleeper cells used.. ..are of the most
advanced technology.. ..that can not be traced
through satellites. Sir! Sleeper cells are a
cause for terror in the whole world. What are these sleeper cells actually?
Who are they? In whichever places terrorism
has become a challenge.. ..sleeper cells have become
rampant in those places. We do not know where they are.
Because.. ..these 12 men lived
amidst common people. Those who hate a country
or the people in it.. ..and those who want to take revenge.. ..have been cultivating
these sleeper cells for years.. use their anger and
feelings to spread terrorism. After September 12, America did not.. ..experience another
incident like that. They found the sleeper
cells in their country.. .. destroyed them and took measures.. stop them from springing
up again and growing. It is being said that those
12 terrorists were in fact.. ..sleeper cells of Harkatal. These are the names of the terrorists. Age 32. Age 29. Age 33. Age 34. Age 31. The man that was killed
at Dhobhighat is unidentified. The police have no
information about him. The names of the remaining
terrorists are as follows.. Age 28. Age 32. Age 27. We do not know who did this. The police did not find any clues. Did you find any evidence? The police have seized all
the belongings of the sleeper cells. But the man who killed
one particular sleeper cell.. ..took his non-tracker phone. Whose phone? The man named Afzal who
was killed at Dhobhighat. Hmm. I do not know who you are.. ..where you are.. have killed 12 of my men.. ..including my brother. I am coming for you. But once I get to you,
I will kill you. I am waiting. Hello. Hey! Come to the
Lakeview Café right now. Sir will get upset
if he finds out, madam. Your sir asked you to come.
Now hurry up. Why are you alone? Where is sir? Look there. That is funny. Wow! Superb! He found another girl? Shut up. He is trying
to hook you up with that girl. Me? I am trying to get rid of him.. ..but now he has
become a pimp for you. What rubbish?
You should not disrespect older ones. Respect his age and marry him. Come with me.
– Where? Hi! Come, come, come.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning. Good morning. Jagdish! Hello! – Hello! Jagdish! This is Swetha.
– Hi. Jagdish came to Mumbai for holidays.. select a bride for himself. But poor fellow is not
able to find the right girl. Wait. We are in the same battalion.
He is my junior. But the relationship
between us is like family. No, I am like his older brother. No, no, I am more than that to him. I am going to help him choose a bride. I said the same thing.
– Is it? Oh, great. Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce you. Nisha. My fiancée. Boxer Nisha.
– Oh, hi. I saw you somewhere. – Me? Correct. You think you
saw her somewhere, right? I felt the same thing
when I saw her the first time.. ..and that is when
I thought about Jagdish. It is my duty to help
him find the right girl. You both can exchange
your numbers and chat freely. Let us hope that some
biology works out. Not biology. Chemistry. Does not matter.
It is science after all. I have to talk to him in private. Nisha, they both
have to talk in private. You can talk to me
in private if you want. That is logic. That is logic. I will encourage him
to open up to that girl. Hmm. Okay, okay.
Carry on. Carry on. I got it. Will you come? Sir! She is calling me
aside right in front of you. That is not wrong, Jagdish. She did it in front of me.
It is wrong if she calls you.. ..when I am not around.
Then you should not go. Okay? But now you can go. Look, what you are
doing is very wrong. We have just started talking.. ..and it is not fair on
your part to ruin it so soon. Do you know who that girl is? No. Why? She is an interesting thing. Thing? What thing? You did not understand?
– No. Okay. Do you have
internet on your phone? Yes. Open What are you going to do now? I can not disobey my senior’s orders. He will feel bad. Does it mean you are okay with it? Hmm. Jagdish! There is another thing.
– Another thing? I mean, it is good if
you can discuss this thing.. ..with your family and take
a decision as soon as possible. Because I want the two of us.. get married on the
same day in the same venue. How high is this wall? 6 feet. They can jump high. What is the speed of this bus? Maybe 70 kilometers an hour. They can run fast. They can swim well. All of them were shot on the forehead. A moving bus, a dark theater,
a crowded shopping mall.. ..even from a distance of 200 meters.. ..everybody was shot on the forehead. They are very experienced shooters. They are not policemen.
Do you have any other details? No. There is one common thing. But that is of no use to us. All 12 of them were in
suits while shooting our men. What did you say? All 12 of them were in suits. You should have said that before. I thought wearing
suits is a common thing. In America, everyone wears suits. But in India, only a few wear suits. So, all of them were in suits. They might be waiters in a hotel. They might be businessmen
going to a board meeting. Might be software engineers
going to a seminar. They might be lawyers. They might be wedding guests. I need a list of seminars,
weddings and parties.. ..that took place on 27th in Mumbai. Do not think you did a clever thing. If you had those 12 men
alive instead of shooting them.. ..we would have got so
much information from them. We would not have got any information. Because they do not
really know any plans. In fact, those 12 men
did not know each other too. Really?
– Yes. They are sleeper cells. Their head makes the plan
with two or three other men. And these sleeper cells are ready to.. ..sacrifice their lives
to put that plan into action. Suppose even if we catch one of them.. ..we will get no information from him. So the sleeper cells
live as common people.. ..until they get their orders? Yes. They keep waiting for years. Can we never finish them completely? We can not finish them but
we can stop them to an extent. If we finish the main
head that gives orders.. these sleeper cells.. ..they will keep waiting
all their lives for orders. Okay. But how do we catch
the leader that gives orders? I will not go searching for him. I made sure that he
will come searching for me. If we kill his 12 men,
I knew that he would come.. kill us to exact revenge.
That was my plan. According to my plan,
I think he is already here. You rascal! Okay, how will he find
you in this huge Mumbai city? When we killed those 12 men.. ..I am sure we left
behind a small clue. He will come to find that. So, if we can find that before him.. ..we can catch him
before he attacks us. Then think about which
route he will take. Think about it. You always rotate a colorful
thing in your hands. Rotate that and think about it. Jaga, do not answer it.
I am sure it is her. Jaga, do not answer it.
I bind you by oath.. Hello! I have some shocking news for you. Did you start it again? I did not start anything. Your senior officer called
us to his house. Urgently. Okay, I am coming. Jaga, you are doing a big mistake. We are discussing a serious matter,
you can not leave. Forget about her and
think about this case. Hey, Jaga! Jaga! Jaga! I have two shocking news for you both. First one is for Jagdish. You remember Shwetha
that you met the other day? She said she did not like you. Huh? What happened? He is shocked.
– Okay, okay, okay. Before I tell you the
second shocking news.. have to meet someone.
Wait a second. I will be right back. Okay? Why did you laugh? Because I escaped from that thing.
That is why. But wait, why did you laugh? Because even a thing
like her did not like you. Chitra! I do not know which
website she is from. My uncle’s daughter. She has been in love with
me since she was a little girl. But I did not realize that. When she found out
that I am marrying you.. ..she attempted suicide. Sit down. After we admitted
her in the hospital.. became a very big issue. I took a decision. I am so sorry.
I have decided to marry her. I know how shocked
you are to hear this news. Hmm. It was my mistake
to raise your hopes up. Hey, this is common in life. Okay. Now I am going
to ask you one question. You came to Mumbai to get married. Hmm. And you desired to
marry a military man. That is it.
Why do not you two get married? Sir!
– Jagdish! Do not misunderstand me. We were in love with each
other but I did not touch her. Did I ever touch you? No. You can ask her. Never. I know that it is very
difficult for you to forget me. I can not really help
that I am so handsome. Huh?
– Nothing. Nothing. You are right, sir. I wonder when he will stop doing that. Okay. Nisha, all the best. Bye. Bye. Let us go. Nisha! Just because you did not get me,
do not do this.. Do not take any such decision. Promise? Promise.
– Okay. Bye. Let us go. “I searched the entire
world by googling.” “A naughty boy like
him is not born yet.” “I tried everything on him.” “I never found anybody
like him even in another planet.” “He said okay for dating.” “He took me to ebay.come
when I asked for shopping.” “I asked for movie, he then
opened Youtube and gave popcorn.” “He says he can give
up his life for me.” “Meet my, meet my boyfriend.” “My smart and sexy boyfriend.” “I searched the entire
world by googling.” “A naughty girl like
her is not born yet.” “I tried everything on her.” “I never found anybody
like her even in another planet.” “I am the starter when
we go out for dinner.” “I am the trolley if
I go out shopping with her.” “I am the kerchief during
sad scenes at movies.” “She is a mysterious
girl only for looks.” “Meet my, meet my girlfriend.
My hot and spicy girlfriend.” “Hey join me guys, its intro time,
I will tell you who she is.” “Soft but boisterous girl.” “Sugar free!” “Her words are sweet sand sugar,
but she is having lot of attitude.” “She possesses Cindrella’s
beauty and Dracula’s anger.” “Hey come on, girls, its intro time,
I will tell you who he is.” “If a girl gives handshake,
he flees with the speed of bullet.” “He possesses the style of
a Military man and a small smile.” “6 foot tall, nobody like him..” “Meet my, meet my boyfriend.
My smart and sexy..” Dj on the floor.” “He never asked me to tell
who his facebook friends are.” “He never forces me to
change my facebook status.” “Twitter keeps me busy all the time.” “He updates the status
immediately whenever I tell.” “Some thrill, some romance,
his attitude is strange..” “That is she..” “Her both cell phones are busy with
calls, four booyfriends are in waiting.” “She filled me with jealous,
and gave me remedy for stomach upset.” “She removes any girl’s
number finds in phone.” “She attacks me if
I ogle at her anytime.” “Her behaviour a
shiver down my spine.” “Meet my, meet my girlfriend.
Hot and spicy girlfriend.” “Meet my, meet my girlfriend.
Hot and spicy girlfriend.” “I searched the entire
world by googling.” “A naughty boy like
him is not born yet.” “I searched the entire
world by googling.” “I never found anybody
like her even in another planet.” “He said okay for dating.” “He took me to ebay.come
when I asked for shopping.” “I am the kerchief during
sad scenes at movies.” “He says he can give
up his life for me.” “Meet my, meet my boyfriend.
My smart and sexy boyfriend.” “Meet my, meet my girlfriend.
Hot and spicy girlfriend.” What is wrong? Is someone in your family sick? Today is our first date.
According to the dating rules.. ..whatever my boyfriend
asks me for the first time.. ..I have to give it to him.
I am scared about that. Hey, no. You already
spent so much for the party. I will not ask you for anything.
Do not be scared. No, I did not mean that.
If you ask me for a kiss.. ..I have to give it to you, right? Hey! Yes, I want a kiss.
I want a kiss. Oh no! This is what I feared.
– Come on. I do not know how to kiss. Just close your eyes. I will kiss you. Hello! I have a clue about
which route he will take. Hey! But how will he find out
that we started from the church? The one and only similarity
in those 12 shootouts.. the dress code. If he is an intelligent man.. ..he will come straight to the church. Then hurry up. Among all the functions
that took place in Mumbai.. ..on the 27th,
the wedding in this church.. ..seems the most probable
event for our suspects. Because the bridegroom is an army man. The name of the bridegroom
is William Martin Joel. Can we have his address please? Yes. Yes? Is this Joel’s house? Yes, it is. We are from the army too. His friends. Yeah, come in, come in. Joel is on his honeymoon. You could have contacted
him on his mobile. But his phone was out of reach, uncle. Oh, I am sorry. Please come. Please
be seated. – Thank you very much. This is Joel’s mother. She can not speak. Oh, I am so sorry. Please be seated. I brought a gift for Joel. Oh, very kind of you.
Thank you so much. What would you like to have?
– No, thank you, uncle. Uncle, can I see Joel’s wedding album? Oh, of course. I will bring it. Excuse me. I will bring it. What is this, ma’am?
– Hey. How can she just give
away the address to a stranger? She should have called
the concerned person to check. We do not have time for that. Let us go. This is Joel’s school teacher. And this is Joel’s cousin. They are all Joel’s camp mates. Uncle, there are five teams here. He has been to five camps.
So, there are five teams. Can you get me one coffee? Oh, yeah. I will get you one. We are stuck at the final clue. How do we find out which
of these five teams did it? I will find out. Here’s the coffee, my boys. Thank you. How do you like the pictures? Very nice. I did not expect you so early. I did not give the message at all. These are Joel’s friends. They could not come for the wedding.
– Welcome. Welcome. Meet them.
– I am Noel. Joel’s brother. Please entertain them. Hi!
– Hi! Did you give them coffee?
– Yeah, I just did. Thank you very much for coming. In which camp were you with Joel? Kashmir. Kashmir? Which year? 2005. He was in Delhi in 2005. He did not work in Kashmir after that. Can I see your ID cards? Can you show me your ID cards? Show me. May I see your ID cards? Dad! Why did you let
them come in without checking? They do not know anything
about Joel’s work. I do not like over-smart men. Show me. Show me. Now he will definitely come. Crap! He is too fast. Why did he circle a man in each photo? He is going to kidnap
one man from each team.. find out which
of the five teams did it. That is why he circled them. Hello!
– Yeah, hi. I am Captain Jagdish. According to the Intelligence Report,
you are in danger. Are you safe?
– Yes, I am okay. Sure? – There is no problem. Just be careful, okay? If there is a problem, call me.
This is my number. Yes, I am perfectly fine. Yes, I am fine. I am fine. I will definitely
call you if there is a problem. Okay. What? Everyone that
he circled is safe. That is more dangerous. Since he did not do as we expected.. means he is making another plan. Hello! Jagdish! I am Amar Singh here. Somebody kidnapped
my brother’s daughter. What are you saying? Yes. She went jogging
with her friend this morning. They forcefully put her
in a vehicle and took her away. File a complaint at
the local police station. Do not worry. She will be fine. What is it, Jaga? Since they know that
even if they kidnap army men.. ..and torture them,
they will not get any information… ..they are kidnapping
women from their families. Why? To find out which
team killed those 12 men. After the kidnapping,
they will start threatening them. I will text you the
numbers of those five men.. ..that he circled in the album. Call up those numbers. If any of the women in those
families are out this moment.. ..take their numbers.
Go to your control room. Keep a track of those
sim cards’ whereabouts. Okay. What is it?
– Where are you? On my way to the designing class. Which area?
– Powai. Why? These are the numbers. Find out which areas these
cell phones are in. Okay? Hello, Jagdish! My sister
went to her classes this morning. She has not come home yet. I think the same car
that we sent from home.. ..was used to take her away. Jaga, I was about to call you. What is it? Amongst the five cell
phones of those five women.. sim card is deactivated already. Another one was deactivated just now. I got a call just now. They kidnapped another
girl in the last 45 minutes. Jaga! We need to
use a big police force. Her family filed a
complaint with the police. Do not complicate the matter. What should I do now? I will tell you. In which area was the
second cell phone deactivated? They traveled 4 kilometers
to the south of Mumbai.. ..from her college and
then it was deactivated. The sim card of the girl
that was previously kidnapped.. ..was removed in the same area too. Then go to that area right away. I will join you on the way. Jaga! Three women are still safe. We have to call and warn
them not to go out alone. Do not do anything to ruin it. The head of those sleeper
cells is more important.. ..than those five women. Just come here right now. Hello! My sister went to her
college this morning for a seminar. She has not come home yet. The fourth woman has gone missing. Only one is left. Hello? At what time? Okay, okay. Do not be worried. If you get a call from them,
let me know. The fifth woman is missing. Yes! Hey! Are you really a human being?
You are a sadist! You are not sad that
those women are kidnapped. You want the head of those
sleeper cells to come out.. that you can finish him.
That is important to you. Balaji! Do not be ridiculous. If we finish him,
we will end terrorism in Mumbai city. So? You will sacrifice five girls? Do you have any idea
how their parents will feel? No, no. We should not
think about that now. You will not. What if they
had kidnapped your sister? Yes, I will not think about that now. My sister is one of the
girls that they kidnapped. I am sure he imprisoned
the five girls at the same place. We have to save them and catch him. The man in the fourth
photo was Ashraf. I sent my sister
in his sister’s place. Where are you?
– On my way to the designing class. Which area?
– Powai. Why? Go to IPF College
right now and bring.. teammate Ashraf’s
sister Anisha’s scooty. But why should I bring her scooty? Just do as I say. Okay. There is 40 % discount
in the Levi’s store. Will you buy me three fourth pants? Go soon. You have lost your mind. Sanjana is just a little girl. Just the thought has
sent shivers through my spine. How could you do that to her? I will not spare him. Stop. Why did you call her here? Brother! Here, this is Sanjana’s scarf. I want a maroon color top.
It should have embroidery.. the sides. Understood? Okay. Go. You try to find them
with the help of this dog. I will go check if there
are any suspicious places. Let us see. Untie them. Project one photo at a time. Who knows this man? Who knows this man? My brother. Stand that side. My uncle. He is my brother. Who is he? Your brother? Your brother? Show the next one. My brother. Is your brother not
in these five photos? No. Show the group photos one by one. Is your brother in this photo? This one? This one. Who asked you to bring
the bike of the girl.. ..that was supposed to be kidnapped? My brother. Yes, tell me.
– Operation successful. We found out the team that did this. One man in that team sent his sister.. ..instead of the other man’s sister. We removed the sim cards
from all their phones. There is no chance that
he will find out where we are. No, no, no! He is not a fool. He sent his sister
to find out your hideout.. that he can catch you. What are you talking about? Kill his sister before he
finds you and leave that place. Okay. Everyone get ready.
Tie up those four girls. Tie this one up separately
and bring her here. Hurry up. Quick. Stop. Turn around. He is here. He is killing everyone. There will not be a problem anymore. I will get you all safely into a taxi. In case the police ask,
tell them it was dark and.. could not see my face clearly.
Okay? Get in. ‘Operation successful.’ ‘We found out the team that did this.’ ‘One man in that
team sent his sister..’ ‘..instead of the other man’s sister.’ ‘There is no chance that
he will find out where we are.’ You sent me there on purpose, did not you?
You did this on purpose, did not you? Hey, do not hit me. He held a big knife to my throat.
He would have slit my throat. True. But risking our
lives helped us to catch him. You should take such
risks with your life. What did I do to deserve it? Right. Only policemen
and military men.. ..should sacrifice their lives. But you people will
nicely sit at home.. ..browse through the news channels.. ..and give suggestions
about how to do our job better. What would have happened
if I was shot in your fight? You would have lost your life. That is right, I would have died. If men like them who want
to kill thousands of people.. ..are ready to sacrifice their lives.. ..we who want to save
lives should not fear death. I am glad that we caught the main head. But he is not the main head. Another man called
him and gave him orders. Only after that he
aimed the knife at me. Boo! – Hey!
– Mummy! Sorry. Finger cutter. No, no. Wire cutter. Why did you come here? I came here because
you disappeared suddenly. Coming here suddenly and trying to.. ..frighten me is not a good idea. Why? Because I cannot guarantee
that I will be alone in my room. Hmm. Sandbag.
Dumbbells. You work out as well? Not bad. I read a forwarded message recently. You can burn 40 calories
with one deep kiss. That is equal to 30
minutes of brisk walking.. ..20 minutes of swimming,
10 minutes of skipping and.. ..5 minutes.. If you want a kiss, just say it. Do not beat around
the bush talking about.. ..forwarded messages
and science of architecture. You girls first provoke
us and then say.. ..’These boys are so mean.’ Darn! Standing in a
queue to buy groceries.. easier than
taking a kiss from him. Okay, bye. Okay, okay. Okay, darling. You asked me, did not you?
Why are you leaving now? Why just 40? Let us burn 80 calories. Not here. Let us go that is side. You are thinking about
science of architecture now. Is it? Close your eyes. Eyes closed and lips open. No. You will disappear
if I close my eyes. Hmm. Who is that? I told you. My mom is here. Oh God! What do we do now? Go open the door. Hey, where are you going? I will hide in the cupboard. That cupboard is engaged.
Hide in this cupboard. What is it, mom? Oh, you. Did you see TV? It already came in the TV? Did they fix cameras in my room? Stop your drama.
I am coming from the crime scene. I saw what you did. 16 men are dead. All of them are sleeper cells.
Men with small time jobs. Their families are
mourning their deaths.. ..but they are not convinced
that they are sleeper cells. We know that. Did you find any
clue about their head? Hmm. I thought so. But he is not the main man. I still have not caught
the man that gives orders to him. Hey! Why is he coughing
in a girl’s voice? Oh God! Hey, I am sorry. Come out. Come out. Hi! Do you never keep clothes and books.. your cupboards
like the other people? Hi!
– Hi! Will you marry this man? You will need a petromax light. Yes.
– Then your life will be ruined. “I became your.. I became your..” “I became your..” “Take away my heart..” “Come home.. come home..” “You stood in front like a moonlight.” “You teased me with your smile.” “You stood in front like a moonlight.” “You teased me with your smile.” “You dreams never leave me..” ..wherever I go.” “Your breathe is chasing me..” “What is this ordeal?” “You are a earthquake..” “You are the flower on seashore..” “Like a fireball,
feelings are aroused.” “Fire and water have become one.” “Let us give up inhibitions
and become one.” “You stood in front like a moonlight.” “You teased me with your smile.” “You entered my eyes..” “I do not exist anymore,
what you did to me.” “Looks are exchange
by throwing a bait.” “I flew in air with happiness.” “I became restless all the time,
suffering cold fever.” “I tried to capture the moonlight.” “I won you with smile.” “Your dreams do not leave me..” “..wherever I go.” “Your breathe is chasing me..” “What is this ordeal?” “I became your.. I became your..” Early this morning, in Andheri West.. ..a man was found dead
on the roadside dump yard. With a couple of fingers severed.. ..he was found badly bruised too. The police claim that
he was tortured extensively.. ..before being killed. The man has been
identified as Asif Ali.. ..who has been noted
to have connections.. ..with the 12 sleeper cells
that were shot dead last week. Some investigators claim
that he could be holding.. ..a bigger role in the sleeper
cell network and probably.. They killed him because
they could not get.. ..any information from him. The man you are searching
for is one of these 12 men. Right? He is a cold blooded murderer. Heat him up. Think big.
Attack big. He will come out. Give him a taste of
the power of sleeper cells. You go in, mom.
I will come in a minute. Come soon. Let us stop this game.
I want you. Alive. Call your teammate Chandra. Ask him if he is in
Infinity Mall in Andheri. Tell him that there is going
to be a blast in 10 seconds. Hey. Hey.. Yes, Jaga! How are you? Chandra! Where are you? I came out with my family.
– Where? Infinity Mall.
– Oh God! Chandra,
there is a bomb in that building. Get out of there right now. What are you talking about?
– Just get out immediately. There is only 5 seconds left. There are so many people here. Listen to me.
Alert them and send them out. Come on, Chandra.
Get out. Listen to me, get out. Come on, man. Did you hear that sound?
How was the audio? Did you enjoy it? Not just him,
I know where the remaining 11 men are. Each man is being followed
by a sleeper cell. Should I give you details? Chirag Shetty. Leopold Café. Neelmani. Mahalaxmi Temple. Ashraf. Crawford Market. Jigap Singh. Cinemax Theatre. Siddharth. Juhu Beach. Vishal. Lilavati Hospital. Jabbas. Fashion Street. Jagdish. Bandra Market. Sumesh Krishna. City Mall. Harpreet Singh. Sea Link Fast-food. Surendra. Churchgate Station. Now listen to what I am
going to do to the next man. Your teammate Jagdish
is in Bandra Market now. There is going to be
a blast there in 3 seconds. 3. 2. 1. Boom! You got scared?
That means you have fear. I did not blast the bomb.
I do not want them. I want you. Okay, okay.
Do not do anything to anyone. I.. I will come. Good. Good decision. Be ready. Who are these people? We know the army officers
that were killed.. border war, or counter terrorism. Hi, Jagdish! – But these
men were injured and became useless. In other fields, if a man
works sincerely he gets promoted. But in army and police department,
they get retired. Jagdish! Hey! – They are ready. Come.
– Yeah. Hi, friends!
– Hi! I already spoke to all
of you individually on the phone. Now the time has arrived. We all are going to
execute an assignment. Tomorrow morning I am
going to meet the main head.. ..that controls all the sleeper cells. When I meet him, nobody can follow me. So before I go to meet him.. ..I will insert a
tracking chip in my body. You will be in the control
room and communicate.. ..the whereabouts of that chip to him. I secretly got some explosive
materials we use in army. You will receive them in the evening. Make C4 plastic explosives with them.. ..and give them to him. Balaji will tell you
where they are taking me.. ..and you should come
there with those explosives. I assume that they will
take me to an isolated place. So, you should bring
those explosives there.. ..put them in place and leave. Okay. I do not understand
why they want me alive. Once I meet that main
head of the sleeper cells.. ..after 15 minutes
that bomb should explode. The man who controls those
sleeper cells will die with me. Then sleeper cells
will turn into coma cells. After that they will not
get any orders in their lives. It is like a..
It is like a suicide attack. Blast! Are you out of your mind? You called it a suicide attack
and they applauded you for it. He is a very dangerous man. So, you will sacrifice your life? Do not you care about your family? Who does not have a family? During the Taj attack,
before leaving home.. ..they promised their families
that they will be back. Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar.. ..they returned as
dead bodies in 20 minutes. Did not they have families? Look at them!
They broke their spines.. ..lost their hands and legs
in war but they are still happy. Do not they have families? An army man will not
get a better chance than this. Jaga.. People like them who want
to kill thousands of people.. ..are ready to lose their lives. People like us who
want to save lives.. ..should be ready
to lose our lives too. I took the right decision. If you are really my well-wisher.. family will not have
any support after me.. ..I have two sisters too.. ..if you are free,
visit them whenever you can. Buddy.. We were getting engaged in four days. Why are you suddenly calling it off? Let us cancel it for this time. We can discuss it
the next time I come. We already decided
to get married next year. We are just getting engaged now. Yes, but I think it is better to wait. First you said you did not like me. Then you said you liked me. Is it because you
do not like me anymore? Why do not you understand? Okay. But I do not know how
to make my heart understand. I will never be able to do that. Bye. My man is right beside you. No, there is no one here. On the opposite side
of the road you will find a.. ..3525 silver colored Indigo car. Take that car and come
to 101 Growels Mall, Kandivali. Park that car there,
take the black Honda City 7087.. ..and go to Bombay Stock Exchange. What is your name? What is your name? What is your name? What is your name? My name is Jagdish. Oh, Telugu? He is a Telugu man. I know Telugu very well. I know Telugu people even better. You do not know why I did not
kill you and what my plan is. All these are cars parked by you. See what they contain. We will not detonate them.
We will just inform the police. They will inquire who
planted them there. And then.. By the time the police
come searching for you.. ..we will kill you. Not just you, your teammates too. Do you know who will kill
you and diffuse those bombs? Look at the monitor. Joint Secretary in Defense. We will claim that his
team killed the 12 men you shot. Then they will come
to the conclusion that.. are a double agent. He will be promoted as
the next Defense Secretary. There were no sleeper cells
in the Indian army till now. With his help we will
send many sleeper cells.. ..into the Indian army
and achieve what we want. You did not expect this, did you? ‘I should not die. I should not die.’ ‘Sleeper cells in the army
will be like cancer to the nation.’ ‘I have to escape from here.
How? Think.’ Do you have any death wish? What is it called? Yes, your last wish. Yes. I want to be beaten up by you. Huh? I want you to beat me up and kill me. Did you hear him? His last wish is to
be beaten up by me and die. Okay. Now open the lock. What? Open the lock and beat me. Listen! Your boss
tied me up and beat me. I asked him to open the
lock but he is hesitating. You broke my hand.
And you have your men with you.. ..but still you are scared of me. That is the fear I want to see. Though you broke my hand,
though you have.. ..your men with me,
you are scared to open the lock. I like to see that fear in you. No, no, Jamal.
Do not do that. Shoot him. Shoot him. He is a tricky guy.
Listen to me. Just shoot him. You can not beat him. I mean.. Unlock him. Listen to me.
They both will kill each other. Just say the word
and I will shoot him. No, no, no.
I can not say that. What can I do? Do as I say, shoot them both. Shoot them both,
we have no other choice. Shoot them both. Weapons down. You are not a clever man. You might kill me,
but all the details to control.. ..the sleeper cells are in that ship. They will continue my work. 3. 2. 1.. Boom! You did not get it?
Then die with that suspense. Younger daughter’s name is Sanjana? No, older daughter’s name is Sanjana. If you had told us
that you liked our girl.. ..we could have got them both married. That is what we said.
But he never listens to me. He does not take anything seriously.
– Correct. Sir! A perfect couple. Yes. You know one thing? They are together today because of me. Because of you?
– Yes. Sir, the day that we arrived,
his father took him away.. see this girl. First he disliked her.
Then she disliked him. Finally when they
both liked each other.. ..some idiot came in
between and created confusion. Now their problem is solved. But, why did you say they
are together because of you? You just said that some
idiot came in between, right? Yes.
– I am that idiot. Yes, sir! Hey.. What is wrong? Army is really great. 11 months, somewhere far in hot sun,
or snow mountains.. a small tent,
in the light of candles.. remember the incidents
of the past 40 days.. ..looking at your family photo,
and continue your life. “Bye for now, O heart..
our paths will cross again..” “O motherland, I am going very far..” “This relationship is everlasting..” “Every momemt is sweet you know..” “We are going..
we are going very far..” “O relationship, leaving me..” “Experience that leaves me..” “Go..” “Friend’s image is
moving inside the heart..” “Love breeze is chasing..” “Every memory in this path..” “ coming with me..” “Everything around is moving..” “Memories are flashing
across the mind..” “Heart is acting stubborn..” “ a small kid.” “Like a light..” “Memories are drowing me..” “Unforgettable memory..” “..staring at me..” “Let me go..” “Ask where your grownup son is..” “Mother tells he is a soldier..” “That moment is greater than..” “..any number of medals won.” “The martyrdom for country..” “Family receives only clothes..” “These sacrifices are..” “..superior to everything in world.” “Country.. country..” “It is more than my life,
God and everything.” “The wounds I receive
in battlefield..” “ the strength
that takes me forward.” “Let me go..” “Bye for now, O heart..” “Our paths will cross again..” “O motherland, I am going very far..” “This relationship is everlasting..” “Every momemt is sweet you know..” “I am going..” “O relationship, leaving me..” “Experience that leaves me..” “Bye.. bye..” “Bye for now, O heart..” “Our paths will cross again..” “O motherland, I am going very far..” “This relationship is everlasting..” “Every momemt is sweet you know..” “I am going very far..”


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