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Would you agree with me that your products should not be used where there is impure water? Every year, a hundred
million babies are born Do you feel that you have any responsibility? We can’t have that responsibility sir… if a few million of them die,
who cares? Ayan, where does your story start? I am an ordinary man with ordinary expectations. Life was hard, but… sometimes it smiled at me. You will be selling the
world’s best infant formula… with the world’s best company – Lastavita. You want the best for your
children and this is the best Lasta Food Inc.
This stuff sells itself. This is for you. It seems that you have a
lot of fans among the doctors. So, it’s time to expand your frontiers. The black boxes mean those doctors are mine. These babies are dying
because of your company’s formula. And this is happening every day. Babies are dying because of our products. It’s not our fault Ayan… if the government gives filthy water to people. Don’t you dare use me and my children
as a reason to not do what is right. It’s not too late. The company will take you back. I am not coming back. I didn’t tell you to quit your job… or to attack one of the biggest
food companies in the world Ayan. This was happening in Africa in the 70’s All over Asia in the 80’s and 90’s. And you just sent a researcher to prove
that it is still happening there now. It’s an old story that’s alive. It keeps repeating itself. Okay, let me put it this way. If, to save a thousand children… I destroy my life. Does anyone care?


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