Timon & Pumbaa – The Pain In Spain Part 1 – Ella Hall

♥ Thanks so much for watching! Wonderful Days it’s our problem-free Wow, look at that Timon El Toro the brightest ball at all of Spain He sure looks brave, please Pumbaa that billboards nothing but cold cuts. What do you mean? Boulogne why I’m three times as brave as hell Toro Well, he’s sure scares me. I mean, what would you do if you were up against him? I know exactly what I do Charge me G. No no, come on. Come on. Come on put those useless tusks feyo’s well, okay I’m already come on now back up really really far Farther than that No, no How’s this term, oh that’s more like it now really charged at me Pumbaa like you mean Upset let’s see on to see what I see. Why here’s the bull most be obsessed and bravest. We have spotted all the Flowers that’s why we are Carlos and Consuelo Quint the fastest smartest oldest bull catchers on the Iberian, Peninsula What do you mean I’m fired this is unacceptable Bull your popularity is down and your pay is too high yoky adequate and out of shape That’s why we have obtained a replacement replacement who dares to replace a one only If

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