Timon & Pumbaa – Timon’s Time Togo Part 1 – Ella Hall

♥ Thanks so much for watching! Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase For the rest of your days, it’s our problem-free Overall pal there’s nothing like enjoying the delectable Fruits of one’s labor has one since under a shady jungle Very Triana active peat moss in balmy 70 degree weather on a Wednesday afternoon The sign says eat the bugs and brother don’t mind if I do They must be poisonous I’m gonna die Cause it says here the only poisonous bug indigenous to this region is the red footed roach beetle Cause it’s only poisonous if you eat it under a shady jungle berry tree on a patch of peat moss In balmy 70 degree weather on a Wednesday afternoon. I Should have read the whole thing Start experiencing the following symptoms spiraling eyes smoking nostrils growth possible advantages including an extra head followed by immediate retraction of multiple appendages on the extra head and finally a Sun but Where am I? Welcome to me Last name Beckylyn well then, let’s see what the old Has to say about you large mr. Berkowitz Here you are as a baby. It’s mine. Is it not yours? So get your own grub you Mook What look, how cute are you and so full of beans Know what you’re like what my help and there’s nothing in it for me Try to classify its pal and check under moose. Oh My face yo mo

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