Tinashe On Her Gritty Music Video For No Drama | Fuse

Yeah, I’ve been sick
a long time. I can’t, like… there’s a million reasons
why it took a long time. ♪ Said I’m falling off
but they won’t JFK me ♪ ♪ Tried to be myself
but they won’t AKA me ♪ I really wanted the video to be very visually stunning
and impactful and memorable. I wanted it to feel
fresh and different and at the same time
just really powerful. We went with some really,
really, really strong looks. I wanted to give you guys
something different than I normally do. So I put on some wigs,
I got all my outfits, and we’re in this, I would say,
kind of gritty environment, but I’m bringing, like,
some sparkle elements. So there was this
kind of juxtaposition between the shininess
and the grime, and there’s all this fighting and there’s this tension and stuff going around. And I think that that
can be a metaphor for, like, life in general. You know, there’s
all this chaos and everything that
goes on day-to-day, and it’s just important to
just maintain focus and just try to,
you know, stay positive. ♪ We pulled in Gucci, dripped
down in Gabbana (drip, drip) ♪ Every time that I do
a new dance routine, that’s super exciting for me because dance is a huge part
of who I am as an artist. So I love the opportunity to integrate a new routine
into a music video. Whenever I get
a dope collaboration, I’m always excited. I got Offset on the song,
which was awesome. ♪ Yeah, ain’t no drama in
the back of Maybach on comfort ♪ We had a really cool rapport, especially when
we were in the video. He was super chill. When I heard his verse
for the first time, he sent it to me,
I was in my car and I was listening to it
as loud as I could and I started
getting so excited. I was like,
(squealing) “Oh my god!” It feels really real,
like, “Ah, it’s done. “It’s really coming out!
The feature’s solidified.” It was really exciting. With shooting all the videos
and creating all that content, we really wanted to make sure
that we hyper-curated the team and made sure that everyone
that was surrounding me was as good as
they possibly could be. Interestingly enough,
a lot of the people that I feel like are doing some
of the best stuff right now are women, and so
it was really awesome to be able to bring
a lot of women into my team. The director of
this music video, Sasha Samsonova,
she’s amazing. She’s got a great eye,
great vision; it was so fun
to collaborate with her. So it’s just been, you know, great to see all this girl power
going into 2018. ♪ Don’t want no drama-ma ♪ I think that the album
lives up to the hype. I am beyond proud of it and I hope that everyone
really loves it because, uh yeah, it’s my baby.


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