Tiny Beautiful Things Trailer

All Letter Writers: Dear Sugar. Letter Writer #3: My question is about love. Letter Writer #1: Dear Sugar, I’m middle aged, married, and crushing on a friend. Letter Writer #2: Dear Sugar I’ve been wanting to ask you something what’s your real name? Sugar: Let’s keep it at Sugar. Letter Writer #2: Wait, the letters are real?! Sugar: Yes. Letter Writer #3: All of them? Sugar: Yes! Letter Writer #2: Do you have an office? Is this your job? Sugar: Uh, no. I, uh, write at home, at night, when I’m supposed to be working on my next book. Letter Writer #1: Have you ever written an advice column before? Sugar: No. Letter Writer #3: Are any questions off limits? Sugar: No. Letter Writer #1:Do you like it up the [expletive]? Sugar: No. Letter Writer #1: Dear Sugar, I am worried I will die alone. Letter Writer #3: Dear Sugar, when it comes to holding I’m the worst. Letter Writer #2: Dear Sugar, I think I’m attracted to my teacher. Letter Writer #1: Dear Sugar, are you there? Letter Writer #2: Dear Sugar, where are you? Letter Writer #3: Dear Sugar, why aren’t you answering me? Letter Writer #2: Dear Sugar, my roommate is selfish Are you ever going to answer me?! Letter Writer #2: Dear Sugar. Letter Writer #1: Dear Sugar. Letter Writer #3: Dear Sugar. Sugar: Your stories spilled into mine I spilled mine back into you. Sugar’s not just me. We created something together. We are all Sugar.

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