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Hi Hello Welcome to my channel, Today we are going to see Tipu Sultan Summer Palace which is in Bangalore In Bangalore there are two palaces, One is Bangalore Palace another one is Tipu Summer Palace Tipu summer palace is very small comparatively to Bangalore Palace This was built by Tipu sultan, He designed the entire architecture of this palace. They said, Interiors were designed and supervised under the guidance of Tipu Sultan himself, I am not sure about it. This was built in 17th Century, This is one of the oldest of palace in the state, Entire palace was designed using Teak Wood, Each of it has its own beauty, Lets go inside and see If you see there is a mini garden in the palace, There is one small grass lane with flowers, Its good to see.. This is not a big palace But very small, You can only spend half an hour to one hour here not more than that. Lets go inside and see how the architecture was built. Beside the palace there is one temple located, This is temple has been dedicated to lord perumal. you can also visit that temple if you are here Guys i forgot to say something, In outside There were some instruction mentioned in the board, We should not use camera with flash, also videography is not allowed from dslr camera’s They said, this building can be damaged because of the flash light, I am not sure about the logic behind it. i have no intelligence to identify the reason behind it too LOL!!! Inside it is very dark, Not sure how i am going to capture the video inside Guys i told you before, Entire architecture were constructed using teak wood, look at the Pillar and it is connected well with the basement. In the top there are some designs All these are unique designs, The painting and everything has been designed by Tipu himself, but this painting you know who designed 😛 During those days it was a big palace in this region, It was the center of attraction to many since there were no other building standing beside of this palace Lets go to top and see how it is look like I feel like that i am inside the abandoned building and scrawling to the top, It is complete dark i couldnt find out anything here. Its look like a darbar style. This might have been a court during those days. They built in a similar fashion, May be this could be a resting area Whenever the king gets time if any cases arrives he will give the Judgement here, This design resembles that Very dark here. You cant see me here it seems Visitors should not use flash lights for the photography / videography, Thats why we are handling the camera like that Look at the pillars, Everything made of wood, Looks big and beautiful. If you see here there is a small passage, There are small sized palconies in the passage, King will give the judgement here. Everything is wood here, No concrete has been used here. Roof also made up of wood, This is very tiny palace, at the same time there are some innovative stuffs you can able to see. If you loot at.. Building is weak. if you walk fast it can break here and there. So be catious while walking and handle it gently Look at the design here everything was made up of teak wood You can see one more passage here. There is one tiny palcony here, Including roof everything was teak wood. no concrete has been used here. You might have heard the sound.. Wood only gives you this much sound This is the most teriffying area so far in this palace. nothing is visible here, Its full of dark, There is a room their look like it is closed already If you walk towards left there is small area’s, Lets go down There are some small boxes in the wall, May be they used it as wall lamp holders, Look at the top, small boxes in the wall all over, Also i could see graphetti everywhere, People are destroying the monuments everywhere Security guards are there, We will go down using this steps have a look on this view, This is very good view of this palace, You want to take photos come here and take it, good place for photography You can take candid photography too. There are available places for that as well Every one taking here, There is big gang out there, They are taking selfies it seems, This is perfect spot for selfie lovers, Come here and explore this place, you will like it There are some incriptions here and there, Not sure which language it is, if anyone knows about the language of the incriptions do explain to us if possible. Look at the roof.. Wow!!! It is very good architecture, but sad part is the building is very weak, if you watch it from here you can get the clear picture of palace architecture, This is Indo – Islamic Architecture, This was built during Tipu sultan regime There is one closed stairs out there, may be it is very weaken to claim up to. also there is a small garden beside, and there is a swimming pool structure here May be this was used by Tipu Sultan for bath, No water here, Not sure what purpose they were used this structure, My hard guess this could be the swimming pool those days There is a small passage way in the ground floor, lets go inside see what is there to explore, Come with me. There are some details about the history in the past on the wall. Security Alert!!! ( cell phone not allowed) 😀 So guys inside photography or videography not allowed, So we are unable to cover some details on the palace, We came outside now, This is very tiny palace, This place is good for taking photos, Tipu sultan throne was theft to london during british regime, Recently Vijay Mallaya brought it back to india, there were lot of war’s happened for the throne, One of the guide here told us this detail Definitely this is good place, but at the same time maintanence is poor, They should have maintained this place well. But the work went into build this palace is immense we should appreaciate Tipu for this Sorry guys that was not the throne, that was sword of Tipu sultan 😀 (Cameraman was Interrupting me :P) Guys some correction Throne is still in london, Only the sword has been brough back to india with the help of Vijay Mallaya, He won the auction in london Apart from that there are no other details about the place since it is very small palace, There are staffs here and there, They are not allowing anyone inside to take pictures or videos There are only 3 rooms here, In that photography not allowed in two rooms, They have allowed to pictures in one room and there is a waranda in the down, From here everyone taking group photos, Selfies etc, Photo cameras are allowed but not in all the rooms, videography not allowed but somehow we have managed to capture the videos So guys rain is coming I completed my review of this palace, we went inside and saw, Place made up of wood at the same time it is very weak in condition now, At the same time interiors were too good, There was no work in the roof but they used teak wood every inch of this palace, you can definitely visit this palace, Worth a visit You can spend an hour inside not more than that, it is very small palace So guys keep watching my channel, if you want to say something feel free to comment your openion on my comment box also refer any places / restaurants from your near locations we will come and do the review Until then bye bye from my end. Rain has started now… Byeeeeeeeeeeee

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