TITLI | Official Trailer | Shashank Arora | Shivani Raghuvanshi | Ranvir Shorey

I’m Titli Hello My father believes
it’s all about the family We understand
the importance of women And judicious too And the truth is whatever
the family says We’ve a good and running
family business They’re not stopping.
Let’s go! We live and eat happily on it Thanks, honey – Try some sweet. At least try it.
– I’m done We marry by family planning My wife’s modern And I broad minded – Rakesh, call for tea.
– No, I’ll have lemon soda I take her to her boyfriend Though I charge for it How much? 300,000 I have a dream too Three floors of underground parking Cars rolling in everyday Khanduri’s asking for 300,000 Get the money by day after It’s soon to be fulfilled Then My bro, Daddy, Wife We’ll all party together Like we always do Where’d you get the 300,000? Answer him Where were you going with it? Speak or I’ll kill you It was to buy
a parking contract in Meerut To run away
from this hell hole! You’re calling the family
a hell hole? I’ll send you a gun Then shoot the guy in the head I’ll pray that it goes well Once it’s done
we’ll all go to the hill temple Grab the fucker! Run You fuck with my money
and I’ll make it worse! I’m not a criminal, like you guys! Stop talking to the lady Bastard daddy! Shilpi, no! More Parathas? Give me my fucking money! So you’re Titli the butterfly.
Fluttering away to freedom! Come meet us Don’t forget Daddy Baawla Vikram Neelu Titli


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