To Kid or Not To Kid – Trailer

When are you gonna have a baby? That, without
doubt, is the question young married couples hear most. After all, isn’t that what the American Dream
is all about? I always put off my decision to have children. Childless women can never be happy. The childless choice is a sort of cancer in
our culture. We need to have higher birth rates in this
country. I’ve spent my life surrounded by children. But if I ever considered not having them… Not having children, you could say, that’s
selfish. You and I not having a family, that’s it?It’s really hard to talk about. So I started asking the question: Do you know anybody that’s made the decision
not to have children? She started in pretty much right away like,
oh you want sterilization why do you not want kids? I’ve been told you’re not a complete woman
until you become a mother. The baby products industry is expected to
hit 49 billion dollars. You are saying, if you are giving life, you’ve
done a better job than if you haven’t? Having kids is probably the best thing most
people do, because they have created life! It’s against all natural instincts, when two
people get married, for them not to have children. For me, and millions of men and women… They hand her to me, and I’m like, oh she’s
beautiful, and oh my God, what did I just do? Wow — …it’s one of the biggest questions… I would rather die on the operating table
than have a baby — …of our lives. So, um, we had sex last night. You think there might be a chance that — I think there’s a chance, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had trouble sleeping, I wouldn’t be so nervous. It’s estimated that 40 – 50% of American pregnancies are unintended. I don’t know…I don’t know…

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