Toji no Miko Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi Revue: Stage Girls and Toji no Miko

The Dance Recital; a fine arts festival presented through a collaborative effort by the Five Traditions. Its main attraction: a dance performed in miko attire by eleven select toji. This year, the girls chosen were as follows: Shidou Maki, Konohana Suzuka, Satuki Yomi, Tsubakuro Yume, Etou Kanami, Yanase Mai, Juujou Hiyori, Mashiko Kaoru, Kitora Mirja, Yamashiro Yui, and Shichinosato Kofuki– Maki: We’re going to do a full rehearsal of the performance now. Ban Tsugumi, you’re in charge of the music. Tsugumi: Right, you can leave the supporting role to me. Ready… Starting the music. Tsugumi: Three, two, one… Maki: That’s wrong, all wrong! Ban Tsugumi, stop the music! Yume, Mashiko Kaoru, Shichinosato Kofuki! Maki: You weren’t keeping the pace! We’re starting again, from the top! Yume: Ehh~, againnn? I’m bored of this already~. Kaoru: I thought I’d get a break from dealing with aradama here, but this might be worse… Kofuki: Hey, how long’re we gonna keep doing this for? Isn’t this good enough already? Maki: Until you can deliver a perfect performance for Yukari-sama, of course. Maki: That’s the entire purpose of this training camp. Now, let’s keep going… Suzuka: Wait, Maki-san. It’s about time we gave them a break. Yume: Hooray-! A break-! Maki: Hold it, Yume! I didn’t say we were taking a break yet! Maki: Suzuka! They still have a long way to go before they’re ready! Do you think we have time to stop now!? Suzuka: That’s exactly why we should. Suzuka: This training camp will last quite some time. They’ll need a degree of rest every now and then, won’t they? Maki: But… Kaoru: We’ll still be practicing tomorrow, won’t we? Let us rest a minute. Maki: That’s not your place to decide… Maki: …Maybe I have been pushing you too hard though. Maki: We’re taking a break, everyone. You can all rest until Yume, Mashiko Kaoru, and Shichinosato Kofuki can manage that performance. Kaoru/Kofuki/Yume: Ehh~!? Kanami: Ahh, I’m worn out-. Mai: We’ve been dancing all this time, after all. Hiyori: Maybe it’s because we’re using different muscles than usual, but I’m feeling a lot more tired than I expected. Mirja: This seemed likely to happen, so we do have honey lemon slices prepared. Would you all like some? Hiyori: Honey lemon slices… That would be nice. Kanami: Thank you, Kitora-san! Mirja: Yamashiro Yui, please hand them out. Yui: I’m on it, Mirja-san! Yui: You can eat these soury sweet honeyed lemons right out of my hands! And you can lick my fingers clean too if you want! Mirja: Stop that, it’s unsanitary. Mai: Haha… Thank you, Kitora-san. I can make another batch for everyone tomorrow. Mirja: Good, I’ll tell Ban Tsugumi that she won’t need to make any more. Kanami: Nn~! Sweet and sour… And bitter!? Eh!? Why’s it so bitter!? Hiyori: What’s this powder mixed in with the honey!? Though… I feel like dancing now! Mai: …I think I won’t eat any after all. Mirja: …That may be for the best. Yomi: Tsubakuro-san, you are moving your hands incorrectly. Mashiko-san, your body has stopped moving. Shichinosato-san, please do not try to fall asleep. Suzuka: …The training camp has only just begun and we’re already behind schedule. Maki: I didn’t expect it to be such a struggle. There are lots of minor points they aren’t able to keep up with, but… Suzuka: It’s the finishing act, isn’t it. Maki: As toji, they should all be skilled enough for this. Maki: And despite that, for them to be this this incapable of coordinating their performance… Suzuka: We still have time before the recital. I’d like to believe they can work things out with enough practice. Maki: Why now, at a time like this… Tsugumi: Shidou-san, there’s a report of an aradama outbreak in the area… Maki: We’ll all go. You’ll join us, Ban Tsugumi. Tsugumi: That’s fine, but it’s best if we go quickly. Tsubakuro-san and Shichinosato-san have already rushed on ahead. Kofuki: Nice timing back there, aradama-chan! I love you for real-! Yume: I’m glad we got to leave practice, but these are all weaklings, so it’s still boring! Yume: …By the way, Onee-san. Where are we? Kofuki: Beats me? All I cared about was chasing down the aradama-chan, so I wasn’t paying attention. Yume: Ehh-!? You’re no help at all. Kofuki: Playing with aradama-chan was bound to be a million times more fun than that lameass dance practice. Maki: …Found you! Don’t go running off on your own! Suzuka: Is this a theater? Was there a theater this close nearby? Giraffe: I understand. Yume: Wah-!? A talking giraffe! Kofuki: Is that an aradama too? Should I cut it up to be sure? Tsugumi: Please wait, Shichinosato-san. I’ve never seen an aradama with such a close resemblance to a giraffe before. Tsugumi: We should attempt to gather information on it through communication first. You can cut it up when we’re done. Giraffe: I am not an aradama, so may I ask you toji not to cut me. Suzuka: It knows what we are? Giraffe: Yes. Giraffe: I wish for you to suppress the aradama, so the audition may resume. Maki: All aradama in the area have been defeated. Suzuka, is the spectrum finder showing you anything? Suzuka: …No, that should have been all of them just now. However… Maki: Suzuka? Is something wrong? Tsugumi: It’s not giving any response, Shidou-san. After entering this theater, the spectrum finder didn’t react to the aradama at all. Maki: …They didn’t show up on the spectrum finders? Tsugumi: Yes, this is a highly fascinating phenomenon! Tsugumi: Could they be a new variety of aradama? Though, the structure of their bodies was familiar. Which might mean, the aradama have evolved in some way… Maki: Get a hold of yourself, Ban Tsugumi. …Suzuka, is what she said accurate? Suzuka: Yes, I’ve confirmed it myself. Ban-san is telling the truth. Maki: So what’s going on here…? Yume: Maki-onee-san! Somebody’s fighting some aradama over there! Maki: Grh, they just keep coming… Move in to help! ??? (Karen): YAAAAAAAHH!! Aradama: Gyaa… ??? (Mahiru): Wh-What’s going on here!? ??? (Hikari): Think about that later. HAA!! Aradama: GYAAA! Kanami: Ehhh!? Hiyori: They’re killing aradama without okatana!? Yui: And they’re so cute to boot!? Mirja: (As it seems, these are not ordinary aradama here… No, that’s not what matters most now.) Mirja: This is no time for you to fool around, Yamashiro Yui! Move to support those girls! Kofuki: I dunno who you are, but hands off my aradama-chan!! ??? (Karen): Thanks for the help! Those monster looking things came out of nowhere, and we didn’t know what to do! Kanami: We were just doing our job. We’re toji, after all. Kanami: And anyway, how’d you beat the aradama!? That’s not an okatana, right!? ??? (Karen): Otakara? [treasure] ??? (Nana): Not treasure, Karen-chan. She said an “okatana”. ??? (Juuna): An okatana… Some type of sword? Like the ones you have, right? ??? (Karen): Banana! And Junjun too! ??? (Mahiru): Hey, Karen-chan… These girls, they might have something to do with what’s happening… ??? (Hikari): I think so too. ??? (Karen): But, since they’re here, that makes them stage girls like us! Kanami: …”Stage girls”? Kanami: Like performers? Does anyone know about them? Hiyori: Nope, not me. Kanami: What about you, Mai-chan? Mai: No, I haven’t heard about them either. ??? (Juuna): We’re students of Seisho Music Academy. You’ve heard of that, right? Yume: Seisho Music Academy? Do you know about it, onee-sans? Yomi: No, I’ve never heard of it. Suzuka: I should be familiar with prestigious music academies, from socializing in those circles… Suzuka: But the name Seisho Music Academy doesn’t ring any bells. Maki: Maybe it’s not all that prestigious? ??? (Maya): I’m not about to let that comment pass. Karen: There’s no Starlight-!? Kanami: What do you mean aradama don’t exist!? Claudine: So, if I’m understanding this correctly, these girls came from another world? Kaoruko: Could something out of a fairytale like that happen? Futaba: You fought them yourself, didn’t you, Kaoruko? Those, aradama, you called them? Kaoruko: …It might have actually happened after all… Kaoruko: Which all works out then. Kaoruko: We’ve been in a pickle. The audition was suspended thanks to these aradama. Could you defeat them for us? Suzuka: Audition…? I haven’t seen any judges here. Juuna: It’s called an audition, but it isn’t like any ordinary audition you’re thinking of. Juuna: Stage girls fight amongst each other, aiming to be the top star. Kofuki: Hmmm. Well, you don’t have to ask. I’ll get all the aradama-chan myself. Maki: Shichinosato Kofuki is right. Defeating aradama is our duty as toji. Kaoru: Duty’s great and all, but… If we beat them all, is that gonna send us back to our world? Maya: I believe things will work out. Maya: The giraffe asked for you to suppress the aradama. So, once they are all suppressed, he should send you back. Maki: Then there shouldn’t be a problem. You can leave suppressing the aradama to us. Karen: …But, is it really okay for us to make Shidou-san and them do all the work? Mahiru: I feel the same way. It’s not like it’s the toji’s fault the aradama are here… Hikari: Besides, this is our audition. Maya: Which leaves us only one option: we will help suppress the aradama too. Maki: But, it’s dangerous! Maya: Despite not being toji, we can defeat these aradama, can’t we? There should be no issue then. Tsugumi: Shichinosato-san, there’s aradama on our 9 o’clock. Did you notice them? Kofuki: The hell, what is this place, aradama-chan heaven!? Bring it on! Just try and keep up! Tsugumi: Don’t mind me; go all out. Kaoru: Look at them go-. At this point, can’t we just leave everything to those two? Nene: Nene! Kanami: You know we can’t do that! So long as aradama are here, they’re causing problems for Karen-chan and the others! Mai: That’s right, Kaoru-chan. Mai: And besides, if we don’t get back soon… I’m sure Sayaka-chan and the others will be worried sick. Maki: Worried, huh… Suzuka: …You’re losing focus, Maki-san. Maki: Does it look that way? Suzuka: There’s no other way of looking at it. Wouldn’t you ordinarily be leading the charge against the aradama? Suzuka: But there are three concerns causing you to falter. Will we be able to go home? How is Yukari-sama reacting to this? Suzuka: And also… about the dance performance. Maki: …I can’t hide anything from you, can I. Suzuka: I’m simply worried about the same things you are. Suzuka: Since we have this opportunity, I’d like to ask these girls for their opinions on our performance. What do you think? Maki: Ask them? Suzuka: Yes. Their lives revolve around the stage, don’t they? They should be able to offer us valuable insights. Maya: The closing act of your dance isn’t coming along well? Maki: That’s right. Aside from the very end, we can bring it together with few mistakes. Maki: But, no matter how many times we rehearse it, we never manage to synchronize the end. Maya: … Claudine: It isn’t as if your bodies stop moving, is it? Claudine: From watching you fight with the aradama, each of you should have more than enough basic physical fitness, so all that’s left is for you to practice. Maya: …Are they not losing sight of their direction? Claudine: What do you mean by that? Maya: Assuming the toji are also special students, there isn’t a chance they would receive an utterly useless curriculum. Maya: In which case, their dance must also be treated as an extension of their everyday life. Maki: An extension of our usual life… Maya: That’s right. Shidou-san, you’ve been attempting to deviate from your ordinary selves, have you not? Maki: …You’ve hit the nail on the head, Tendou Maya. Maki: In focusing too heavily on acting as miko for our dance, we’ve lost sight of being toji. Maki: …A theater pro really does see things differently. I’m glad I asked you. Claudine: I could have told you that much… Suzuka: (As expected, Tendou-san made a convincing argument. Though… I wonder what has Saijou-san looking so bothered?) Suzuka: (Her hostile attitude toward Tendou-san seems somewhat familiar…) Yume: Hmmm. Hey, Yomi-onee-san? Yomi: What is it, Tsubakuro-san? Yume: Does Clau-onee-san remind you of anybody? She feels really familiar for some reason… Suzuka: Oh my, you had the same impression, Yume? Yomi: …That would be Konohana-san, wouldn’t it? Though she hasn’t acted like that for a long time. Yume: Ehh, Suzuka-onee-san, did you used to be like that? Yomi: Yes. Just like that. Suzuka: (…Ahh, so that’s what it was.) Suzuka: Saijou-san? Claudine: What? It’s true that you need to practice. I haven’t said anything wrong either. Suzuka: …I’m not here about that. It’s difficult, isn’t it? Following after another. Claudine: What are you talking about? Suzuka: There’s someone who’s captured your attention, isn’t there? Claudine: …Not really. Claudine: There’s only someone I’m going to surpass. Without fail. Claudine: Oh, right, about getting opinions on your performance. Since you have the chance, why not ask all of us? Suzuka: Of course, we will– Tsugumi: Shichinosato-san, here comes another wave. We may need to break out the flag for this one. [Referring to a flag Japanese fishermen will hoist after catching a huge haul] Kofuki: Was that supposed to be a joke!? Kofuki: And besides, they’re all mine! Nobody’s taking them from me!! Maki: Suzuka! Yomi! Yume! We’re moving in too! Yomi: Understood. Yume: It’s boring fighting these weakling aradama though. Suzuka: Now that’s how Maki-san ought to be. Suzuka: You’ve started acting like an elite guard again. Mirja: After all that, it seems the amount of aradama appearing has decreased. Yui: I think so too, Mirja-san! Yui: If we keep up the pace, we’ll be back home in no time… Wait, we can’t!! Kaoru: What’s wrong with going home? Kaoru: You want to stay in this aradama infested theater production from hell forever? Yui: But still! The lovely ladies from Seisho! I still need to cozy up with them! Hiyori: …Do you listen to yourself talk? Kaoruko: Lovely ladies, you say. Well, that’s only a natural reaction. Futaba: Don’t flatter yourself. Kanami: I get what you mean, Yui-chan. Yui: Kanami-chan! I didn’t think I had an ally here! Kanami: Everyone from Seisho, their movements are so beautiful. Right down to their fingertips; it’s so precise! Yui: …That’s not the kind of ally I was looking for! Karen: Stage girls are evolving every day! Karen: Even when fighting aradama, you can’t forget about the stage! Mirja: That’s an interesting perspective, Etou Kanami. Unlike Yamashiro Yui’s. Mirja: Everyone from Seisho acts with such finesse, though their fundamental movements are all different. Mirja: Is there something like schools of swordsmanship within theater performance? Hikari: …The difference in our fields of expertise? Juuna: It might be something like that. Isurugi-san, swordfights are your specialty, aren’t they? Futaba: Yeah, I don’t plan on letting anyone show me up when it comes to a swordfighting scene. Mahiru: For me, it would be the baton? Nana: The toji girls are the other way around, right? Nana: There’s differences in the details, but the way they move their whole bodies are all tuned for using a sword. Mai: The way we move our bodies is tuned for using a sword… You mean our fundamentals are the same? Mai: …I wonder if that could help us improve our dance performance? Karen: Dance performance? Maki: I’ll explain that. Karen: The toji are dressing up as mikos for a dance!? Junna: You’re all so athletic, so it should be a real show seeing you all moving together. Nana: Yeah, yeah. I wish I could be there to see it. Karen: Put on the show for us here! Maki: If we want your opinions, the best way would be to practice in front of you. Yume: Ehh!? We’re doing it now!? Maki: Tendou Maya. It might still be far from complete, but will you watch our performance? Maya: That’s an important responsibility. Because it’s incomplete, that’s all the more reason for you to need our opinions. Hikari: What do you mean? Claudine: They can’t seem to get their closing act to come together. Karen: Why do you know that, Clau-chan!? Claudine: I heard it from them earlier. They said they wanted advice on how to improve. Hikari: …Why didn’t you tell us? Claudine: We were going to, but then the aradama arrived. Anyway, let’s move things along. Start your performance. Karen: That was so intense! Junna: Agreed. Getting to see it up close, you get such a sense that those okatana are the real thing. Futaba: When it comes to the dancing, that’s Kaoruko’s field, right? You want to help them out? Kaoruko: You say that, but wasn’t that closer to a combat demonstration than a dance? Kaoruko: I don’t have a single bit of advice to offer. Nana: A combat demonstration… Ah, maybe that’s why the just the last part felt different? Maki: That’s it! Please, tell me more! What is our performance missing? Karen: It’s hard to say exactly what… When you’re swinging your okatana, it’s like it’s filled with emotion? Karen: It’s like a real dance performance then. Hikari: It must be because you have a clear image of a target in mind. Nana: Aradama, right. Mahiru: So then, why isn’t the last part going as well? Claudine: …It’s because they can’t get their mental images aligned, isn’t it? Claudine: Just looking at Maki and Suzuka, there’s force behind Maki’s movement, but Suzuka’s was more delicate, wasn’t it? Suzuka: Delicate? I wasn’t intending to restrain myself… Claudine: I’m only talking about the difference I felt between what you two were picturing. Maki imagined cutting down an aradama, and… Maya: Konohana-san had returning her sword to its sheath in mind. Claudine: Well, that’s about it. Maki/Suzuka: … Junna: So, to sum it up, at the very end of this dance performance, you can’t unify what you’re all expressing? Karen: Yeah! That’s it! Kanami: Our mental image, huh. I think mine is staying on guard. Mai: I think that’s mine too. Hiyori: I picture striking down my enemy. Yui: I imagine ending everything with a big group hug! Kaoru: Can’t we just imagine taking a break, since it’s done? Hiyori: You two… Are you not going to take this seriously? Aradama: GGGGAAAAAOOOOOO! Hiyori: Tch, aradama!? Suzuka: Oh my, and a rather large one at that. Claudine: C’est pire! …Could it not have given us a little more time here!? Karen: Why are you two acting so calm when there’s that giant monster aradama!? Maya: Its size has nothing to do with this. They can at last see their performance taking shape. Maya: Once this aradama is defeated, their dance can be completed. Maki: Right, so let’s go! Giraffe: You’ve done well, toji. The audition will resume. Karen: If the audition’s resuming… That means we took out all the aradama? Kanami: Now we can go back home, Hiyori-chan! Hiyori: …Can we really go back though? I don’t even remember how we got here in the first place… Mai: Come to think of it, just how much time has passed since we came here? Kaoru: It might be like Urashima Tarou when we get back. [a fairytale about a man who spends time in an underwater kingdom and finds a century has passed when he returns] Karen: Hey, Kanami-chan and them can get back fine, can’t they? Giraffe: Of course, I will dutifully return them home. Maki: That’s good to hear. Maki: …Before we go, could we show you our performance one last time? I want you to see the final act with all of our minds focused on the same mental image. Maya: We would be glad to. Karen: Cause we’ll get to see an even better performance than before! Hikari: …I can’t wait. Nana: And this time, I’ll be sure to take some good photos of it. Juuna: Is there any way we could exchange the pictures? Mahiru: I wonder if we would have time to print it out? Claudine: Why don’t we just test sending it to them now? Futaba: Test it… Do our phones work the same as theirs? Suzuka: They look to be the same. Daiba-san, would you mind sending me the data? Nana: Sure thing. Here, point your phone this way. Kaoruko: Anyway, how much time do we have left? Giraffe: They leave right now. Kanami: Right now… Wait, huh? This is, the boarding house…? Hiyori: It was a dream? Mirja: Was that dream about fighting aradama in an underground theater, by any chance? Mai: I had the same dream too! Kaoru: Was it a dream? Nene: Ne-? Yui: Don’t tell me… Those theater cuties were all a figment of my imagination!? Suzuka: No, I don’t believe it was a dream. Yume: Ah! Suzuka-onee-san! Is that picture the one Banana-onee-san sent you? Suzuka: That’s right. I still have it, right here. Look. Maki: The advice they gave us… It won’t go to waste. Maki: First, we’re all going to synchronize our mental image of our performance! After that, we’re going to practice! On the day the dance performance would be shown to the public. Maki: (Everything’s gone well so far… All that’s left is the closing act… It’ll be fine.) Maki: (We’ve shared our mental image, like the stage girls suggested.) Maki: (All we need is to…!) Cheers: HURRAAAAHHHH! Karen: There really are some things besides aradama that’re different between our world and yours, Kanami-chan. Karen: You still have the Tokyo Tower, right? And it’s still red like it’s supposed to be, right? Kanami: Yep, it’s still red alright! Hiyori: I wonder why things are different. Aradama and okatana don’t exist… Hikari: Starlight, which has been performed countless times around the world, doesn’t exist… Mahiru: Ah, that reminds me. I wanted to ask you something. Does Suzudaru Cat exist in your world too? Mai: Suzudaru Cat? Hmm, I haven’t heard of it. How about you, Kanami-chan? Kanami: I’ve never heard of it either. Mahiru: I don’t believe it~… A world without Suzudaru Cat… Hiyori: What kind of cat is it? Yume: Hey, hey. What’re you talking about? Karen: Yume-chan, Yomi-chan. We were just talking about how, isn’t it weird how some things are different between our worlds? Mahiru: Ah! It’s Suzudaru Cat! So you have it in your world after all; thank goodness~. Yomi: What do you mean, Suzudaru Cat? Mahiru: Eh!? You’re holding it right there~. Yume: Huhh. So this thing’s called Suzudaru Cat? Yume: It dropped off of an aradama just now. Mai: An aradama? Kanami: That’s Suzudaru Cat…? Kanami: Woww… It’s too cute, Mahiru-chan! There’s this sort of unexplainable charm to it! Mahiru: Isn’t there? Suzudaru Cat has that kind of cuteness you just can’t describe-! Mahiru: Ahhh, I’m glad I found someone who can understand Suzudaru Cat’s greatness~. Karen: I’m happy for you, Mahiru-chan. Mai: You like those kind of mascot characters, don’t you, Kanami-chan? Kanami: Yeah, I love them! Kanami: Hey, Tsubakuro-san, Satsuki-san? What was it like when you got that Suzudaru Cat? Yume: Just before the aradama I killed disappeared, it was like, poof! Yomi: I can’t say it will be the same for all aradama, but that’s what it was like with the one we defeated. Kanami: Cool, so while we suppress the aradama, we can also collect a bunch of Suzudaru Cats! Mahiru: Defeating aradama means getting Suzudaru Cats…! Mahiru: Etou-san! If it’s alright with you, do you think you could… share some of the Suzudaru Cats you find? Kanami: Of course! I’m not about to take them all for myself! Let’s share them with everyone! Hiyori-chan, you’re fine with that too, right? Hiyori: I-I never said I wanted any, did I? Kanami: But they’re so cute. I know I’ll come to like them soon enough. Hikari: Mr. White is even more amazing though… Hiyori: Did you say something, Hikari? Hikari: …I didn’t say anything. Kanami: Come on, let’s go ask everyone to start collecting Suzudaru Cats from the aradama! Yui: Yamashiro Yui has returned-! And with a big haul of Suzudaru Cats too-. Kaoru: Aghh, another hard day of work. When we get back, they’d better give us a bonus for this special little business trip. Nana: Hey, welcome back, Kaoru-chan, Yui-chan. Nana: Have some banana muffins if you want. Yui: I’ll eat as many muffins a good looking girl like yourself can make! Mirja: So then, what was it like out there today? Yui: Hmm, pretty much the same as always. Just like my love for you, Mirja-san! Mirja: I have no need for that. Yui: Ah, but listen to this! The aradama today dropped something besides Suzudaru Cats. Yui: See, look! It’s like a polar bear. If any of you girls want it, don’t be shy~. Hikari: That’s, Mr. White…! Karen: He’s Hikari-chan’s favorite character! Yui: Well then, Hikari-san! Here’s a present for you~. Treasure it like you would treasure me, okay! Hikari: Th-Thank you…? Mahiru: Good for you, Hikari-chan. Mai: It’s a real mystery why character goods are coming from the aradama, isn’t it? Mirja: There have been cases in the past of objects stolen by aradama dropping out of them. However… In this case, there have been no reports of these goods being stolen. Isn’t that right, Hoshimi Juuna? Junna: Right. In the first place, there were no news reports of these aradama getting spotted at all. Meanwhile they show up in this theater enough to make you sick. I wonder why? Tsugumi: Some things just defy reasoning. Hmm, but it is fascinating. Isn’t it, Shichinosato-san? Kofuki: Who cares why this stuff happens? If aradama-chan are showing up, I’m gonna fight ’em. That’s all there is to it. Kaoruko: First Suzudaru Cats, now Mr. White. These aradama-han get their hands on such a variety of things, don’t they? Mahiru: The aradama are a little scary to look at, but they do bring us some cute presents. Aradama: …… Nene: Nene-ne!! Hiyori: Aradama!? And it’s another whole swarm of them. Hikari: …Just as we mentioned them. Karen: We can’t let them get away, Hikari-chan! Kofuki: Look at all the aradama-chan lining up! C’mon, show me a good time! Karen: Ahh~… I’m beat. It was a real shocker seeing that many of them show up. Karen: Do you think they came because they heard us talking about them? Hiyori: I’ve been thinking this for a while, but… The aradama coming here might be different from the ones we usually exorcise with our okatana. Yume: Actually, this whole theater is pretty weird too. What’s up with this place? Juuna: On this stage, auditions are carried out that only the chosen stage girls can participate in. Futaba: Revue… To make a long story short, stage girls fight each other here. To become the top star. Nana: This stage responds to the performance the singing, the dancing, the radiance of stage girls. Hikari: Yes. A stage girl’s radiance – their thoughts and imagination – can take all sorts of shapes here. Hiyori: So then, what? You and the other stage girls… No, since we’re here too, that means one of our imaginations could be creating this stage? Kaoru: Maybe this is our chance to get away from the back-breaking work they put us through every day. What if everyone thinks of a world where we don’t have to work? Nene: Ne-! Yui: In that case, I’ll imagine up a harem of cuties to fool around with! Yui: Wait? Looking around, I’m surrounded by pretty faces– What if I’ve already reached my paradise!? It’s really here! Juuna: You’re something else, to think about this situation that positively… I’m impressed more than anything. Yui: Thank you very much! Your glasses are lovely, you know that, Juuna-san! Junna: Th-Thank you. They caught your eye, huh. Aradama: …… Kaoru: Again with this…? Somebody teach the aradama how to slack off already. Kaoruko: Honestly, having gone along with this so far, I wouldn’t mind that myself. Mahiru: I thought they’d give us lots of Suzudaru Cats, but… I won’t know what to do if they just keep coming~… Juuna: Come on… Do you think now’s the time for this, you three!? Mahiru: They dropped another Suzudaru Cat. Mirja: It truly is an exceptionally strange phenomenon, for the aradama that should only exist in our world to be dropping mascots from this world. Mirja: However… Considering the explanation before about the strangeness of this theater, I believe we can come to one conclusion. Juuna: The aradama are a response to our thoughts too…? Mirja: Yes, that’s correct. The items being dropped from the aradama as well… That may be an effect of the thoughts of someone from this world. Kaoruko: In that case, the culprits are plain as day. The ones causing all this ruckus could only be– Kaoruko: Hikari-han and Mahiru-han! Karen: Ehh!? Mahiru: A-Accusing me like that… Wh-What am I supposed to say~! You don’t believe her, do you, Karen-chan? You don’t think I’m the culprit, do you? Hikari: I do like Mr. White, but… I didn’t do it. Futaba: You don’t look very convincing saying that with the doll Yui gave you before tucked between your arms. Hikari: …Ah-!? Kanami: For Mahiru-chan, it’s Suzudaru Cat. For Hikari-chan, it’s Mr. White. If they’re each created from their thoughts, then… Kanami: Maybe the aradama themselves too… Maybe one of us is the source of them? Hiyori: And also, creating all those aradama might take an even stronger desire than Mahiru and Hikari’s… Kaoru: As if. Nobody’s going to be that happy about an infinite spawn of aradama… Kaoru: Wait, nevermind. Tojis: Ahaha… Kaoruko: …Is there really such a person? Mirja: Unfortunately, there is one likely suspect. Even as we speak, she’s out wandering in search of more aradama… Nana: …That bad, huh. Kofuki: So you’re saying, cause I’m always thinking about aradama-chan, they just keep on coming forever? Kofuki: The hell; that’s awesome! I get all the aradama-chan I can get my hands on! Mahiru: You really do love aradama, don’t you… Shichinosato-san. Hikari: Mm, it’s amazing. Juuna: But it would be an issue for us if we can never get the auditions to start back up again… Futaba: Hey, could you maybe just stop thinking about aradama for a while? Kofuki: You might as well be asking me to drop dead, you know? Kaoruko: Would it be better for Shichinosato-han to sleep until this is settled? She wouldn’t be able to think of them then, would she? Futaba: What, no, how are we supposed to get her to sleep? It’d be impossible until the aradama are all defeated. Kofuki: Like I could sleep when there’s all these aradama-chan to play with! I’m feeling way too worked up! Tsugumi: Hm, it seems we don’t have a choice… Tsugumi: Shichinosato-san! Pardon me!! Kofuki: MMGFGH!? Whaghre youpughng mymough… (What are you putting in my mouth…) Kofuki: 0X#&$%!!?!?? (IT’S FUCKING AWFUL!!?!??) Karen: Wait, what… What happened? Tsugumi: Shichinosato-san’s thoughts are giving creation to the aradama… Tsugumi: With that hypothesis raised, my researcher’s curiosity wanted to test it. Junna: …And? Tsugumi: I fed Shichinosato-san one of my custom made ultimate emergency rations (prototype version). Juuna: Uhh, I don’t understand what that has to do with her creating the aradama though… Tsugumi: You know, I don’t really understand it myself, but when I had a classmate test these emergency rations, she said, “It was so vomit inducingly horrible I passed out.” Tsugumi: Whether it’s because of the taste or the ingredients, it’s a forbidden food that causes loss of consciousness upon eating. Kaoruko: How terrible, force feeding it to her… Tsugumi: There’s no need to worry. In fact, being able to offer both nutrition and sleep at once, I’m fairly proud of its remarkable efficiency. Kaoruko: If that’s how you prefer to put it… Kofuki: …… Yui: Aww, look at the adorable face Kofuki-san’s making sleeping there. Makes me just want to rub her cheeks all over~!! Kaoru: Oi, wouldn’t it be best if we put this one to sleep too? Yui: W-Wait! I can work real hard, okay! Hey, don’t come near me with that dangerous stuff, Tsugumi-sannn! Kaoru: Well, ignoring what it took to accomplish… The source of the aradama should now be asleep. Yume: Now we won’t have to fight any more of these aradama that’re so annoying even though they’re so weak. Yomi: Yes, that should be the case. Karen: Alright, just one more push and then the auditions can restart! Kanami: Yeah! We’ll do all we can to help get the auditions started again right away! Nana: I wasn’t sure what we’d do for a while, but we’re nearly there! I still have plenty of muffins left too, so feel free to have some before we fight. Yume: Yaaay, thanks-. I like your muffins, Onee-san. They’re good! Kaoru: Maybe I should go to sleep too… I might not be able to help myself from thinking about aradama, you know. Kaoru: Just to make sure. Tsugumi: Well, I could use another test sample. It would be a great help if you’d eat this here emergency ration. How about it? Kaoru: …I’ll pass. Kaoru: Sigh… I thought it’d be a good chance to take a break too. Tsugumi: That’s a real shame. Oh, just in case, I’ll watch over Shichinosato-san. Tsugumi: If she shows signs of waking up, I’ll shove another of these emergency rations down her throat. Kaoru: That’s just brutal… Go easy on her, will you. Aradama: …… Hiyori: Kh… Their numbers aren’t dropping as much as I’d hoped. Claudine: What’s going on? Weren’t the aradama supposed to have stopped multiplying? Maki: Maybe Shichinosato Kofuki woke up again? Suzuka: It would be good of us to confirm things with Ban-san. Maya: Yes, that would be wiser than fighting on here. Tsugumi: So then you all came back to check. I see… The aradama are still appearing. Kofuki: …… Tsugumi: As you can tell, Shichinosato-san is fast asleep. Junna: Then, why haven’t they stopped? Mirja: I don’t want to believe we’ve completely misinterpreted the cause, but… We’re back where we started. Kaoruko: Hang on, are you questioning my brilliant idea? Futaba: The aradama are still coming, so what else are we supposed to do? Kaoru: If she’s still thinking up aradama in her dreams, then we might as well call it quits. Everyone: Hmm~~~mm… Yume: Hey hey, you know, if the aradama are still coming, then… Yume: What if there’s somebody else besides that aradama loving onee-san that’s still thinking about aradama all the time? Mirja: Tsubakuro Yume, that’s an excellent theory. Yume: Ehehe, I got a compliment~. Mirja: By nature, the stage girls should not be aware of aradama. It’s difficult to believe they would have any strong thoughts about aradama from our fight with them here. Mirja: We should examine the possibility that another toji besides Shichinosato Kofuki would wish for aradama to appear. Tsugumi: I see, I see. So the true culprit was someone else, or perhaps they were working as a pair. Tsugumi: Then, based on that hypothesis, let’s investigate who could be creating the aradama. Tsugumi: Is there anything distinctly different about the aradama that are appearing now? Kanami: Different? Hmm, I feel like they’re a little tougher than the ones we were fighting before, or maybe, closer to the ones back home? Kanami: Did you notice anything different, Mai-chan? Mai: Eh? Umm… Well, there sure were a lot of different types of aradama now. And, looking at them, it seemed like there were practically no visual differences between them and the ones we normally fight at home. Kanami: Wow, you were really paying attention! Nice going, Mai-chan! Mai: Ufufu. Let’s see, thinking back to them now, the aradama before Shichinosato-san went to sleep were sort of carelessly put together too. Like they were made in a frenzy… Tsugumi: Hmm hmm, I see, I see. A bizarrely accurate imitation of normal aradama… Tsugumi: Was there anything else? Yume: There was this person shaped aradama I haven’t really seen before too! It was creepy, so I made sure to chop it up~. Tsugumi: Well now, a human type aradama? Hiyori: Right, there was one of those too. It’s movements were just bizarre. Honestly, I never want to see one of those again… Futaba: It’d make a great training partner for swordfighting scenes though. Tsugumi: More than likely, that aradama is a product of Renpu’s research. Hiyori: What-!? You mean you’re the one who made that awful thing!? Tsugumi: Hey, I’m not saying that. I’ve only happened to see records of experiments attempting to create that type of aradama. Hiyori: O-Oh… In that case, sorry I lost my temper. Tsugumi: It’s alright, don’t let it bother you. …Were you frightened by it? Hiyori: Sh-Shut up! Tsugumi: It’s all coming together now… From the information we’ve compiled, I think I can identify the culprit. Karen: Wait, really? Tsugumi: Yes, thank you for your cooperation. With the strangely accurate imitations, and the human type aradama most wouldn’t be aware of… Tsugumi: These clues lead us to one conclusion: the culprit behind the aradama’s creation is… Hikari/Karen/Kanami: Who…!? Tsugumi: None other than myself! Kaoru: Figures. Kaoru: Cause you love them too, in a different sense. Tsugumi: Well, I had a slight feeling that’s what was happening too. Overly thinking about something you’ve been told not to think about is sadly one of humanity’s bad habits. Mahiru: But, you just can’t help yourself from thinking about what you like, can you. Karen: Mmhm. I think about Starlight all the time! Yui: Me too, me too! All I ever think about is having a good time with girls! Tsugumi: Thank you for your reassurance. Anyway, I’m going to join Shichinosato-san on the other side. Good luck in dealing with the aradama. Kaoru: Don’t phrase it like that. Tsugumi: Still… A 100% rate of imitation? Fufu, it makes me a little happy to hear that. Tsugumi: Anyway, time to dig in. Chew chew… Tsugumi: Ohh, it’s… There’s a nice crispy texture, like biting into sand… Or so it seemed, but now it’s clumping into a thick mass sticking to my tongue… Tsugumi: An aroma like gasoline is piercing my nostrils, pushing my senses to their limit… Feeling faint… My head is swimming… Tsugumi: Snooze… Mirja: …She’s asleep now. Mirja: Though, listening to her comments, I cannot begin to imagine that ration’s flavor. What could give her that reaction… Mirja: No, as they say, curiosity killed the cat. It would be better to never know… Nana: If you’re going to make emergency rations, I think you should at least try making them taste nice and normal… Yume: You said it-. There’s no way I’m ever eating those rations! Kanami: Everyone… Do your best not to think about aradama! Karen: But, when I think about not thinking, I might think about it… Hikari: Then, Karen… Do you want to eat those rations too? Karen: Ehh, no wayyy. It didn’t sound tasty, it was actually kinda scary! Kanami: In that case, while we let them sleep, let’s get rid of the aradama. As fast as we can, okay! Karen: Yeah! Let’s do our best! Mai: The number of aradama is definitely decreasing. We’re doing it! Hikari: This time for sure, the audition should be able to resume. Kaoru: Yeah, if we keep this up, we should wipe all the aradama out. Though it’s still a hassle. Mahiru: That means we only have a short time left to spend with the toji, huh… Thinking about it like that, it’s kind of sad. Mai: That’s true. We did have a lot of fun together. Mahiru: But, that doesn’t mean we can put this off any longer. We have to do what needs to be done. Mai: Right. We just need a little more of your help, Tsuyuzaki-san. Kaoru: Speaking of what needs to be done, before we go back to our world, someone should wake up Kofuki and Tsugumi. Mirja: Yes. Though the chance may be small, if they were to remain here, it would cause a great many problems. I believe we should make sure our condition is the same as when we arrived. Kaoru: Those two are dead asleep over there. It’s making me jealous-. Kaoru: Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be… Not after they basically got knocked out cold. Nene: Nene~…


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