Top 10 highest rated 2019 Chinese costume dramas so far [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update November 11th 2019 edition. In this edition, I answer a question from
one of you, a fan who supports my channel by contributing on my Patreon page. Today’s question comes from Littlemonkeyninja,
who asks: Thank you for your question, Laura, and yes I do. If you search “Top 10 costume dramas or modern
dramas 2018 Marcus Sim”, you’ll find my videos as the top entries. I will be doing a number of top 10 lists at
the end of this year but your question has inspired me to do a
preview or a preliminary list of highest-rated costume dramas. We’re in November now and I don’t know how
many more kickass costume dramas we’re going to get before the end of the year
but I guess you never know, we might get some gifts for Xmas. There are rumors floating around that Royal
Nirvana, Sword Dynasty and even The Pillow Book might air,
but I’ll believe it when I see it. Here now,
are the top 10 hightest-rated Chinese costume dramas of the year so far according to Chinese
review site, Douban. I chose to do my research on Douban because
it is one of the more popular Chinese audience review sites. It’s kind of like a Chinese Rotten Tomatoes,
except they also cover books, music and other categories. So here we go. Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Sabre stars
Joseph Zeng and Yukee Chen. It is the last of a trilogy which includes
Legend of the Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes,
and like those two, have been remade numerous times over the years. The drama has a 5.7 score on Douban. This was not my favorite version of HSDSS. I felt there was too much slow-mo in the fight
scenes and honestly, the older TVB version with Lawrence Ng and
Gigi Lai is still the stand out one for me. Princess Silver stars Sophie Zhang and Aarif Rahman. It tells the story of a princess with amnesia
who is sent to marry the prince of a different kingdom so they can form an alliance. The drama has a 6.0 rating on Douban. Novoland: Eagle Flag stars Liu Haoran, Lareina Song and Chen Ruoxuan. It tells the story of three young heroes who
form a tight bond during the power struggles between the empires in Novoland. The drama has a 6.1 rating on Douban. I felt the drama would have received a much
higher rating if it had a better and more conclusive ending. If you guys remember, its original premiere date
was postponed at the last minute and it aired a few weeks later. They never said why it happened but I think
it had to do with some censorship issues and my theory is that they had to re-edit much of
the drama, hence the dissatisfactory ending. The Legends stars Bai Lu and Xu Kai. It tells the story of the fearless leader
of a demonic sect who is ambushed while rescuing the Demon King’s son. The drama has a 6.2 rating on Douban. Love Better Than Immortality stars Zhao Lusi
and Li Hongyi. It tells the story of a woman from the future
who arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time. The drama has a 6.4 rating on Douban. Goodbye My Princess stars Chen Xingxu and
Peng Xiaoran. It tells the story of the ninth Princess of
Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfill a marriage alliance with
the Crown Prince. The drama has a 7.5 rating on Douban. For those of you who like to know if a drama
has a happy ending before you watch it, Spoilers in 5,4,3,2,1.. it did not. Nonetheless, the two leads did a great job. Young Blood stars Steven Zhang and Zhou Yutong. It tells the story how six youths from different
backgrounds form a team of top elite spies in the Northern Song Dynasty. The drama has an 8.2 rating on Douban. The Untamed stars Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. It follows the adventures of a demonic cultivator
and a young master who travel and solve a series of murder mysteries and become soulmates
in the process. The drama has an 8.2 rating on Douban. For a relatively low-budget web drama which
premiered with little to no promotion it certainly overachieved. This has to be the most popular Chinese drama
of the year so far and has shot its stars to superstardom. It also should be noted that it has the most
ratings out of all the dramas on this list with over 650,000 people rating it. The next closest is less than half that number. This goes to show the huge number of people
who care enough about the drama to give their opinion on it. Love and Destiny stars Chang Chen and Ni Ni. Set in the same world as Ten Miles of Peach
Blossoms, it tells the love story between the God of War and a young maiden whose very
existence can bring harm to the world. The drama has an 8.3 rating on Douban. The first few episodes of Love and Destiny
had mixed reviews but ultimately rewarded those who stuck with it. If you started it and dropped it early on,
maybe consider picking it up again; many have said that they eventually grew to love it. The Longest Day in Chang’an stars Lei Jiayin
and Jackson Yi. It tells the story of the head of the anti-terror
department and a former constable as they attempt to foil a terrorist attack on Chang’an. The drama has an 8.3 rating on Douban. I put this drama ahead of Love and Destiny
even though they had the same rating because it had more ratings; over 300,000 whereas
Love and Destiny only had around 130,000. The Longest Day in Chang’an is my favorite
costume drama of the year so far. It has the highest production value of any
Chinese drama I’ve seen probably ever – in terms of cinematography and production
design. And it also has a suspenseful story and terrific
performances from its actors. So there you have it guys, the top 10 highest
rated Chinese costume dramas according to Douban. With the exception of Young Blood which I
haven’t seen, the top 5 entries of this list pretty much reflects my personal
top 5, and I hope it helps you if you’re looking
for a 2019 Chinese costume drama to watch. And that’s it for today but before I
let you guys go, I want to mention that it is November 11th and that is a significant date here in Canada and the rest of
the world because it is Remembrance Day. It is day where we reflect and pay tribute
to the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. Lest We Forget. And if you have a minute, do check out my
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