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let’s See ah No, could you help me out with this? Yeah? All I want you to do is say stop stop Right there. Yeah great and can I also get your signature? Yes? Thank you Beautiful, but I’m wrong B is with the be Great. I like that and if you hold your hand out for me I’ll give you your sign card so you can place your other hand right on top isolating your card from me now I’m going to need a card – yeah now with my card here and your card there let’s try something maybe I can get my card to travel to your hands and your to mine, take a peek All my gosh Perfected my hand did not move oh Yeah We’re wearing a little souvenir for you. It has your name on it. You could put that away for now. There’s more simon I brought a little something for you. It’s a notepad of mine from school now I’m supposed to take notes in it, but I usually just doodle Simon if you pull that one your hands and sandwich you all the hand right on top lift up to only one page alright Got one Through I’m gonna take that from you now. Do me a favor and just imagine whatever image You just saw floating in the air written on a small little slip of paper all right? I’ve got it right my wad tried to do is take that slip of paper and actually throw it into Mel’s signed and selected card that you’ve been holding onto this entire time correct. Yeah And Simon’s what image were you thinking of a Selfie Bowl? Hold it right from the top milk rice on the top I want you to tear that in half here in half seriously these are going to find in between the layers of card stock on Something that you might recognize wow Címon, Soccer Ball yeah, yeah, ah What I was hoping to do Is show you all? something interesting with a pack of playing cards I’m just Gonna Let’s say we use this one. I’ve got a sharpie in my pocket just Sign your name right on the face of the card Thank you. We’ve got the face of the card with Christie signature But I’m going to change the back if you watch it happens on the count of three that’s one. That’s two Please take a look at it. Make sure it is exactly what it seems to be. That’s my damn card now I do have a bone to pick with me so know you do you did say that my routine wasn’t nearly as Dynamic and the truth of the matter is I’ve kind of taken a tart and in fact. I brought a special Magic wand here Jesse it’s always going to happen One day Oh my God, I don’t want you guys to do is keep your eyes in the card But also keep your eyes on the hammer, and it’s the part completely vanish but for your safety I Want you to move down to the other side of the table you’re going to grab the other side yeah? Which you guys just mind just laying down just for black This is going to be interesting we were when the card vanishes people always ask where in the world Could it be? Here on the table if you don’t mind sir Go ahead and examine it open it up and tell me is that your cygnus. This is my car I take it back Ladies and gentlemen I want to try and do something that’s never been done before Can all of you take out your mobile phones? And I won’t you just hold them up in the air you will do that for me Judges I’d like to stand up and have a look at the audience. Oh my God That’s crazy How are you doing that in today’s world were all connected through our cellphones? But what I want to show you is that we’re actually all connected on a far Deeper level so I mean you’ll notice that a few the devices are still red. Yeah I want you just to choose three of them to come and join me on stage I think the one that’s all the way you please in the red Yeah, I knew Come on Chucky bring your quite as long. Can you just unlock the phone and open the calculator? Okay, that’s great. Okay. Here’s what I want to do. So we need to try and guess for me How many number one spelling artists do you think Simon cowell’s happens record label 53 53 Tyra could you just type in? 53 53 yeah, all right. I’m 17 now That’s right, and then secondly how many millions of records do you think mel when she performed the spice girls sold worldwide just carry Millions? 102 102 how can you hit multiply time yeah and then 102? 102 okay, okay, and next up. I want you to try and guess what year heidi, began modeling. Oh It’s a hard one Not sorry. I’m so bad at math nice you Know nice name now when I was born oh 1987 87 okay, all right can you hit multiplied that’s 87? 87 Wonderful okay, and then is going to do hit the plus sign. What fantastic now a little birdie told me how a that You’ve had a lot of girlfriends But instead of just guessing tyro why don’t we do is? I don’t have your thumbs over numbers some genres now I want to make a random guess. I want you to close your eyes and just hit maybe like seven or eight numbers 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ok cool here equals Equal okay 3 now. I just want you to read that number out for me Is that ok ok ready go for it 73 million ok? 73 million nine Hundred and twenty eight thousand nine Hundred and Twenty eight thousand 547 547 Wonderful guys give a round of applause for these free volunteers. Thank you. I’m sorry banks, please Thank you already pick you guys so very much Okay guys, so we put this around a number here, but there’s something bigger going on. There’s something impossible Something magical and when you guys can see this, I’m here. I’m putting a boulevard few hours and for my audition this number 73 million nine hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred, Forty-seven Thank you Why? so wait for wave Do you remember at the start? I said they were all connected on a far far deeper level yeah? well, Simon, I think you’ll find that you’ve actually had 47 number-one selling artists and now you sold 85 million records with the plan how do you start your career in? 1992 when you want Modesty 92 and how are you? And I both know that you’ve not had semi three girlfriends But that’s the kids you married your high school sweetheart, and you’ve been married to her but 37 years oh May I come and join you you’ll take would that be okay? I’d like to share with you a trick he uses a 50-pound mote one of the largest currency notes available in this country With my sleeves rolled up guys with nothing in my hands we can get a shot list on the screen I’m going to change this 50 down low into the much rarer infinitely more valuable Bank of Britain’s got talent now You can see we’ve got we got our head of state, Mr.. Simon Cowell We’ve got our beautiful princesses of course our queen and time for you to keep those spend all at once guys I don’t want you to feel left out so I brought along some more cash for you But I know I know deep down you don’t really want one of these you might rather have One of those banks of Britain’s got talent What thought I’d finish with a trick using a picture that I’ve drawn it’s a self-portrait. That’s been this is where we are Brings got talent if you most magicians at this point would ask one of you to reach in and take a card I’m not going to do that instead if I may I’m just going to ask you to do one question David if I may start with you if I could ask you to choose a color red or black Whatever you say is what we will use. What color would you like? One blank let me show the black cards are split into two suits. We have the spades We have the clubs again if I could ask you to choose Whatever. You want is what we will use cloud club sometime, and I need you to choose a value for me What would you like nine nine the nine of clubs? Simon, you’re the boss I’m Going to give you the chance if you like to stick with the nine of clubs or you can overrule All of the other judges and you can choose any other card that you guys for july 7 apart just seven apart Okay, guys there is no way. I could know that you would choose an under thought There’s no way I would know if you would overall the nick you would what you would change to You’ll agree I haven’t touched these what I didn’t tell you is that I’ve also drawn on the back of every single other cars in this day Remember those cartoon flick books where you flick through and that it man comes to life Check this out you see our magician he takes off his hat he reaches inside he pulls out just one card ladies and gentlemen not just any card it the seven of Heart We are mind Reader’s in fact Andrew and I are so into of each other even though we went shopping separately for today’s audition We both ended up buying the same camouflage t-shirt Let’s show you what we do Amanda I’ll take you have your phone on you If you stand here for me, Amanda, I’d like you to scroll through your content list and stop on somebody at random Okay Look at this person’s last three digits of their phone number Yeah, once you’ve got that in your mind lock the phone and put your phone on the vest Just say this person’s name over and over again in your mind I really hope we get this and even though you pick this person you had a free choice that right Andrew A Man during a loud clear voice. What are the three numbers you’re thinking of? four one five four one five That’s exactly what I’ve got. Thank you Of course Samantha PCs our contact in your phone In a loud clear voice whose number is this my sister Debbie, Debbie? That’s what I’ve got of course Amanda. Thank you so much Spin playfully Cyber, please join us on stage. I’m sure everyone here will give you a really big hand Good luck my man. Have you so bad? No, this side stays for as I thank you Simon would you hold that please? We’re going to go on an imaginary journey in your mind. Oh down. Oh, God over there. Don’t allow oh dear I’d like you to imagine that you’re standing outside a house You look at the door and you see a number on the door any number you like someone please write it down Just try to say that number over and over again in your mind You now go into this imaginary house, and you go into a living room You look at the wall of the living room, and you see of color painted on the walls, please write it down Just imagine that color all around us now you’re focused on it, right and even though you think that color could have had anyone You now go into the kitchen. You look over at the wall, and you see a celebrity calendar. It could be anyone you like Simon Now although you picked this person that was a free choice You know that right you know that and even though you put this person had a choice of thousands Andrew I I am getting something Simon was asked to imagine. He was standing in front of a house he imagined a dory imagined a number Simon you then walked into the house. You looked at a room. That was in a single color Then you’re asked to think of celebrity anyone in the world Simon, I believe you’re thinking seven one seven you’re thinking of the color turquoise. You’re thinking of sir Roger Moore Mayor ladies and gentlemen exactly the number seven one seven before Oil you chose much a more timeless. Thank you so much Many of you may be wondering. How we read minds What you should be wondering is how we started off this performance wearing camouflage t-shirts? And ended up wearing black Hey Welcome back. Thanks man for those who don’t know John is an eagle is on the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s the long snapper there we go And you found your way into this magic even more importantly enough the other magician Really? Yeah, we here with today my beautiful girlfriend on Elise and My mom who’s at my aunt who is the greatest mom in the entire world that started raised me when I was 12 13 years? Old my sister and I went into temporary foster care, and my mom’s sister. Who’s sitting right there? gave up her entire life did everything she could to fight for custody for my sister and I I’m going to give you the stage best a lot So you said you got to make this show bigger so boom So I love this neil you’re gonna love this we got a deck They’re huge you guys can’t miss these all I want to do is just touch any one you want. It doesn’t matter anyone anyone okay? Do you want to keep this or change mine? Uh I want to change my mind you’re that guy, okay? Here. Just touch one ah Let’s go here. Okay. Stop you want to keep this one or you want to change you want to keep this you sure yeah? I don’t want to see it. I’m going blind fold myself show the camera show the crowd look I’m not I’m not looking I’m gonna look down here, okay? Hey, everybody think of this card figure the color the shape the size everything about it And here’s all I’m going to do is I’m going to draw this card Ladies and gentlemen this is Esp at its best so far so good Here we go, so when I get this right This is so second ladies and gentlemen the car that everybody here is thinking of neo the card you’re thinking of you’re feeling it Right now is none other than the ace of clubs killing it oh That elephant no, okay. Hold on That’s amateur hour you guys thought I drew the ace of clubs. No way. I thought I’d step this up Ladies and gentlemen right here before you I drew an entire deck of cards and neos card is inside see that good I mean Do any there? No, I tell you what this would be a good trick What was it you me tell you it should help you out a lot right now. Yeah, a buzz let me see it Okay, good What if I could change that watch watch the ace? 5 eclipse I got the suit right so just going to add a few clubs watch the ace That would be good though. I like it changing How to sow – it will lock down to the rodents quick because I could have ducked it. Oh Remember earlier. I said it was inside. Yeah There you go neal and no, I didn’t want to do this But look just to show you that five has been drawn on there the entire time There is your five That make you a little bit nervous. Yeah Sounds good. Can I do something? Golden buzzer for you, how’s it feel? I’m speechless man. I’m speechless Am I allowed to go to the queue guys you can yes all right? Thank you very much. You’re welcome Now think about bar magic as opposed to regular Magic is the fact that I don’t use big props. I don’t can’t afford them and Above all I have dad in the world, right? now think about Magic that happens close to your face that it has to be performed exquisitely okay? So now is that worked correctly back apart but honestly, I just do not like card tricks because amazing but from but I’m a beautiful six-year-old son, and I want to do something to you. Miss now be well. Wow that my little boy likes nice hear the other side Thank you Perfect. I’m gonna take this ball. Put it right about here. I want you to hold that ball real tight for me Thank you without ball there and therefore. They’re Gonna go abracadabra Open up here Let me let me assault you to a good thing Because cuz I am ghetto Good pretty cool Thank you, my name though That is the name Wow Thank you Okay What? Good evening Tonight, I have a gift once again Which I’m going to leave in front of you, so I move for now I need to just keep an eye on it and make sure no one touches issues for now I also have the wonderful Amanda Holden autobiography And a photograph of our judges Alicia I need you to do me a favor In just a moment. I’ve got a ripple through the pages. I just need you to say stop wherever you like for me, okay? Stop are you happy there and talk to you about for tonight? I’m having what I need you to do is just remember for me Just the page number that you’ve stopped on and I know just the first word on the page for me Okay, have you got that please remember it? We’re going to come back to that in just a moment now and then I actually kept the receipt for your book don’t panic if I was never planning on taking it back I Just wanted to show you that Magic is all around us all the time you just have to choose wisely if I was to go back in time for example And get my cash back would look something Please tell us. What was the page number you just chosen one we go one cuttlebug one little bit Inside this giving which has been really inspired time is in fact a message in a bottle If you look closely you’ll see that actually it is a page if I open it up, so you can all see It is in fact a page From your book commander at least a please tell us. What page have I got here? And every one seven six the same page Please turn to place one seven six as quick as you can for me alicia Because you can and you will find that page wants to dick no longer exist in the port now Because it isn’t just a matching page, but this is in fact the exact thing Now anisha you also chose the word that for the first time please tell us Which word did you choose one of my favorites bottom bottom? graduates grateful Ladies and gents, it’s been an absolute pleasure and a real dream come true to perform lives in front of the nation tonight Just to finish bunts into the page the chosen word


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