Top 10 Scary Ghost Urban Legends

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you the Top 10 Scary Ghost Urban Legends 10 – Bloody Mary
Ah Bloody Mary is a classic spook! Most of us will know the legend of Bloody
Mary – she is a mirror dwelling ghost that is said to appear when her name is chanted
again again as you stare into the reflection in the mirror. The origins of Bloody Mary go way back in
old old folklore, when ye-olde woman would invoke the ghost if Bloody Mary to show them
a glimpse of their future husband’s face…although if they saw the grim reaper or a skull in
the mirror instead, it would mean they would likely die before they got the chance to marry. In modern times, the legend goes that if you
summon Bloody Mary, she appears as a witch looking woman. If she is angry with you, she will scratch
out your eyes, steal your soul, drink your blood… all of the dark stuff. I am sure you will know loads of people who
played Bloody Mary as a kid, and maybe they got freaked out and convinced themselves they
saw something… but I never heard anyone getting their eye scratched out. The mirror ghost is a popular urban legend
across the world – in Japan they have something very similar in the form of Hanako San. 9 – The Ghost Pushers of Gravity Hill
In almost every urban legends video I have done, especially for those in the United States,
there has been a phenomenon of a car being pushed up a hill by some kind of otherworldly
being. The story tends to involve a car accident
in that very same spot and helpful ghosts who want to save you. One example of the legend will be say, on
a rail track. The legend will say that in this very spot
37 years ago, a bus filled with kids died when it got stuck on the tracks – now if
you park there and wait, your car will miraculously be pushed over the tracks by helpful hands. Other versions take place on hills where cars
have rolled backwards and cause fatal accidents, only for ghosts to remain In that spot. There are legends like these literally all
over the world. Confusion Hill in California, Magnetic Mountain
in Canada… Moonbi Australia, The Magic route of France,
Hnagman’s Hill in Essex, UK…there are so many! Generally speaking, naysayers will claim that
these so called paranormal phenomena are a trick of the light – like water appearing
to run uphill. 8 – Walking on Gravestones. Ever felt a shiver unexpectantly? Well folklore and urban legend have it that
if this happens to you, someone has walked on your gravestone. This suggests somewhere there is a future
in which you are dead and buried, but somehow you feel it now. The urban legend also suggests that we should
never step on another’s persons grave for this very reason – we may send a shiver
down someones spine or anger their spirit, which may just follow us beyond their final
resting place. Beyond that, it is just disrespectful! 7 – The Ghost Train
Ah, a classic Ghost Train. I am not talking the fairground ride, although
since Goosebumps there has also been a lot of haunted ride urban legends. When I say ghost train I mean the ghost of
an actual train thundering at break neck speed, only to disappear out of sight…or perhaps
strange headlights in the distance near an old abandoned track, or a smell of a steam
engine and a puff of smoke coming from nowhere. There are thousands of ghost train legends. The st Louis Lights, Stockholm’s Silverpilen,
Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train and more! I’ll see your ghost train and raise you
a scary ghost ship!! 6 – The Flying Dutchman
The flying dutchman is the most famous of the Ghost Ship Urban Legends – it dates
back to the 1700s, a high time for sea faring – and refers to a doomed Dutch man of war
ship. Tails of the flying dutchman are ingrained
in seafaring lore a lot like that of the Kracken. Many sailors have reported seeing a Phantom
boat emitting a bright light on a stormy night and is a bad omen for sea farers and has become
a loathsome superstition. The flying dutchman has regularly been spotted
– famously once by King George the Vth of the UK! Some say they have spotted the ship in the
air – hence the FLYING dutchman. Explanations include mirages, looming refraction
and simply hallucinations from fatigued sailors. 5 – The Theatre Ghost
There is always a blooming theatre ghost, isn’t there! Old theatre buildings absolute always come
replete with ghosts. Is it because the high drama of theatre leaves
an imprint on the building or because imaginations are high in theatrical buildings. Usually urban legends of theatre ghosts go
as such – the spirit of a former performer who either died on stage or in a brawl at
stage door haunts the theatre. The ghost is seen by actors on stage as they
look out to the audience or they are felt by patrons who sit down only to feel a sudden
rush of cold air as they go by. I personally love a good theatre ghost story! There is the Phantom of the Opera, who isn’t
actually dead, the MANY MANY ghosts of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London – one
of the oldest theatres in the world, the Wailing Woman of Wellington’s St James Theatre….Judy
Garland is even said to haunt the Palace Theatre in New York! Theatre ghosts are always blamed for mischief,
too! Lights turning on and off, props flying about
back stage, things going wrong on stage…. Theatre ghosts are usually tricksters and
agents of chaos. They are so exciting…honestly talking about
Theatre Ghosts gets me so excited! 4 – The Vanishing Hitchhiker
The Vanishing hitchhiker is a classic ghost urban legend. In each of the stories a driver picks up a
person thumbing for a lift. They drive them a little way, something spooky
and mysterious is said and then the person in question vanishes. Often they leave a little clue as to who they
might be behind. Then the driver does a bit of research and
finds out that the passenger died along that stretch of road x number of years ago…sometimes
to the day…ooooh! Spooky. This is such a classic urban legend that most
cities have a story like this. In Chicago, for example, the vanishing hitcher
is resurrection Mary, who you can hear more about in our Chicago Urban Legends video. In Japan, a similar phenomenon is reported
with the alleged ghosts of tsunami victims. Cab drivers in Ishinomaki have reported ghost
passengers. Do ghosts like cars, or are the Vanishing
Hitchers stuff of legends. 3 The Shadow People
Shadow People are popular ghost sightings and we actually did a whole top 10 about this. Some people have described scary shadows as
black mass ghosts – negative imprints left on the world from angry spirits. So many towns and villages across the entire
world report shadow sightings, with some cultures and tribes believing they are demonic spirits. One of the more famous Shadow People sightings
inc.lude the Dark Watchers of Santa Lucia – dark featureless shadows wearing hats
and carrying walking sticks that appear silent and still watching in the distance of the
Santa Lucia Mountains. Recently a disturbing black cloud was spotted
over a mall in Zambia that some people were claiming was a shadow ghost….or a dementor. Was a shadow ghost the contents of our number
2 – The Ghost in a Jar The ghost in a jar is one of my favourite
ghost urban legends ever. While there have been many stories of spirits
being trapped in objects, the ghost in a jar story went viral and inspired imaginations
across the world. The story goes that in 2003, Teajay101 of
Arkansas listed a jar containing, I quote, a black thing. The lister said they dug up the jar up near
a church in the 1980s and since then they had been plagues by a black shadow. The jar is painted black and red on the inside
and was covered with strange symbols. If the jar was so creepy, why it took the
owner 20 years to get rid of, I don’t know….but the listing went viral and somehow the ghost
sold for nearly 51 thousand dollars and since has been the stuff of legends. The legend was so widespread and popular it
even became a Rick and Morty character. I feel like I need a 15 year update – is
that ghost still in that jar? Someone let me know! How does this story end? 1 – The White Lady
My, my, my! If I had a dollar for every white lady ghost
story I had read, I would have… well…. Enough dollars to buy a pretty convincing
white lady costume and go around spooking people and making them think that I myself
am a ghost! Anyyyway…white lady ghosts are a popular
ghost trope and usually have some kind of tragic background of love loss and searching
associated to them. I guess the ghost being in white represents
some kind of woeful purity and something unfulfilled- many are depicted wearing wedding dresses. There are countless tales of white lady ghosts
across the world – in Canada she is a war widow who threw herself over a waterfall in
Quebec City when her lover never came home, in California in the States she haunts Calico
Ghost town, a place I visited last Christmas, in the Czech Republic, she is the spirit of
a cursed wife who haunts a castle, in the UK she also haunts a castle and has a bounty
of hidden treasure, in Malta she wanders a forest in her wedding dress and in Germany,
disturbing her will get you killed. In Asia, white lady apparitions are usually
less romantic and far more malevolent and vengeful. SO what a spook fest ! What is your favourite
ghost urban legend? Let me know in the comments section down below! Don’t forget to check out our video sponsor
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