Top 10 Worst CGI Movie Effects

Nothing takes you out of the moment like a bad special effect. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 worst CGI movie effects Just to be clear, we’re singling out the CGI from films with respectable or massive budgets that shouldn’t have settled for second-rate or unfinished looking effects. Number 10: The Agent Smith Battle –
The Matrix Reloaded Kicking off our list is the film trilogy that is otherwise recognised for revolutionising visual effects However, it stumbled when it sought to have Neo square off against countless agent Smiths in a CGI extravaganza. Unfortunately, despite having a relatively strong start, the quality dips as the fight drags on Making everything look more and more like its made of plastic! Its as if the special effects department lost interest in realism, or just simply ran out of time. Number 9: Dark Seekers. – I Am Legend There’s nothing like good old fashion hundred and fifty million dollar hollywood Starring Will Smith Unfortunately, the bald Vampire like creatures with keeping mouth aren’t very convincing And it turn not very scary. It’s hard to get to involve when everything look’s far to digitized and removed from the actors Or rather actor. The Dark Seekers were basically just zombies Couldn’t you got a few actors to do that? Number 8: Deer Attack – The Ring 2 In this horror sequel a young boy becomes sought after by samara, a creepy girl from a video tape. This results in a number off odd and deadly occurrences Including this deer attack Ultimately this scene may have been scarier if A it make any sense and B if the deer looked remotely real Both of film makers attempt to get the new oasis of the animals down It’s all for nothing as the beasts looked super imposed Number 7: Monkeying Around – Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull Every use of CGI is actually more of a fans than a usual Here CGI is used as earliest the very first shot for shadowing a film full unconvincingly animated effects Number 6: Brontosaurus Stampede – King Kong For Peter Jackson the man behind the lord of the rings Number 5: Surfs Up – Die Another Day This is the Bond film that finally jump the shark and causes series to go on full remove A major factor in this was the attempt to take the action to ridiculously extreme Graphics like this aren’t even fit for a second tier video game. Number 3: Car Crash – Along Came a Spider Talk about starting a film on a low While other films are happy enough to destroy countless cars This one refused to extend that same enthusiasm to a single vehicle. As this film opens, an undercover cop is conducting a sting, by posing as the date of a murder suspect. Now, I’m no physicist but… Number 2: CGI Actress – Catwoman In this ill fated spin-off, the success of the film was banked on Halle Berry’s sex appeal trying over story and dialogue. Unsurprisingly they took the easy path and animated her almost entirely with a computer Instead of animating in detail, their unconvincing effects relied on removing all real life texture from the – Actress herself by covering her in makeup. That, coupled with uncanny movements made the lackluster cityscape animation look good in comparison. Number 1: Scorpion King – The Mummy Returns Taking the top spot on our list is the effect that transformed Dwayne “the rock” Johnsson into the scorpion king. Or at least tried… It’s strange to imagine that this was his breakout role But it might somehow persevere through the laughably bad effect that transformed him into a – half man, half scorpion hybrid. This effect suffers from the decision to not merge the Rock’s real face with the effect. And instead made him a fully animated creature, straight out of the playstation 2 era. Agree with our list? Which CGI effect left a bad taste in your eyes? For more entertaining top 10’s, be sure to subscribe to


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