Hey guys! It’s easy to get excited and sucked into
the dramatic world of K-dramas these days, but there are lots of K-dramas from way back
when that can be thoroughly enjoyed today. Here’s a look at 5 Masterpiece dramas that
are worth a watch despite low viewer ratings in South Korea. This drama mainly focuses on five college
students who live together at a shared house Belle Epoque. Yu Eun-Jae played by Park Hye Soo is the girl
who just moved in Belle Epoque. In the beginning, she was struggling to adapt
to the whole new environment. Compared to other girls she is very shy and
proactive. Han Seung Yeon played as Jeong Ye-Eun, who
has a boyfriend. They seem to be happy in the relationship
but later in the episodes, she starts to realize his boyfriend does not
love her like the way she loves him. Kang I-Na who played by actress Ryu Hwa-young
is the kind of girl that is really confident about her body and she is always dating with
different men. Every girl at Belle Epoque think she was born
in a rich family which can support her with all the luxuries. On the other hand, Han Ye-ri played as Yoon
Jin-Myeong has to work every day with all the part-time jobs,
with not enough time for her own life. Meanwhile, Song Ji-Won played by Park Eun-bin is very
active and she is always looking for a boyfriend. Age of Youth is a story about these girls’
school life and love relation in the youth. Do Hyeon Woo played by actor Lee Seon Gyun
is a TV producer who considers himself blessed to have a successful career and a happy marriage. But his happy existence is shaken to the core
when he accidently sees a text message to his wife,
from a mysterious man named Michael who says he has reserved a hotel room for later in
the week and he can’t wait to see her. Song Ji Hyo played as Jeong Soo Yeon, Hyeon
woo’s wife. Convinced that his wife is having an affair,
Hyun Woo doesn’t know where to turn for help to save his marriage and ends up going
on an online forum to ask for anonymous advice from strangers. The people closest to Hyun Woo are of no help. His coworker Ahn Joon Young played by actor
Lee Sang Yeob is married but is obsessed with fellow colleague Kwon
Bo Young played by Korean superstar BoA, who is divorced. His lawyer friend Choi Yoon Gi played by actor
Kim Hee Won is a master philanderer who goes to great lengths to hide his cheating
from his suspicious wife, Eun Ah Ra played by actress Ye Ji Won. “My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week”
is directed by Kim Seok Yoon. It is a remake of the 2007 Japanese television
drama (“Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu”), written by Tomoko Yoshida. This drama comes from director Lee Hyeong-min
who are already pretty well known by his previous drama projects
like Winter Sonata, Sorry, I Love You, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Bad Guy. With the genre of comedy, family, and drama,
this drama will tell about the workers’ life of Lovely cosmetics,
the relationship between the workers and their families, and their struggle to survive and
realize their dreams. There are some moral lessons are taught in
the drama that makes it a really worth watching drama. Actress Lee Yo Won played as Ok Da-Jung, She has a
bad temper and often referred to as a witch because her words were always rude and horrible. Yoon Sang-hyeon as Nam Jung-gi
He is a timid person and always choose the safe way to not get involved with the conflict. That’s why he never get promoted. Chan-Sung from K-pop group 2PM played as Nam
Bong-gi He’s Nam Jung-gi’s younger brother. In contrast to his brother who always works
hard, he has the nature of a slacker and happy spree Actor Song Jae-hee played as Ji Yoon-ho, which is
Ok Da-Jung’s first ex-husband. Lee Jeong-jin played as Jang Shi Hwan, as
Da Jung’s second ex-husband, Meanwhile Yeon Jeong-hoon as Lee Ji-sang,
is Da-Jung’s third ex-husband. Actress Hwang Bo-ra, Kim Seon-yeong and actor
Kwon Hyun-sang played as the co workers at Lovely Cosmetics. Drinking Solo (also known as Let’s Drink)
follows the lives of teachers and students in an area of Seoul famous for tutoring academies. Ha Seok Jin plays the arrogant star teacher
Jin Jeong-seok, who likes to drink alone and actress Park Ha Sun played as Park Ha-na,
the struggling but hardworking new teacher. Other cast members are Gong-myeong, Kim Ki-beom or Key, Jeong Chae-yeon
and Ha Yeon-soo. Drinking Solo is a very fun drama that is
an easy watch. It’s like a quirky slice of life drama. We get a look into a tutoring academy as we
watch the joys and struggles of the teachers and students. But this little world is populated by some
very unique and off-the-wall characters that provide lots of laughs and entertainment. This drama starred Ma Dong-seok (Don Lee),
Seo In-guk, Choi Soo-young and Lee Sun Bin. Squad 38 is a crime solving drama that focuses
on a government entity apprehending white collar crime business individuals
who are evading their taxes. The number 38 comes from that part of the
South Korean Constitution that has to do with the citizens’ responsibilities
to pay their share of taxes. Solid writing and acting make this OCN drama
worth the watch. If there were one addition it really needed
I would say a memorable music score could have improved it even more. Let’s take a look at some of the comments
from Korean netizens about the dramas on the list.

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