Top 7 Absolute Must Watch Chinese Dramas For Beginners To C-Drama 2020

Hey guys it’s Anton. So probably one of
the most common questions I get from you guys is which dramas do I recommend that
you guys watch if you’re completely new to Chinese dramas and want to expand
your watch list. Now, as someone who’s been watching Chinese dramas since
basically the early 1990s as a kid with Hong Kong TVB and ATV dramas up until
the present day it’s really hard to come up with a comprehensive list of all-time
favorite dramas, so for the purpose of simplicity today I’m going to omit all
dramas except for those from mainland China and also only include dramas from
the last five years. I also chose dramas today that would be good starter dramas
for someone who is a complete beginner wanting to get into Chinese dramas. You
probably already know what they are if you are a C-drama veteran but keep watching and see if you agree with this list. I picked dramas that I would basically
be fine sitting down right now and re-watching again because they’re just so
good. Before I go on please take a moment to subscribe to this channel if you
haven’t already but would like to see more content like this in the future. The
shows on today’s Top 7 are absolute must watches if you’re new to Chinese
dramas or even just looking to expand your current watch list. So let’s get
right to it, this is my list of the Top 7 absolute must watch Chinese dramas for
beginners who are looking to get into the C-drama world, 2020 edition. This list
is not ranked by position by the way so just because something appears earlier
or later doesn’t mean that it’s being ranked higher or lower. I just wanted to
throw that out there ahead of time. Anyway it’s let’s begin. Number one,
Eternal Love. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is the absolute king of fantasy dramas,
bar none. Released back in 2017, it still holds the crown as one of the very best
fantasy C-dramas of all time. What I like most about Ten Miles of Peach
Blossoms is the fact that the story flows nicely. Nearly every episode moves
well and we don’t get bogged down by many fillers, which is basically the
cardinal sin of every single Chinese drama. It’s very rare to have a show that
you are interested in watching all the way through, especially one that is 58
episodes long. Ten Miles Peach Blossom’s conflicts are easily understood and the
more you get into the series, the more you start feeling for its characters. The
chemistry between all the characters are fantastic, but particularly the two main
leads. Pretty much everyone from the show supporting or otherwise were able to
solidify their own acting careers after the drama ended. We had fantasy
C-dramas before, but Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms put everything together
decisively with its compelling plot, excellent cast, and fantastic visuals.
Eternal Love is one of those shows that you reflect on many years after it’s
over, even in 2020 it simply is the greatest fantasy C-drama of all time. I
could go on for days about Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, but we have more dramas to cover, so let’s move on. Number two, The Story of Ming Lan. Ming
Lan is a historical drama for those looking for depth in their shows. It is
incredibly well-written. If you want to watch a drama with cunning plots and
intelligent strategy, The Story of Ming Lan is the one for you. Now, this is not a
palace drama like The Story of Yanxi Palace, which, by the way, is an honorable
mention that I did think about including on this list of Top 7 Must Watch
Dramas, but in the end, I chose to go with Ming Lan as it has a more cohesive
storyline. It doesn’t have the grandiose over-the-top schemes like a palace drama
would but you will find the close intra- family relationships between characters in Ming Lan is what really makes it shine. Now, the story of Ming Lan
perceivably moves a bit on the slower side, especially in the initial episodes,
but the actors and screenwriting are what really make the show great. The
characters in Ming Lan are all intelligent, especially the main leads,
and they never annoy you with their decision-making process like certain
other dramas do. There are many little schemes written into the show that are
very clever, much like the characters themselves, and this is the reason why I
would put the story of Ming Lan among the best historical Chinese dramas in
recent times. Number three, Ashes of Love. Now, Ashes of Love style-wise is one of
my favorite fantasy C-dramas. The Ashes of Love world is rich and vibrant and
the world dynamic between its characters is immersive and engaging. It’s very easy
to get hooked into this drama in its first few episodes and it is a great
choice for C-drama beginners to get into these fantasy drama. Just a preface the
main female lead here is basically the opposite of our last drama lead Ming Lan
and is somewhat of a polarizing character amongst audiences. You either
love her or hate her. I liked her here especially during her interactions with
the other characters, as you can see a lot of chemistry going on. I think that
overall the story of Ashes of Love moves along nicely but I know one source of
contention with the show is how much screen time was given to the non-main
leads. This show is where I first started liking Luo Yunxi and Yukee Chen, but I do
agree that they added just a bit too much story filler for the supporting
cast. I didn’t mind the Night Immortal so much, but Yukee Chen’s romance I found a
bit boring. Otherwise Ashes of Love is a brilliant piece of work of visually and
story-wise and is a definite must watch if you like fantasy C-dramas. Number
four, The Joy of Life. The most recent addition to the Top Must Watch C-Drama
list is The Joy of Life, having just completed airing at the beginning of
this year. This drama has, quite frankly, one of the best screenwriting ever done
in C-drama in recent years. Powerfully witty and comical, The Joy of Life
reaches further than others in the genre in terms of its cleverness and dialogue.
This is one of those shows where the plot actually moves and you can’t wait
to see the next episode as you finish the last. I think many watch the show
seeing that Xiao Zhan will be in the cast, but I will be perfectly honest with
you guys… Xiao Zhan does not appear until much
later in the series. It still doesn’t mean that the earlier episodes aren’t
good, they are, but I just wanted to clear that expectation up. His presence
definitely adds to the star power of the show, but I like The Joy of Life even
without him here, the acting and storyline is simply superb. I would go as
far to say that this is probably my top Chinese drama of 2019 if it wasn’t for
another standout series from last year that has me conflicted on the rankings.
Stay tuned for that drama at the end of this video. Anyhow moving on. Number five, Love O2O. It might be a bit controversial but I
just had to include Love O2O in this list. Love O2O is a modern romance drama
focusing on gaming and I know that the genre is not for everybody, but I feel that Love O2O really paved the way
for gaming dramas recently such as the Kings Avatar or Go Go Squid. Love O2O is
the only modern drama on this list and I did want to include more but I felt like
this series was really one that showed just how polished C-dramas can be,
especially if you consider that it was first broadcasted in 2016. The story is
light and fluffy without the usual annoying plot twists or drama between
the characters. You know, the one where one of the main leads gets into a fight
with the other one because of some silly misunderstanding? Those can really get on
your nerves. I really like Love O2O because it’s extremely straightforward
and addictingly entertaining. Because sometimes all you want is a bubbly and
cheerful show to watch. There are questionable CGI sequences in this drama,
but I can forgive them because this show was made four years ago and despite that
Love O2O is still fairly revolutionary in bringing the gaming genre to the
mainstream. The director for Love O2O was the same person responsible for
directing Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms a year later and you have to really
commend her ability to bring together a compelling storyline this drama is a
fantastic example of a feel-good drama the type that will keep you entertained
but smiling the entire time you are watching. Number 6, Nirvana in Fire. This
drama appeared as the only costumed C-drama in the Top 10 list of Asian Dramas
In The Last Decade as rated by Chinese viewers on Douban. I’ll link that video in
the top right corner and in the video description below if you’re interested.
This drama is another thinking drama which you guys know I love. Set in the
Liang dynasty, what I like about this drama are the intricate character plots.
My goodness is the screenplay well-written. The storyline flows so
beautifully as plots get revealed, you end up getting hooked on each episode as
you find out more and more. I love that the characters have plots and then
counter plots, and have clearly thought very far in advance when they are
planning something. I just truly relish intelligently written characters. Now
this drama leans towards political struggles at a kingdom level, and what
really amazes me are the dynamics and interactions between the main characters.
Hu Ge is really amazing and this drama is truly the height of his career. The
rest of the cast are amazing as well but we have to move on to our final must
watch drama for those new to Chinese dramas. You guys know what it is, so let’s
get to it. Number seven, The Untamed. Last but
certainly not least on our list, The Untamed took everyone by surprise when
it aired last year and rocketed to the top, being one of the most top viewed and
highly rated C-dramas in recent years. Stylistically beautiful with a unique
aesthetic, The Untamed really shined with its two main leads. The chemistry between
Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo was phenomenal and drives a lot of what makes The
Untamed great. There are some issues with this drama, however, such as the first 10
to 15 episodes or so. If you haven’t read the drama or watched the anime it can
get a little tedious as the storytelling and these initial episodes can get a
little draggy. Just a forewarning, but hang in there and you will get to the
core of what made The Untamed so extremely popular. And after having
finished the entire drama, you will go back to those first few episodes and see
them in a new light. There have been dramas in the past with strong bromances
between the male leads such as even “Nirvana in Fire” back in 2015, but “The
Untamed” truly brought this concept into the mainstream and has made this
category one of the most popular genres unquestionably in mainland China right
now. And for that, in addition to its fantastic cast and screenwriting,
The Untamed is indisputably part of one of the top best Chinese dramas that you
absolutely have to watch, especially if you are new to C-dramas. So there you
have it guys, the Top 7 absolute must watch Chinese dramas for beginners who
are looking to get into the C-drama world, 2020 edition. In terms of which
one to start with, it all depends on your personal preference of exactly which
genre you’d like to watch, but you can’t go wrong picking any of these. Also there
were lots of honorable mentions that I would like to include as well but this
video was getting a little long and I just didn’t have time to include them
all. So let me know if you agree with this list or not, and if I’m missing
anything what would you guys recommend in addition for someone who is
completely new to mainland Chinese dramas. I love making lists like this so
if you have any other list you’d like to see then feel free to ask me down below
and I might make a video about it later down the line. Anyhow that’s all I have
for you guys today, thank you for joining me. Hit that thumbs up button
if you like videos like this and if you would like to see more like it in the
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this is Asian Drama News, I will see you guys in the next episode. Later!


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