Top 7 Chinese Dramas That Kickstarted Famous Actors Careers

Hey guys it’s Anton. Some dramas cast the
biggest and hottest stars currently in the entertainment industry. These are
your big blockbusters that you know will tend to get the most attention and media
coverage. And then there are those other dramas that feature relative newcomers
to the industry but just explode onto the main screen with their memorable
acting or stage presence. When an actor or actress is brand new or unknown some
people tend to dismiss the drama completely because they don’t think the
show is going to be good. I’m the complete opposite of course because, to
me, I feel that if it’s an actress first big break they will tend to try their
very best to prove that they can be among the very best. All actors and
actresses start from the very bottom and that’s the exact reason why I’m making
this video today. I love seeing new faces in the industry. This video will be
devoted to seven dramas that helped catapult their respective actors into
the limelight. You’ll want to watch this video to the very end because some of
these actors and the drama’s that they first gained attention in might surprise
you. Before I go on though please remember to hit that like button if you
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like to see more videos like this in the future. Okay you guys let’s begin. This is
the Top 7 Chinese Dramas that help to kick-start the careers of seven
different actors and actresses. I want to remind you guys that this list appears
in no particular order so it’s not a ranked list. Anyways starting with the
first. Number one, Xu Kai, The Story of Yanzi Palace. When The Story of Yanxi
Palace first premiered in 2018, Xu Kai had already dabbled his feat in acting
with a supporting role in the historical costume drama Untouchable Lovers, which
had started airing a few months prior. This was the very first time that we
ever saw him on the small screen but even before that Xu Kai’s very first
acting experience in a drama was in the now shelved but still extremely highly
anticipated Zhao Ge, which was filmed all the way back in 2017 and still has not
yet been aired. Rumors are that it will air sometime this year in 2020 though.
Anyways Xu Kai’s first biggest hit was his appearance in the 2017 Qing era
palace drama The Story of Yanzi Palace which was a huge hit in China as well as
with international audiences. It skyrocketed Xu Kai’s fame and eventually
led to several dramas featuring him as the main male
lead. The Story of Yanxi Palace was a whopping 70 episode series but it was
the first drama that really sent Xu Kai’s name soaring into the spotlight. And
although he couldn’t appear for the Yanxi Palace spin-off, Princess
Adventures, currently airing on Netflix right now by the way, I for one am glad
that he was able to jump start his career from this drama so that we are
able to see his later works like last year’s The Legends which was absolutely
fantastic. Anyhow moving on. Number two, Chen Xing Xu, Goodbye My Princess. Goodbye My Princess was 2019’s dark horse drama, a
series that nobody was really expecting but turned out to be a solid drama. The
series sent both the main leads into the limelight with their fantastic acting
navigating us through a rollercoaster of emotions. Goodbye My Princess had a lot
of highs and a lot of lows and Chen Xing Xu’s character was right there in the
middle making us feel empathetic towards his situation but at the same time
making us hate his guts. Before this drama we only really knew
him from 2017 s The Legend of Condor Heroes but by the time Goodbye My
Princess started airing everyone was looking to find out who Chen Xing Xu and
the main female lead Peng Xiao Ren were. I’ll be honest with you guys I really
did not find him very memorable in The Legend of Condor Heroes but I found both
him and Peng Xiao Ran completely unforgettable in Goodbye My Princess.
The series really captivated us with its mercurial tone and very memorable
visuals. I think that the Peng Xiao Ran red dress even today is one of the most
iconic elements from this drama, one that is instantly recognizable and almost
undoubtedly symbolic of Goodbye My Princess. I still think of this series
from time to time even to this very day. This drama was definitively the drama
that put Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiao Ran on the map, and you watch it you can
really see why. Number 3, Zhao Li Ying, The Legend of Lu Zhen. We go back in time to
2013 on this one and today in present times with dramas like The Story of Ming
Lan or The Legend of Chusen it’s hard to imagine Zhao Li Ying as anything but
one of the biggest C-drama actresses in the entertainment industry today. But all
actors and actresses had to start somewhere, and Zhao Yi Ling’s story serves as a powerful reminder to the rest of us that those in
show business often have to grind and work very hard to get to where they
currently are at. Zhao Yi Ling had been in many dramas since 2007 but I think that
the very first time that I took notice of her was back in 2013 when she
exploded onto the scene with the historical costume drama The Legend of
Lu Zhen. This was the type of character that
today we know and love her for, the strong independent and intelligent
thinker. This drama is not as polished as some of her more recent dramas today but
it offers us a very interesting glimpse into what Zhao Yi Ling was like back then and how she has evolved and refined herself as an actress over the years. The Legend
of Lu Zhen was the first drama that brought her into media and viewer
attention and I’m so glad that she was able to break through in this role. Number
four, Bai Lu, The Legends. Okay so Bai Lu first appeared in a historical drama
called The King Is Not Easy which could be seen as her first breakthrough role.
It’s a good drama and you guys should really check it out. But Bai Lu in The
Legends was what really made her noticeable to even international fans.
Her demon look in The Legends alongside Xu Kai was instantly noticeable, and the
artistry with which the drama was filmed can be described as cinematically
meticulous. I just love the director’s vision for how this drama eventually
became brought to life from its source novel material, and the style with which
it was presented. The Bai Lu / Xu Kai chemistry was really off the charts in
The Legends which was their first collaboration as main leads but luckily
not the last. Later dramas such as Arsenal Military Academy have proven
that these two can provide that unknown x-factor that can really send sparks
flying off the screen. The Legends was the first series that made it all happen
and that’s why it’s number four on this list. Next up. Number five, Alan Yu, Go
Princess Go. Alan Yu is the main male lead in the currently airing Love Lasts
Two Minds alongside Yukee Chen, but it was not too long ago that Alan was starting
out as a supporting actor. Even long before his appearance in Eternal Love
Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms as the fourth brother, the first drama in which
he started getting some attention in was in 2015 with Go Princess Go. Now, this
drama is undoubtedly low-budget, but that’s what makes it brilliant. It proves
that a drama does not need a massive budget in order to be entertaining. This
was the first time I noticed Alan Yu and I loved his character here. Alan
started getting casted more into the flower boy trope when he blew up in
popularity with Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms two years after; but man, in Go
Princess Go this was exactly the kind of character I wish he would keep playing —
smart, cunning, and gets things done. His chemistry with the main female lead was
so funny, I really did not think I would enjoy this drama because of the low
budget, but in the end I walked away with a few good laughs and more importantly a
few new favorite actors. Number six. Xiao Zhan, The Untamed. The Untamed needs no further explanation and I know I will get flak from Wang Yibo fans for
focusing more on Xiao Zhan but The Untamed undoubtedly propelled both
actors into the main stage. Within just a few weeks of the airing of this drama
Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan shot up to become some of the most sought-after
and most talked-about actors in the Chinese entertainment industry. The
chemistry between the two main leads combined with the starkly different
character foil between the pair led to a massive following for the series. In fact,
for me, The Untamed was good because of these two actors. I simply can’t imagine
this drama being filmed with any other leads. Xiao Zhan’s characters, specifically,
was quirky and eccentric; the kind that becomes instantly memorable. Most of the
time an actor will try to become the character in his or her script and while
that is acceptable and can still lead to a great show what Xiao Zhan did was
really made the character defined by him. This doesn’t happen very often but when
it does it leads to spectacular result what I can think of would be similar
would be Johnny Depp from The Pirates of the Caribbean series; similarly here,
these two actors have taken their characters and made them their own.
There’s simply no one else who could play the same character and exude the
same kind of energy or aura as the original actor. There’s really no
surprise here why The Untamed propelled Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan into the
spotlight. Okay, moving on, and we get to our final drama on the list. Number seven.
Yang Mi, Palace: The Lock Heart Jade. Last but not least let’s talk about
another behemoth name in C-drama entertainment. Like Zhao Li Ying it’s hard
to imagine Yang Mi as anything but a top drama actress, but she has been around in
C-drama line for a long time and has worked very hard for everything she has
accomplished. She was in Chinese paladin before but the very first time that I
specifically remember her was in 2011 in Palace: The Lock Heart Jade alongside
Feng Shao Feng who also first gained my attention from this drama. More recently
people would remember William Feng from The Story of Ming Lan alongside Zhao Li
Ying but 9 years ago before these powerhouse actors became household names, I remember him being paired with Yang Mi and loving it. This drama was an
excellent time-travel series back to the Qing. And if you’ve seen the recent 2020
Dreaming Back To The Qing, this was much better. People hated on Palace: The Lock Heart Jade when it first aired because of the Boys Over Flowers slash
Scarlet Heart time-travel crossover, but I thought the mashup was pretty
ingenious. This drama was definitely the very first time that I really started
noticing Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng and I feel really served as the catalyst that
brought their fame to new levels. Palace The Lock Heart Jade is an excellent reminder to all of us of Yang Mi’s journey to get to where she is today. And
there you have it guys The Top 7 Chinese dramas that helped to kick-start the
careers of seven different actors and actresses. I love seeing dramas that feature new actors because you never know when a new face will suddenly become the next hottest star. It’s always so interesting
to see familiar faces in their first roles at supporting characters and to
see their development and progression as they rise to the top. Did you guys first
notice these actors and actresses from the same dramas too or did you start
following them from somewhere different? Let me know down in the comments section below. This video of course does not include every single example and
actually I had quite a few more that I wanted to include so perhaps if you guys
would like to hear more dramas that helped to catapult their respective
actors into the limelight we can turn this video into a new series. Give me a
like on this video and let me know down below if you’d like to see a possible
part 2. Anyways that’s all I have for you guys today thank you so much for joining
me. Remember to subscribe to the channel for more content like this in the future.
My name is Anton, this is Asian Drama News, I will see you guys in the next
video. Bye!

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