Toy Story 4 Toys Are Missing! Gabby Gabby Plays Tricks on YouTube Families!

[Suspense music] [Whistling] [Suspense music] [Doorbell] [Whistling] [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Woody] Ahhh! [Woody] Yee-haw! [Gabby Gabby giggling] Guys, look! Our toys are here from “Toy Story 4!” Sweet! The movie was so cool! I can’t wait to see it again! [Kids] Whoa! To infinity and your mom! Hey, look! One of the toys is missing. [Jasmine] You’re right! Oh no, the cowboy is missing! [Exclaims] [Phone rings] [Boys] Who is it?! It’s “Babyteeth!” Hello?! Hey guys, we’re calling to warn you! It’s “Babyteeth More,”
they’re calling to warn us! Warn us! About what? All of our “Toy Story 4” toys were taken! Taken?! Who would do that? We’re pretty sure it was Gabby Gabby. Hold on, let me put this on speaker. Yeah, we heard a giggle and then all of a sudden our toys were gone! We heard from “Epic Toy Channel” that their toys were taken too! Princess T, Naiah and Elli,
Goo Goo Girlz, and ZZ Kids are all missing their toys too! That’s strange! And all of us have heard the same giggle. But why would Gabby
Gabby take all the toys? She’s jealous that “Toy
Story 4” isn’t all about her! She’s taking all of
the other toys, so that she’s the only one that kids can buy! [Gabby Gabby giggling] Uh, thanks, gotta go! Bye! We better warn “Ninja Kidz” next! [Gabby Gabby giggling] What was that? Maybe it was Kyler or Kalia or something? No! They’re outside playing! [Gabby Gabby giggling] What was that? Wait, where did Buzz go? He was just there! Another toy just disappeared? [Jazzy] No way! Oh stop, Kaden! We all know you took it! Me?! No! It was probably that Gabby Gabby doll. Whatever, you’re the
trickster in this family! Uh, guys, hello! Didn’t you hear what “Babyteeth More”
said on the phone? Gabby Gabby is taking a
bunch of “Toy Story 4” toys from all of the channels! Yeah, right! Dolls don’t walk, talk, or take toys! Yeah, that’s just silly! Dolls aren’t alive! [Whooshing noise] Are you guys serious? What about the silly doll
that keeps re-appearing on our channel? Huh? [Gabby Gabby giggling] Wait, another one disappeared! Jessie, where’s Jessie?! [Kaden] Quick, look around! I don’t see it. Where is she? They’ve got to be here somewhere! I can’t find any of the toys anywhere. See guys, it wasn’t me! When we were distracted and
talking, someone or something took another toy! Is it possible? Is there another silly doll in our house? [Kids] Ahhh! Okay guys, calm down, calm down! We have to think this through. [Kids] Ahhhh! Even if it was Gabby Gabby taking the toys on other channels, she was
just with “Babyteeth More.” Yeah, there’s no way she
could get here that fast! Maybe it was Dr. Mad
Scientist that took the toys? Or maybe the babysitter. Or the Grinch! [Kids] Ahhhh! I don’t know who it was,
but I’m getting my blaster! I’ve got to save those toys! Okay Kaden, I’ll help! Jazzy, you stay on guard! Yeah, don’t let another toy go missing. Don’t worry, I got this! [Fun playful music] You guys are with me! Jackpot! Let’s load this up! [Fun playful music] Come on guys, let’s go outside! The blaster’s all loaded! [Fun guitar music] Okay Kaden, you go that
way, I’ll go this way! There you go! [Fun guitar music] [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Fun guitar music] I gotta call “Ninja Kidz,” and
tell them what’s happening! [Phone dialing] Hi, is Payton here? [Whooshing sound] [Suspense music] [Whooshing sound] Payton, you’ll never
believe what happened! [Whooshing sound] Somebody’s taking our
toys from “Toy Story 4!” [Whooshing sound] I gotta find those toys! [Whooshing sound] [Fun music] What do you think we should do, Payton? Where are you Gabby Gabby? I know it’s you! [Whooshing noise] [Gabby Gabby giggling] Hands up, you silly doll! What? [Suspense music]
If it’s Gabby Gabby, then we have two silly
dolls on our channel! No one’s there! [Exclaims]
[Gabby Gabby giggling] [Sound of blaster] Dang it, no one’s there! [Rustling noise]
[Gabby Gabby giggling] Ahhh! I thought I heard something. Where are you silly doll? [Suspenseful music] [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Exclaims] Kaden, I
thought I heard a giggle! I thought I heard one too! [Gabby Gabby giggling]
[Boys exclaim] [Boys] Ahhh!
[Fun guitar music] [Boys] Ahhhh! Go, go, she’s after us! What, what’s happening? [Kaden out of breath] Gabby Gabby, we saw her! She just came running at
us out of your closet! Wait, why didn’t you just
get her with your blasters? I, umm, uh.. Umm, uh, umm, hmm.. Um.. Hmm! Are you serious? You guys are scared of a little doll? Such babies! Wait, where are all the toys? Duke, Jessie, they’re all gone! There’s only one toy left? Jazzy, you were on watch! I, I, um..I was talking
to Payton. Sorry guys! That’s it! Time to get even! Guys we have to come up with a plan! Let’s set her up with some bait! [Whispering] [Drum music] [Kids whispering] All right silly doll, come
and get the last of our toys! This is gonna be good! [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Suspenseful music] There she is! Quick, duck down! [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Kids exclaim] [Gabby Gabby giggling] [Exclaim] It’s working! Kaden, NOW! [Kaden] Ahhh! Do it now! [Fun guitar music] [Sound of rocket launching] Hurry, close the box, close the box! [Exclaim] I’ll get the tape! [Tape stretching] Now where did you hide
all of our other toys? Oh, she must be really not happy! Well, she took toys at
least from seven channels and now we stopped her!
Of course she’s not happy! Well, now what should we do with her? We could send her to “Ninja Kidz?” They could teach her a lesson. Uh, no, Ninja Kidz don’t
need another villain. Didn’t “Babyteeth” say that
Gabby Gabby was taking the toys because she was jealous and
wanted to be the only toy that kids could buy? In that case, we should send all the toys to “Toy Caboodle!” Great idea! But we still don’t know where
the “Toy Story 4” toys went? [Fun music] [Kids exclaim] Kalia,
you found all the toys! Now it’s time to play house! Kalia, where’d you find those
toys from “Toy Story 4?” Oh, they were all hiding
in a drawer upstairs! What’s in the box? The Gabby Gabby doll. [Exclaims] Gabby Gabby, she’s my favorite! Please can I have her? No, Kalia, no! [Kids] Nooo! NO! Didn’t you guys see the movie? All she needs is love. Oh Gabby Gabby, I love you! [Kissing noise] Every toy just wants a kid’s love! Kalia, are still okay if we
send all the “Toy Story” toys to “Toy Caboodle?” Why? So all the kids in the world know about all the “Toy Story” toys,
not just Gabby Gabby! Okay, let’s mail it to them! [Soft guitar music] [Tape stretching] [Soft guitar music] Have fun in the mail, guys! Can’t wait to see how cool
you look on “Toy Caboodle!” [Inside The Box] Yee-haw! [Gabby Gabby giggling] We did this awesome, cool
app with eight channels! If you wanna find out what
happened before Gabby Gabby got to Kids Fun TV, click
on “Babyteeth’s” video right over here! [Kids] Click it, click it, click it! And check out what happens
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