Traffik Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

You have been nothing, but a positive force in my life She’s the one. Happy birthday Vee! It’s your dream car. It’s amazing Let’s get away from the city It’s miles away from everything. It’s a celebration! I did not know you guys were coming! I’m trying to create a moment. I want to give her something she could remember for the rest of her life What are you looking at? You! That is a hot drive! Build it myself. Where did you learn that, in the prison auto shop? Sweet ride, and smoking piece in the store, are you a ballplayer? I’m not looking for any trouble. Trouble? Can’t hold a polite conversation? Get your… Give me a minute Sorry. What are you doing in here? Let’s go! Now! Got a big problem. Can’t find the phone. The people I work for do not accept mistakes. It’s crazy Hey, baby your phone is ringing That’s not my phone Hey, that girl! Something in my gut was telling me that she needed help! I think I put my phone in your bag, by accident. Let me help you. Just give me the phone. Just give me the phone, OK! He will kill you Hold on! Wait! Hey, you got something that belongs to me. They’re gonna kill us! I need help right now. Please! I don’t know where I’m at. Where are you, little lady? I’m gonna keep you just for me. Just for me. I will find you! Just hold on, alright?


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