[TRAILER] All I Want for Love is You [UPCOMING] Chinese Drama 2019

since childhood, Gu Xiaoman was trained by her father to be strong. With her perseverance, she won various martial arts competitions. But that also caused her to become a tomboyish girl. At school, Xiaoman secretly has a crush to Zuo An A brilliant young man but not good at getting along with other people. Unfortunately, Xiaoman repeatedly “unaccidentally” harmed Zuo An. But it turned out that behind Zuo An’s cold nature he is secretly guarding Xiaoman. With his intelligence, Zuo An decided to take majoring clinical treatment at Medical College TX. Knowing this, Xiaoman trying hard to go to the same campus so she keep close with Zuo An. Xiaoman and Zuo made a promise to be a students on that campus together. With his perseverance, finally her effort has paid off She successfully passed the entrance examination and became a student at the campus. Xiaoman start her time in college with confident despite the fact that she collapsed during class due to fear. In that college there is also Zhan Yue Xiaoman’s neighbor who in love with her since childhood. Zhan Yue has only two obsessions in his life, singing and Xiaoman. Xiaoman and Zuo An’s relationship that began at school growing as they entered college and thus their loveful journey began. Starring by Lu Zhao Hua as Gu Xiaoman and Liu Yu Han as Zuo An


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