Trailer – Askeladden: I Dovregubbens hall – [English Subtitles] – Turn on Closed Captions.

– Oh, I found, I found… – What did you find now, Askeladd? – Good morning, brothers! – What do you mean by good morning?
We’ve been up working since sunrise. – Life isn’t all about working. – Shall we go hunting?
– Can I come? – NO! – I don’t want to get married! – The king demands that you marry Fredrick! – Kristin! – The king has promised that the one who finds the princess, shall have her and half the kingdom. – Will they just give her away to anyone?
– The princess will marry me. – You have to find the princess. – To save the princess is my only hope. – Forget about it! It’s too dangerous. The Mountain King has taken her. – Isn’t that just a fairytale? – There’s always something that’s true in all fairytales. – The Mountain King… – It’s an old myth, and you know it. – Tell me where she is! – No. – The princess is not our responsibility. Do you really think she wants to marry you? – Is there anything else I should know?
Do unicorns exist too? – Don’t be stupid. – Why is that more stupid than a troll? – Because it’s absurd.
It’s a horse with a horn on his forehead.


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