Trailer ‘EMILY & EVA’ 👭🎬 #Serie #Intriga #Drama #SciFi #LGTB

The story I’m about to tell you… is the story of my life… – This was registered today in the local police database
in a town in Burgos. A few days ago, a dead body was found at the local Motel. You have to listen to the recording they have found
in the same room. “…but I could see his eyes glowing in the dark …approaching me” – Do you remember what we said when we were children? That one day we’d get out of that fucking place we’d forget those walls forever, we’d travel the world, and we’d see things nobody’s ever
seen before… That we wouldn’t stop until you could understand
who you are. After all these places, after all those people,
now you have it. You have to continue this adventure without me. – I wish I had brought you with me… There is not a single day in which I do not regret that. Now I need your help… I need to come back.

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