[TRAILER] Love is Fate [UPCOMING] Chinese Drama 2019

Ma Ke Ai has a car accident and barely escaped death. but gained new abilities after waking up again She can see into someone future everytime she touch that person. She actually a daughter of Ma Dong Shan, the chairman of JR Hotel who founded the JR Hotel together with his two friends Han De Chang and Song Tian Ming thirty years ago. Hearing about her father’s heart attack, she soon returned to China. On her way Ke Ai met with Xia Yu Xing a handsome and rich man who decides to help her. Ke Ai who accidentally touched Xia Yu Xing found no ill intentions so she decided to accept Xia Yu Xing’s help Right now JR hotel management is unstable Ma Dongshan is fallen sick, Han Dechang has passed away and Song Tianming lost his son when he was young. Therefore Ma Dong Shan want Ma Ke Ai to inherit the hotel. After a series of accidents happened, Ke Ai realized that there must be a big secret behind it. In order to understand the mystery, she decided to accept her father’s wishes to inheritance the JR hotel. Ke Ai’s effort to take over the hotel business is ain’t easy. Besides the snake in the grass who was secretly threatening her there was also Han Yuan Bin who was also approching her with his hidden agenda. Together with Xia Yu Xing by her side, Ke Ai withstands all upcoming hardships and thus begins the love story between “the princess” and “the delinquent”. Starring by Vin Zhang as Xia Yu Xing. Vin Zhang known for his role in Chinese drama I Will Never Let You Go and The King’s Woman. Zheng He Hui Zi as Ma Ke Ai. Sun Shu Hang as Han Yuan Bin.


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