Travis Scott Shares ‘Crazy’ Details About Kylie’s Delivery

[APPLAUSE] Hello, Travis. So this is your third time,
but this is the first time sitting down to talk to me. And we usually just offer water. But your rider says that– this is what you asked
for in the dressing room. Moet champagne, Don Julio
tequila, Ciroc apple vodka, and Hennessy. Now, do you mix these? I just wanted you
to have your choice. What do you like? Well, I like the 42. But I keep the Ciroc, because
I have this one nightmare that Diddy might just
pop in my dressing room at any time of the day. And you have to have it? And it just has to be right. Good idea. And the Hennessy might be just
a daytime thing for anybody that might come through. Hennessy is a daytime drink. Yeah. Oh, I didn’t know that. [LAUGHS] I didn’t realize that
it was a daytime drink. Now I’ll start. Hold on. Wait, wait. Before you go, though. What? Since it’s my first time on the
couch, I brought you something. Some shoes I made. You sure did. There you go. What? Oh, god. Everybody backstage is
so jealous right now. Travis, these are awesome! [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. And I got you nothing. I’m going to get
you something now. But look, I have
beverages for you. So there you go. What are you going to take? What’s this right here? What is that? 42. OK. There you go. [APPLAUSE] There we go. And we’re off. We’re off. All right. So congratulations
on your album. Astroworld is the biggest
album of the year. Congratulations. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] And you have the biggest
album of the year, and you have a brand
new little baby girl. I mean, what a year for you. I know, right? [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Look at that face. That’s just got to be
hard, to be away from her. Yeah, I just had to leave
her to come up here. And it was just so hard. Man, Stormi is just
so animated, man. She’s running around the house
right now on this new walker. And she’s turned it into
a full blown runner. Yeah. [LAUGHS] Yeah, that’s
dangerous, when they start being able to
move around like that– Yeah, it is. –being mobile. Then suddenly, you can’t do
anything, keeping your eyes up. She’s got a little outfit
on that’s adorable. She’s got a workout outfit on. Yeah, yeah. Is she doing cardio right now? You know, her mom just
tries to keep her fit. Yeah, sure. She’s always on her
own workout plan. I think this the Stormi
up-downs we’re doing right now. This is, Daddy, make
me go up and down or I’m going to cry forever. Oh. So this is an
up-down right there. Well, that’s adorable. Now, Kris was here the other
day, your mother-in-law. And she said that she
helped deliver Stormi. That is a fact. That is a fact. She held me down,
because it was so scary. This is actually my
first delivery room. Yes. And so she was walking me
through this whole process. And there’s this thing called
the placenta that I’ve just been hearing about. Oh, my god. So I was fearful of that. But I cut the umbilical cord. And she held it down, Mama KJ. She’s the best, man. Yeah, she is. Now, wait. So the placenta freaked you out. Yeah. Yeah. Very crazy. Yeah. But then you cut the cord. And then there’s gotta
be something amazing– Oh, man. –that you just created
that little baby. Yeah. You know, going into it,
I was nervous and scared. You know, we were
just both young. But you know, when you first
have that baby in your arms, it’s just uncontrollable. It’s like this
whole warp that just takes over your whole body. And I never thought I could
just love something so hard. It’s crazy. That’s sweet. That’s what everyone
says that has a baby. It’s true. So this is amazing. So everyone knows you
as who you are today. By the way, your name
isn’t Travis Scott. It is what? It’s Jacques Webster II. Yeah. But you like people
to call you Travis. Yeah. So in high school, you
were in musical theater. And so did you sing sing? You were a singer? I wouldn’t say I was a singer. But I wasn’t in the Thespian
Society, which is plays. So I tried out for
this Oliver Twist. But I was actually in this
play called Kiss Me, Kate. And I had this song “Too Darn
Hot.” (SINGING) Too darn hot. It’s too darn hot. [VOCALIZING] baby tonight. [VOCALIZING] baby tonight. [VOCALIZING] [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHS] And man, I love Broadway. It’s just super dope. You do. You love Broadway. Yeah, it’s fire. It’s plays. You should write
a Broadway show. Because you write all of
your own stuff, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You should write a whole show. Yeah, I was thinking
my next album should be, I do a play for a whole week
somewhere, and I just do a play and design a whole
play around my album. I think you should. Because you’re a
super smart guy. It would be so easy
for you to do that. You’d probably sit
down in an afternoon. Yeah, right? Yeah. I’ll be over and
I’ll help you out. Because it’s daytime drink,
I’m going to have some of that. [LAUGHS]


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