Travis Scott Shows Off His Broadway Musical Abilities

-Dude! I have a thousand questions, but, first of all,
congratulations, man. -Thank you. Thank you.
-You’re crushing. I mean, number-one album, -[Chuckling]
-I mean, platinum, the whole deal.
I just, I gotta say, the record’s awesome. [ Cheering and applause ] It wasn’t just like a number-one
album, then left, either. It like hung out there,
like, yeah. Well done.
-[Laughing] [ Cheering, laughter ]
-I have one question for you ’cause this is
something I heard. I don’t know if it’s true
and tell me if it’s rude or offensive, but:
Your name is not Travis Scott. -[laughing] No.
No, actually, no, it’s not. [Laughs]
[ Laughter ] My government name is
Jacques Berman Webster II. I’m named after my dad. -How did you?
Where’s? Where does? Usually, if you think
of like a artist’s name, it’s just, I don’t know.
It’s not Travis Scott. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -I mean, now, it means
something, but, I mean, how did you pick Travis Scott? My uncle was named Travis and Kid Cudi is like one of my
favorite artists of all time and his real name is
Scott Mescudi. And my uncle’s friends
call him Scott, too, so it kinda like
worked out like that. So it was like my two
superheroes, you know. [ Cheering and applause ] -I kinda like that [chuckle] your fake name is
Kid Cudi’s real name. [ Laughter ] That’s it again. Tomorrow night, you’re gonna be
the musical guest on “SNL.” Do you get nervous
for that type of jam? -Uh… You know,
it’s something different. I’ve always wanted to do “SNL,”
my whole career, so, I’m so honored to be able
to do it tomorrow. -Are you gonna be in sketches? -Uh…I love surprises,
but, um… Yeah. [ Cheering, whistling,
and applause ] -Yeah. You gonna see that?
All right, good. -Catch it.
-I wanna see. -A little vibe.
-‘Cause I heard that you used to be,
you were like a thespian. You used to act
and you were in musicals. -Yeah. In high school,
I was in the Thespian Society. I was actually in a play
called “Kiss Me, Kate.” [ Cheering and applause ] -Really?
-Yeah. -And you sang and everything,
“Kiss Me, Kate”? -Yeah. I sang this song.
It was called “Too Darn Hot.” It was like
♪ Too darn hot ♪ [ Cheering ]
♪ It’s too darn hot ♪ ♪ I wanna da-da-da-da
my baby tonight ♪ [ Cheering and applause ]
[ Scat singing ] [ Whistling ]
♪ My baby tonight ♪ -Hey! -Pow! You had these cymbals.
Pow! -Yeah, exactly.
[ Cymbals crash ] -[Laughing] -Would you ever wanna do
something on Broadway? -Yeah, always, man,
yeah, always, definitely. -Really? That would be
-Yeah, yeah. fantastic. I’d love to see that.
-That would be fun. You just did that. Are you a drummer? -Yeah, my dad bought me a drum set when
I was like three years old. Yeah, that’s
the first instrument I was ever in front of.
-Do you ever try any other instruments?
-Yeah, I tried the piano. I tried a lot of instruments. I tried the drums
for a long time. I didn’t really get any girls,
like too much. [ Laughter ]
I don’t know if it was
’cause of like my drums. -Yeah, I can see that. -No. I love you, Quest. [ Laughter, cheering,
and applause ] -No. It’s all right. -[Playing low tones] -Oh, Damon!
I don’t know. I don’t know if the tuba
should be talking to anybody. [ Laughter and applause ] i don’t know if the tuba — [ Laughter and applause ] Like.
-Oh, man. -Oh, my gosh.
-But I don’t know if it was the drum set or my drum skills,
but, I mean, -Yeah.
-pickin’ up the drums like taught me beats, so,
that’s where like, that’s how I came in,
you know, makin’ beats, so. -Yeah.
-It worked out for something. It definitely did
work out, yeah.


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