Trickster is based on my likings of industrial
places like ports. We went to Inisheer and there was this incredible, massive storm. It was a hurricane and we couldn’t get home that day because there was this big storm
and all the hail coming down and then the wind, the rain, the cold… you know, that
kind of inspired me as well for this kinda piece. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work with
another company, with people with disabilities as well, which makes all the difference. We
have a great friendship now with That’s Life, and that is the opportunity we have. So we would like audiences to enjoy themselves, you know, we don’t want them to think ‘oh
my god what have we got ourselves into, because we’ve worked very hard with That’s Life
to devise this. I think it’s important, they must enjoy it, and it must get away from ‘aww look at them poor people they’ve got disabilities’, you know, just, we’re gonna challenge that with what we can do. Look at the ability, not the disability. But
I think the show shows that it can be put into the mainstream, so, that’s what it
should be.

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