Trixie Mattel 2020 ‘Grown Up’ Tour Announcement

Are you extreme?! Do you like guitars?! Do you like autoharps?! Big wheels! Big explosions! EXTREME! Wow! And we are selling some tickets here today
for Trixie Mattel: Grown Up. Pick one up for your friend. Pick one up for your mom. Pick one up for your friend’s mom or your
mom’s friend. Let’s roll some of that beautiful ticket footage. This two-disc album is a must-have for any
collection. Do you have a collection? Do you have a record player? Hello – ? You’ve got questions – I’ve got
answers. Oh your future is bleak. We need another ball. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage,
Crystal Ball. You’re going to a show – it’s on the tip of
my tongue. It’s – you’re gonna see Tobey Maguire. Now if you love someone in your life who’s
struggling, someone you need to pray for, someone who needs to feel the power and spirit
of a comedic experience, you can give them tickets Hallelu – ! Trixie Mattel: Grown Up! We’ll sell you the whole seat but you’ll only
need the edge!


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