TRUST (2020) Part 1 | Drama Short Film | MYM

♪♪ ♪♪ (intense music) What does it mean to trust and be
trusted? To be in a place where disappointment does not exist. To feel content sometimes we are forced
to accept lies that tell a deeper truth. Why does trust take so long to build,
but can quickly be shattered into a thousand pieces.
If you are never betrayed, you will never learn to protect. In this city we
realize not everyone deserves it. Not you, not him and not even me. You better not fuck this shit up you know. (laughs) ♪♪ (car engine) ♪♪ ♪♪ (gentle music) Babe what you doing up? What we gonna do with all this money we’ve made? Make more. Are we gonna make this happen? Do you want me to put that away for you? ♪♪ Yeah cool, how much? Yeah I can do that. Yeah, yeah. – What’s going on?
– Alright. – You good?
-Yeah man, say nothing. – Love. Yeah give me like 30 minutes. Yeah cool man. Alright cool. What you saying, you good? I’m alright, and you? The secret yeah? Wait hold on. A mixed race race guy driving an Audi, wearing a tracksuit and knows about his books. That really doesn’t make sense to me. Are you a drug dealer?
– What I can’t wear this and drive that without being a drug dealer is that what you’re saying?
– That’s exactly what I’m saying. – You’re mad. You got a cute smile and you’re reading my favourite book. Unbelievable. Listen I’m gonna go cause I’m gonna be
late. – wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, where you gotta be so bad that you can’t have a conversation? Alright go let’s hear it. I’m Aaron, nice to meet you. I’m Mia. I’m 18 ya know. You’re 18? Alright enjoy your day yeah? Okay. 18? (text message sound) Yo where are you going? 5 minutes down the road to the library. Jump in. What? Jump in. (sighs) (text message sound) (car engine) So have you got a girlfriend? – Nope.
– So I guess this is the part where I give you my number right? (laughter) Here. I’ll see you around yeah? Thanks for the lift. I’ll shout you. Yeah man, I’ll be there. Yes. Just need to pay The Connect back and we’re good. Yo what’s wrong? How can you forget? – What you talking about?
– Today was our anniversary. It’s 3 o’clock, what’s wrong with you? You don’t give a shit anymore. I do everything for you and look how you treat me. What the fuck are you talking about? Listen calm down man. – No I won’t fucking calm down. 10 years I’ve been with you, this was meant to be our day. You know how much this means to me. All the money in the world and you still want more. – What about me huh? – I’m doing this for you! When are you gonna get that in your head? – Me, and the baby?
– For fuck sakes – Or have you forgotten I’m pregnant with your child. I ain’t got time for this shit man.
– Where are you going I’m not finished? – Why are you doing this?
– Shay stop! You’re moving crazy. Is there someone else? There is isn’t there? There isn’t, where’s your trust? ♪♪ (dramatic music) (text message sound) What you saying man, you good? That was quick. – Listen, I’m just trying to get this done man.
– (text message sound) Now something tells me it’s not all in there. What do you mean of course it is? Alright my guy, alright show me the ting. Oi listen you know better than that my guy, throw that shit in the back. ♪♪ (intense building music) It’s light. Light? What do you mean light? 100K that’s what you said nah? Check it again. (text message sound) What you got somewhere to be? See you ain’t hearing me my guy. – See the thing
– Oi nah, nah, nah you don’t have to do that. – You’re not understanding what I’m talking to you about. Where the fuck is my money? – Bro I must of misplaced
– Where the fuck is my money B? – I must of misplaced it, I’ll bring it you I know where it is.
– Don’t fucking play with me ya know darg. Bro I’ll bring it to you, just give me some time man. Just chill out. Get the fuck out my car. – Bro just relax. – Get the fuck out my car! (car engine) ♪♪ (car engine) ♪♪ (intense building music) (dial tone) (phone beeps) Fuck. Fuck! ♪♪ Maiy – How it feels Take me back. Cab driver:
Excuse me? Take me home. (door knocking) Do you want anything? – Yeah can I have a glass of water please?
– Cool. Have you seen my phone? I said water. I’m not drinking, you’re gonna get me drunk. Help yourself, I’ll get your phone. ♪♪ (intense music) (tap running) (phone vibrating) (gun shot) ♪♪ TRUST – Main Theme Song


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