Truth of AMB Cinemas Hyderabad entire Inside View Vlog Mahesh Babu Mall

Salute to all My dear Friends For my Sake please Subscribe my Channel Let me show you show its going to be… I heard a lot of news about this Asian group in Telangana State this is the first time they have joined with Mahesh Babu cinemas. So I am very much happy Since My Daughters are his Fans and I am also his fan Since 1 and a half year though I was seeing this Building But We were not aware that its going to be AMB Cinemas I am Very Lucky to be Here in Hyderabad LOL This is so Big. I am Directly Going to theatres Let us checkout the Shopping mall later First we will move to theatre yes!!! turning the last right going to the Parking It is a very big Parking space inside this is more or less like IKEA Parking Space Very Beautiful and clean I am very happy for Mahesh babu and asian group Moving to upstairs entered the Lift smiling… awesome feeling moving to second floor it is tiking us only up till 2nd floor from basement from here you need to catch another Lift Screens are in the 4th Floor wow it is so beautiful. it seems like as if Iam in Some more developed Country Hero Mahesh Babu is a lucky Star I am showing you the this is the fourth floor. from here you can see till 6th floor. till 3rd floor it is shopping place. then the Screens from 4th to 6th now i am going to watch the Movie Robo 2.O and you know what Super Star RajaniKanth movie is going to be the First one on the Screen So People say It is known to be Lucky Hand. Now moving on towards Screens wow AMB Cinemas is Located in the Prime City Hub of hyderabad, Gachibowli. on the escalator. yooohoooo My husband is advising me to look ahead otherwise I may Fall. Lol…. yes I am watching Dear… its a Brand new Mall…. Please watch all my Playlists Subscribe my channel and Do not forget to Like and Share Guys, at last arrived. Its the 4th floor…. excitement sound… Mahesh is holding the 20% of Share in this venture. and also share in his Branding. My Best wishes to him. Oh! So pity we cannot carry the home water bottle inside the Screen it seems Please watch atlas once if you are a tourist. only few seconds away from now!!!! it is reminding me the Mahabharatha “Mayasabha”. Sliding doors at the entrance of screen Oh at last i am in the Queue Me And MY MAHESH! he is so handsome as always complete View…. if you see it in Live it is more and more beautiful the awesome interior video gaming zone food counter YESSSSS! entering the theatre okay…. yoooohooooo it is more beautiful than IMAX this is some what special as compared to Other multiplexes the first row is the reclining ne big screen please watch my next Video about the Review of the Robo 2.0 So its Movie time Dear Friends…. Bye for Now……


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