TSL Plays: Most Likely To (feat. The TSL YouTube crew)

Strip! Strip! Strip! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays.
Today we are playing Most Likely To. Here are the rules! Wah, this one is so easy. – But it’s between…
– Easy meh. – There is no ‘between’.
– How is this easy… Just look at all the interns behind the camera.
See who they are looking at. Why you… Why?! No, I’m doing this.
Relax. (PD) 3, 2, 1. (PD) Wei Lun! Why you vote me πŸ™ He everyday curse… (His curses all in Hokkien one) Ya, ya, ya, ya. “This one… Go back with the friend without your knowledge…” “You wa lao eh never do your stuff…”
(The rest is censored for your safety) D: To be honest, I was a bit scared to work with Bolin when he first joined. Coz he very agitated πŸ™ “Why? Why you liddat?!”
Then I’m like… “Calm down. I’ll explain.” “Ok. You say. Say one more time.” I remember one time… We were talking about casting.
“We should cast ___.” Then he said, “Why that time I want to cast this person then you say cannot?!” Then I’m like… I never say until like that ok :'( Haaave… (PD) Bolin, your image no more liao. I was sweating. (PD) Jes, why did you pick yourself? Whenever someone says something, even the pettiest things, I’ll get very triggered. I don’t say anything, but I will show it on my face. – Yeah.
– Then you can feel the cold air coming out. Suddenly got this dark aura. 3, 2, 1. EVALUATION LATER YOU ALL WATCH OUT Jes, can you see… Kristie is hiding all the way here. Because she’s scared of you while QCing the video. Don’t be scared :))))) Oh my God! What?! (PD) 3, 2, 1. Sew is the most… like… Why is your chin vibrating?! Petite ma. Then she’s quite proportionate. She always wears this black crop top. – Oh, yes.
– Then you can see those lines. But if I see like… Like that. I think he is very hairy. That’s why… not nice. You know why I chose Ally? Because I think that her boobs are the biggest. Sometimes she wears very tight inside even though she has an outerwear. From the side, I’ll just look. And I’m like… I feel exposed. But audiences never see who is behind the camera. Yoga pants! – Ya actually Amanda…
– Come in!!! (Chaos) Perv cam of Amanda Oh… (PD) 3, 2, 1. Have you seen the music video? – Elope!
– Lun kor kor with our resident Ah Jie (star) Xenia. Fine lah. The reason why I chose Bolin is because Amanda always takes IG stories of Bolin and Nic. Then they always like to create some Mediacorp Channel 8 skit. it’s freaking funny. – I think he has potential.
– And he doesn’t laugh. I feel like Bolin is a Channel 8 actor. – Weilun is Channel 5, and James (Rainier) is Netflix.
– Hollywood. – Netflix?!
– I think Bolin suits to be in a Jack Neo film. Can you please cast him? Jack Neo! Look at this video! – Showcase pls.
– (PD) Demo. You try with Weilun. You guys are a couple. (PD) Ok. Scene. B… – Since when you call me ‘B’?
– You know why I call you ‘B’? Because I found out that you’ve been cheating on me. Who the hell is Alison?! Er, my friend… Why have you been cheating on me with her?! – I haven’t! Since when…
– What you mean ‘you haven’t’?! I saw all your DTs! Dirty Talks! You said what… “In her”… What… I saw that! That’s… – That’s a what?! You see?
– That’s Emerson (another person). What the hell is that? You know my England not good, right? You see now you are acting all weird. Then why is she here now?! No… you think too much already. Eh excuse me, you know why he cheated on you?!
You know why? – Why?
– Coz you cheated on him! With Sew! You own up now. You own up! Chase him away. Cut. (PD) Um, would you all like to vote again? Yes, Alison! Ally will be the best actor. – Wow.
– (PD) 3, 2, 1. And this. – (PD) Choose 1!
– I got 4. Most likely! Most! But these 4 are halfway there. – Jes and Bolin.
– Yeah, Bolin is already an alcoholic. Bolin tries to get us to drink everyday. – Ya. “You wanna drink?”
– Every single day. Even Tuesday. Thursday. Nobody drinks. I haven’t finish what. I said, “Wanna go drink…” “Some fruit juice?” Avocado shake.
Durian smoothie. Yeah. Yellow colour and foamy on top. Yeah. That’s nice. Yeah. And sometimes they serve it big. Like in a 3-litre tower. Yeah… Then the cups are this small… – Then you refill…
– And the music is like… Then can play darts… The “durian smoothie” there is not bad. Doesn’t taste like durian.
Tastes like wheat. Bitter right. (PD) 3, 2, 1 Alison! It’s between these 2. Rainier or Alison. Yeah, it’s either me or Rainier. Why you choose me :'( No, because I’ve seen Weilun, Sew and Jes in relationships. So… confirm cannot be lor. So it’s either you or me.
I don’t wanna throw myself under the bus. But Bolin has been waiting for that same girl for a long time already. – So I feel like he won’t ditch her.
– Yeah, he is quite loyal. – Loyal.
– He won’t 2 weeks then don’t want one. I think should choose Aly because she won’t even go into a relationship.
She loves food more. But Rainier will be like… I want somebody! Then after that… “I love freedom.” Wah, I didn’t think of that. I think that (Aly) is more about building herself than accommodating to someone for a long period of time. She’s an independent woman. Plus her heart has no more place as it’s filled with Genki, her cat.
@genkithekitty And Genki the actual sushi. If I find the right one, I will commit forever. Oh my God. Means porn right?
Oh my God. Means porn right? – Come on, guys, you know the answer.
– We know the answer. (PD) Reveal! Because every time I see on Facebook about how the Japanese porn industry is lacking males, I wanna go. I wanna be the director/videographer. Can I write the script? Can I be the audience?
Wait, that will be weird. Ew! (PD) 3, 2, 1. Oh! – Try it, guys.
– (PD) Bolin, try it. If Bolin does a split right…
Imagine a pair of chopsticks. Then you split. Will break something. Confirm. – Why you got this kind of weird explanation.
– (PD) Bolin, try! (PD) Weilun, I think you’re gonna cause some damage. – Please please please.
– No, I’m assisting you only. Reach for the (toe) hair. Any more? – Try!
– Don’t touch my hair! (Screaming) I’ll step here. 1, 2, 3. That’s less than one second! 3, 2, 1. Still need to say meh. So basically… I went on a work trip with her to Darwin. Then she pre-empted me before the trip.
“Eh Bolin I tell you…” “You know… I will sleep…” “I might take out my clothes when I sleep.” I’m like “What the hell?!” The difference is that Rainier might sleep naked because he feels hot. For me… it’s not on purpose. Without knowing, I’ll just take off my top. – It happened before.
– Wait, it’s not sleepwalking, it’s sleep stripping? Oh my God. My mum and sister found me sleeping topless.
My shirt was around my neck. They could see my boobs. One time, my shorts were at the corner of my bed. Then it was just me and my panties. There was one time… I don’t know why but my hands were in my shorts. – Oh.
– 3, 2, 1. – This one no one.
– Trust! Eh Weilun! 1, 2, 3.
YouTube! (PD) Everybody touch toes now. No! I’m out of this trust. Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays.
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