Tudor Christmas at Hampton Court Palace

My name is King Henry VIII. King of England, King of France.
Lord of Ireland, Defender of the Faith. In my time we give presents on New Year’s Day. [Tudor music playing] My name is Anne Boleyn and in 1532,
I gave my husband the King, Henry VIII a set of Pervinian boar spears
as a New Year’s gift. [Tudor singing, music and clapping] I’m a gentleman of the Privy Chamber to the King. Dating back to the Roman festival of Saturnalia, Christmas was the time of misrule, where a Lord of misrule would be appointed
from amongst the servants, would then hold court himself. Christmas then was the only time of year
when a servant could tell his master what to do. My name is mistress Jane Seymour
and in this year 1535, it is thought extremely ill-luck to hang up
any decorations in your home before Christmas Eve. [Fool singing] One. Two. Three. [Crowd cheering and applauding] Sir. You have saved my life.
I love you. [Clapping] [Cheering]


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