Tutorial: How to make a dramatic portrait easily in Photoshop (Slovak subtitles)

what’s up comrades I’m gonna show you a little tutorial again about how to retouch portrait to make it more dramatic and there are lots of ways how to do it this is just one for example it’s like on my way you have the layer window open you have the layer the first of all you can do you can check if the levels are okay so let’s say make it like this little bit okay like it then I’m going to copy the layer I’m going to make it black and white through the gradient map so gradient map make it like this and now I need to make it more darker so I’m gonna pull levels again and let’s say I like it like this I’m going to do it as a hard light and approximately the 60% is okay I’m going to copy a background layer and I’m going to hide it so we will see at the at the end how it’s going to look and I’m going to match these two visible layers okay copy this layer and I’m going to apply gradient map again black and white okay and color balance I click on shadows and I’m gonna make it kind of like orange II okay it’s okay now I’m going to set and multiply probably 40% is okay now we are going to keep the layer so I click this one you see the white layer mask window so I’m going to this black brush and set the diameter for size of the eyes and I’m just gonna bring it back in the eyes so as you see what I’ve done I’ve done the skin but not the eyes okay now I’m going to merge visible now what we can do we can duplicate layer again and click levels make a little bit whiter okay and we’re going to hide it layer very mask hide all because he’s black layer mask is black I’m going to this white brush and that’s too much opacity 100% and some parts of the photo I’m going to make them more white for example these days iced teas on the top little bit eyes okay that’s good okay yeah now I’m going to click on this photo and I’m going to I’m going into levels and I’m probably gonna you see what it does here so I’m going to make it a little bit more whiter okay I like it like this yeah that’s good so again layer much visible not what you can do you can copy the layer again you’re going to do a different way okay put it back you can create empty layer now select white color sorry about the resolution of the picture I didn’t find a larger resolution you’re gonna set a brush you’re going to set it on probably 16% make it smaller yeah probably like this then I’m going to put it a soft light and I’m just going to make this iris a little bit more in the eyes as well but not too much because otherwise gonna look too artificial so I’m gonna make it more white then I select black color I’m gonna make a bottom of the iris little bit darker okay yeah I like it you see the difference difference is nice okay so much visible now you can copy layer again and we’re going in to select two colors image adjustments selected color and here you can work with the color so that means I have for example red I’m gonna make it kind of more natural a little bit like a more yellowish I would say yeah then I select the yellow one I can work with this as well so I’m gonna make it like this little bit here okay I’m going to take neutrals make it very little bit lighter whites as well bring them a little bit more okay so this is the difference as you see okay not visible so I think this is finished and as you can see I made it more dramatic so this is original and this is the retouched one maybe it’s too much if you don’t like it too much you can change the opacity you can make it as much as you like it okay guys I hope you like it your comments and your likes would really appreciate it and see you next time


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