Types Of People In Movie Theater

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let me plug in an announcement first. I launched a newsletter! Where we can have closer connection. If you are interested in that, Just drop an E-mail to [email protected] And say you what to know what’s good. And you are in! The first E-mail was already out,
and I’ll soon send out the second one. So make sure you don’t miss that! Okay, enough of that. Hello world! Thanks to Anna for the video idea! But let me be honest, I seldom go to movie theater. Why? Because now we have this. I can wear pajama, lie in bed,
pause the video whenever I like To do whatever I want without missing any scene. Movie theater who? But back in the days, when I do go to movie theaters. These are the people I encountered. Number one: The picnicker. Depends on where you from. We used to ban people from
bringing their own food into movie theater. Now we allow them to bring food without strong smell. But before this agreement,
you bet no one was following that rule. People will bring their largest backpack. And amount of food that can feed an entire village in it. Ma’am, what do you have in your backpack? Oh! Just my second born child, fire extinguisher… And… OH! Oh! Oh my god, how can I forget. My oxygen cylinder. Have you ever seen “The Fault in Our Stars”? Girl, you should! I cried an ocean! But no, this never happened- I’m not racist. I don’t know where that accent from. Maybe I watched a little bit too much about Lilly Singh. But no! This never happened, because every staff- Every staff in the movie theater
know exactly what you are up to. And they give zero poop about it. Because everyone is human, and we all know
we will put our second born child in the backpack. Number two: Welcome to my house. My brother is outside right now. And he’s probably thinking:
What kind of video are you making!? I swear to god this is my biggest pet peeve
when it comes to watching movie in movie theater. Kids yelling, cellphone ringing,
bastards kicking your seat. People running late and interrupted your frame. I’m, I’m sorry, I paid my hard earned money
wishing to have a good time watching movie. And you out here ruining everything? BRO. I’M NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. But yeah, public place, who am I to stop you? Movie theater belongs to everyone… Except you, you little piece of- You know what? On this thought. We should not ban the food. We should ban the people
who has these kind of behavior. Think about it. Number three: Comment-er/or?
(Am I making up word!?) If you are watching movie with friends. There will be a great chance that
you will comment on the movie scene throughout the entire time with each other. Look at that booty! WOO! Girl, his body is so fine! Agree. He can totally hakuna my tatas- Am I doing this right? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t have friends. Do they do that? So for those who don’t have friends. The experience will always be
hearing other people’s comments. My favorite horror movie: “The Conjuring”. I watched that with my cousin
when we were in New York. I remember it vividly
because the audience was hilarious. You go to that basement. You dead. Woman. Farewell. Jesus! That ghost is ugly! I refuse to clap my hand for the rest of my life. You people are the only reason
why I go to movie theater… So I don’t, because you are hella distracting. Now excuse me to make myself some popcorn
and watch Netflix and literally chill. (100% Possessed) Okay? It’s better? Thank you for watching! If you enjoy this video,
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