Hi friends Ya in this video i will be talking about types of people with sickness like most of them happens to me i don’t know if your related if your related give it a thumbs up lets Types of people with sickness no 1 the hardworking person who always work even who always try to work even when he is sick i am not that kind of person Im really lazy How about you The hardworking person(music) Oh Dev your sick You dont have to go to school No mom I am alright I can go to school SEE i am alright NO 2 The lazy person Who get like a simple scratch and dont want to go To school its actually me when i was young kid i always do that stuff the lazy person(music) Dev why are you still sleeping You have to go to school no mom im sick okay the ant bit me right here i dont wanna go to school (sleep) no 3 the one who dont wanna eat ANY FOOD when i get sick even me i dont wanna eat any food even if it was my favourate SO DONT EAT ANYTHING(music) DEV i know you are sick so i bought you your favourite chocolate Thank you MOM ew eat it no 4 The one who eats alot when he is sick maybe cause he is hungry but it never happens to me but i think it will be related with you so keep it on the list EATS ALOT (music) DEV i know your sick so i bought you your favourite chocolate yes my favourite chocolate eat with no manner no 5 the one who always want to wake up but dont have enough strength to wake up when we get sick we get really WEAK VERY WEAK(music) Dev get ready for your school its gonna be amazing very weak and cant wake up no 6 this actually happens to me all the time when i get sick is getting a horror dream even last year i got a dream that i was shot by a bullet THE WORST GETTING HORROR DREAM(music) NO (dark music) dont do it NOOOO if your related to the video give it a thumbs up if your not related still give a thumbs up SUBSCRIBE Comment down below MY timetable is to make video every week i dont know if i could do it i will surely try it for you begging to subscribe bye bye

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