U of T theatre and drama grad George Alevizos changes the channel on representation in film and TV

I’ve always wanted to be in an action film but my dream, dream role, don’t know if it’ll ever happen is to play James Bond. The thing that really stopped me from pursuing it at a younger age was the fact that people tend to judge very much, “how are you going
to make a career out of it?” “It’s very unstable [et cetera].” And then on top of that,
being in a wheelchair people were very much like there’s not a lot of roles for that There was a casting call
for a non-union commercial that was filming in
Vancouver. It was for Hallmark. It was insane because I
went from having no jobs to having that and going
across the country. That was cool and then
that’s what got me my agent and my other opportunities for auditions and stuff like that. I think that really helped me
with getting more confident in my ability to act on camera. You’re going to have shows
or movies in the past who have hired able-bodied actors to play people with disabilities. Or people who have hired non-trans actors to play trans people. Or people who are not part
of the LGBTQ community. There are almost 8 billion
people on the planet. I’m sure there’s one person
that can fit that role. I think it’s really important to see yourself being
represented properly on screen. When you have the
responsibility of being an actor and being in the limelight or just being in the public eye it’s important to do your
diligence in the world and to actually make a change
for the better for people and for the planet as a whole.

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