U Turn (Tamil) Official Trailer | Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetti, Bhumika, Rahul | Pawan Kumar

I never thought I’d be sitting at a bar counter
amidst all this noise. Everything that happened in my life
in last 5 days… Is it all real or an illusion? Can I have the records related to
the accidents on Velacheri flyover? I have some questions to ask you. A car passed by on that flyover. Do you know what happened on that day? Is this your number? Why’d you kill him? Why would I kill him, sir? In that case, she’s telling the truth. She is innocent. Since 3 days… You were fine the first day. Wait… Wait… Let’s back up for a second. I didn’t do anything, sir. I didn’t do anything, sir. I didn’t do anything, sir. Don’t lie to me, damn it! Few questions are better not asked You wouldn’t have the guilt
of not finding the answers. You better make your stories
a bit believable, girl.


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