UAL Halls Welcome Weekend 2019

[Music] Just finished packing [Car door slams shut] [Music] I’ve traveled from Chorley near Preston, it’s a really small town, it’s really cute but… it’s very exciting to be here in a big city. [Music] [Gasping]
Ooooooooh! It was really good, it was quick and easy despite going through Central London, surprisingly. [Music] Yeah once I walked in like, everyone was just so welcoming even the people who helped and like even the people who helped me sign in, it was just like really great energy and vibes. This new chapter I think is going to be very… unexpected, that’s the word I’m going to use. I’m just really excited to like meet new people and start making art really, just get into making art. [Music] I’m really excited for the welcome party, I think it’s going to be really nice to meet a lot of new people and it will be our first like go at getting to know every one.
It will be really nice. [Music] Whoooaahh Hurray! Hip hip! [Music and singing plays]

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