UB Students and Faculty Design Theatre Exhibits for an International Stage: Prague Quadrennial

(lively electronic music) – UB is the host organization
for the build of the US’ entry in the Prague Quadrennial. – This is the Olympics of
theater performance design, this is the World Cup of
theater performance design, and UB has had the tremendous opportunity to be involved in building the exhibits that will go to Prague. – So now we’ll adjust for those heights. – The designers sent us
everything that they’ve created, and it’s our job to
put that into fruition. – [Jon] We have an
interdisciplinary group of students as well as faculty and staff
from theater and dance, and staff from UB production group. – Make sure that we find the
very center of both dimensions. I helped a lot early on in
the process with drafting and some of the trickier geometries that we’re trying to execute in this. – Having worked these 12 hour days these last couple of
weeks, we’ve really gotten a lot of work done. – Working on the Prague Quadrennial is a great transitioning tool
into the professional world. – It’s not a theoretical class project, this is a real tactile exhibit that’s going on a ship to Prague. – You are being evaluated, critiqued, you are showing your work to the world, these are unparalleled experiences
the students get at UB.

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