Uconnect Theater: How to Play Movies

It’s showtime! Take your home theater on the road and long,
unexciting drives become a thing of the past. No matter what kind of media you’re packing,
Uconnect Theater lets you enjoy it on the go. Got a favorite movie on Blu-ray or DVD? You’ll find the player under the radio controls
on the instrument panel. Just insert the disc into the player with
the label facing up. Press the Uconnect Theater button on the touchscreen. Select DISC from the desired screen. If you want to play a disc on both screens
simultaneously, select DISC from both screen dropdowns. Push play. What about that video on the USB your kids
have been asking to watch? No problem. Pop it into the port next to the Blu-ray player
and select USB. Like what the screen next door is playing? Use the view screen function and you can both
enjoy it. But what if you want to start from the beginning
and the movie is already halfway done? No worries. You can select the same movie without interfering
with the other screen. Uconnect Theater lets you watch the same movie
on each screen at different times! The driver and front row passenger can access
the screens from the front as well. Using Parental Controls, select the screen
you want to view, then select the source from the dropdown menu, select VIEW and enjoy! Please note, this only works when you’re
at a complete stop and the transmission is in park. With Uconnect Theater, the only real challenge
will be getting the kids out of the car once you get where you’re going. But until then, you can sit back and focus
on the drive. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. Please refer to your Owner’s Information
or for complete details and other important safety information.

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