UGA Russell Hall Tour!

What’s up dawgs my name is Rachel Black and welcome
to another video on the University Housing Channel. For this video we’re
gonna walk through a tour of Russell Hall and so this is the entrance to the
second floor which is where the lobby is so I’m gonna take you to tour that but
real RuHa resident so I use the first floor. Okay so once you get past the
lobby we have this little lounge area and then we’re gonna come over here. And right near the entrance we have our mail room
you receive packages here, you have little mail boxes and you can also send mail from
here. Here at Russell we have a market on our first floor you can access it from
outside or inside the building and I really like to go in there for their
berries. They’re really good. Okay so in Russell we have a lot of space on the
first floor for studying there’s also a lot of studying on the third floor and
we’re gonna head into that soon but from here
most students enter because you can take an elevator straight from the doors up
you have to have a student ID to get in because safety thank you. So once you come off the
elevators here on the third floor residents live to the left but we’re
gonna go through the right and we’re gonna see a study area, a laundry room,
and a big kitchen. This is the laundry area. I filmed a different video all about laundry should be up by now and you guys should
go check it out it’s laundry etiquette, and part of it was filmed here through the laundry room you come here, and we have a big
study room here it’s really open but through here we have our kitchen (oof) and we have ovens, a big fridge,
microwaves, big table, and our only ice machine we also have three study rooms: we have this
big one in here and we also have two small ones, and we’re gonna go check one out. we have two rooms that look
about like this they’re nice. So this is the fourth floor
every floor and Russell actually has a different color this one’s blue and the
third floor was also blue but it alternates I
promise but something different about this floor is that they have a study
lounge over there. Some floors have study lounges and other floors have warming
kitchens and so we’re gonna go check them out so every floor that has a warming
kitchen also has a really big lounge like this that’s different than the
small lounges that I’m gonna show you guys so this is the sixth floor it is
the quiet lounge but we have couches it’s evey little chairs over here and a
nice big table that if you want to work in here too you can this is the dungeon
it’s a place that’s there too no it knows so it’s kind of dark but it might
be good for you to study in and it’s on every floor they look a little bit
different sometimes I know on the seventh floor it looks a little bit
different but it’s near the West Hall on the seventh floor this is what we have
as our dungeon but their windows so it’s a little bit better than just the closed
space that was on the sixth floor so this is the seventh floor which is the
floor that I live on and this is our open lounge every floor has an open
lounge unlike the private lounge or the warming kitchens right now I’m gonna
take you guys through my hall to see what a hall looks like here as you can see we have this really long
hallway my room’s all the way at the end which is cool so right now we’re outside
of mine and Hunter’s room you guys met Hunter in the Halloween video we’re not
gonna go in there right now but just now that’s where I live so right now we’re
on the eighth floor we are in their large study lounge and I did not know
this but you can open the windows just a little bit to get a little bit of air in
here which is really nice in my opinion so this is the ninth floor whose color
is teal and they have a warming kitchen which honestly just consists of a
microwave and a big sink which would honestly be really useful when you’re
washing your dishes or doing your homework we’re trying to eat with some
friends so every floor also has a phone room this is the 10th floor’s phone room
which is also teal (can you hear me?) although the phone rooms are great they’re not that private
so if you’re having a really secret conversation have it in your room thank
you guys so much for watching this video this is again the second floor and thank
you guys for coming on this channel and continuing to watch the videos please
subscribe give this video a like and keep on watching I’ll see you guys
really soon bye

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